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21 Best Wooden Wicket Gate Ideas (Pedestrian Gates)

21 Best Wooden Wicket Gate Ideas – Pedestrian Entrances

Best Wooden wicket Gate Ideas – there are lots of different styles to chose from, as well as different types of wood.

What is a wicket gate? A wicket gate, or simply a wicket, is a pedestrian door or gate, particularly one built into a larger door or into a wall or fence.

It can therefore be overwhelming when you start looking at wooden gates to protect you home and to create more privacy.

Besides your wooden gate style and wood type, you can also chose if you want automation. Do you want a gate which slides to the side, or do you rather have a gate which opens inwards?

We discuss all these issues in our post, but first, here are our favourite Wooden  pedestrian Gate Ideas for 2022.


“Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate.”

J. R. R. Tolkien

Best Wooden Pedestrian Gate Ideas 2022

Closed Wooden Pedestrian Gate

Best Wooden Pedestrian Gate Ideas

Source: @702fencellc

This light fence provides plenty of privacy while still alowing access for pedestrians.

Horizontal wood with Pedestrian Access

best wooden fence ideas horizontal slats

The small horizontal slats make this a very modern looking gate. It will provide both privacy and security – in style.

Do Not Enter Wooden Gate

Do Not Enter Wooden Gate

While this gate is old, the big cross on the fence gives a clear message: DO NOT ENTER!

The metal finish on the top of the fence indicates that this wooden access gate will be here a while longer. 

Oversized Pedestrian Access with Extra Lock

best wooden fence with pedestrian access

If you want to bring a pram, bicycles or even a moped through your gate door, it can sometimes be a squeeze making it a hassle to go in and out.

This oversized wooden gate access door is the solution.

It comes with extra security locks to make it even more secure!

Great Detailed Wooden Access Gate

Best Wooden Access gate Ideas

Source: @michibusato

This solid wood gate has great detail and has clearly been created as a stylish entrance statement!

Notice the beautiful wooden kingfisher on the gate!

Double Door Access Gate

wooden fence double doors

Source: @buildeazy

This double door access gate also gives you plenty of space to move through, making it easy to walk through a pram, your bicycle or even the rubbish. 

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Wooden Gate with Plants

best wooden fence ideas plant pots

The best wooden gate ideas are simple. In this case plants have been added to the gate to make it more interesting and colourful while still allowing access for pedestians.

Stylish Open Gate

wooden gate open slats

While this stylish gate provides less privacy, it does provide security and keeps opportunists at bay – as long as you put a lock on the gate of course.

Open but Private Wooden Gate

wooden gate ideas

Best wooden gate ideas – an open gate at the front, which is closed at the back, providing style, privacy and security all in one!

Oak Wooden Gate Access Door

Oak Wooden Gate access door

It’s clear to see that this wooden access door is made from quality wood. The finish of this bespoke wooden gate is very nice. 

Beautiful Old Wooden Gate

old wooden gate door

Source: @anoe.90

This is such a beautiful old wooden gate, perfectly fitted into the wall, making it super secure and private. 

The style of the wooden gate and design of the wood make it truly spectacular. 

Venetian Wooden Gate

Venetian wooden gate

This Venetian wooden gate has a modern feel and can be painted in any colour to match your garden furniture and home. 

If privacy is not your biggest issue, then this gate is a great option to create that boundary without closing yourself in. 

Oversized Pedestrian Access with Extra Lock

Rustic Wooden Gate

This rustic wooden gate is all functionality. 

Made from strong wood with big metal hinges, this gate is made for heavy use and durability while still keeping an eye on style and design. 

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Metal and Wooden Pedestrian Gate

Wood and Metal Pedestrian Gate

Source: @andrea.a.87

This is a wooden pedestrain gate in a metal frame. Making it both strong and secure.

Large Grean Wicket Gate 

large wooden wicket gate

This large wooden gate has an open design and is mainly to keep people out rather than to provide privacy. 
While the colour of the wooden wicket gate is quite daring, it does blend in well with the garden. 

Best Wooden Wicket Gate Ideas

Pretty Wicket Gate

best wooden wicket gate ideas

Source: @predrag.__

This wooden wicket gate has nice details; two cockerels and a cut out heart.

It’s made of solid wood and is this is a great garden gate as well as a gate to seperate two areas in your garden.

Oversized Pedestrian Access with Extra Lock

best wooden wicket gate ideas

Source: @stablegenie

This wooden wicket gate is like a garden door leading to a secret garden….

The gate is very narrow for a garden gate, and it might be a challenge to move things through there. But having said that, it goes well with the wall and garden.

Pretty White Wicket Gate

best wooden wicket gate ideas white

This lovely wicket gate still lets you glimps into the large garden behind while being clear that entering is not allowed. 

Simple, yet effective.

Wooden Wicket Gate Ideas

 wooden pedestrian gate ideas

These horizontal slats are also called venetian and give you security without closing off your view too much. 


Detailed Wooden Pedestrian Gate

best wooden wicket gate ideas

This is a beautifully detailed wooden pedestrian gate which has clearly stood the test of time. 

Beautiful workmanship and most likely hand crafted. 

Oversized Pedestrian Access with Extra Lock

best wooden wicket gated ideas

Source: @fatima_yamo

This beautiful wicket gate from reclaimed wood has a simple design. However an inviting entrance has been created by the climbing plant around and above the gate itself.

Hopefully this post on the best wooden wicket gate ideas has given you some inspiration for your own garden and outdoor living space!

As you have found in this post, pedestrian entrances (also known as wicket gates) come in many different designs and are made from different types of wood.

Some are modern gates while others are traditional styled gates.

The possiblilities are endless for wooden entrances to your garden, both from security and from privacy points of view.

Find more garden design ideas here.

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