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Top 20 Best Wooden Fence Ideas 2022

20 Wooden fence ideas for all garden lovers. 

We all know how a fence provides privacy and security and fortunately both fence materials and designs have increased greatly. 

Wooden fences have been around for eons, we all know the pocket fences and the larch lap fence panels where the slats overlap each other to create privacy.  

While the vertical slat fences have been around for quite some time, it’s the horizontal slat fences – also known as Venetian fencing – that are super popular today. These are often used to create a modern garden design. 

This type of fencing option removes the need for ‘boards’ or ‘stringers’, and this will appeal to you if you have minimalist ambitions. 

There are great modern wood fences, rustic wooden fences and fences in different colors to suit your taste. 

Your options: 

Popular Wood choices for fences are Cedar wood, Redwood, European and Tropical hardwood as well as pressure treated woods. 

Besides the type of wood you choose, there are some other things which will influence the finished look of your wooden fence: 

  • The material of the fence posts 
  • How wide the fence panels are 
  • The height of your fence 
  • How close or wide apart the wood/slats are 
  • Your budget 
  • Preference for high or low maintenance fence 

Reason for installing a wooden fence: 

The reason for installing a fence in the first place, will greatly influence the type of fence needed for your home. 

  • To keep unwanted visitors out or to create more privacy, a full height close board or overlap fence is a great option as there are no gaps in the fence.  
  • To keep children or pets within your garden a higher fence is also needed, but space between the slats might be preferred, to create a more spacious feel. 
  • To mark your boundary or a fence for aesthetic reasons, means you have countless options. There are many lower and more open fence options available, though closed fences or high panels are also possible. 


Using lighting that’s thoughtfully positioned also creates night time ‘appeal’ for those all-important summer parties.  


We hope this list of 20 wooden fence ideas will give you the inspiration to find the perfect fence for your garden! 

Secure Horizontal Wooden Fence and Gate

Wooden Fence Ideas
For both privacy and security the height and depth of this fence and gate deliver. The variation of tones of staining/varnish create that all important contemporary feel.

Wood Garden Panels

fence ideas wood

This design may not appeal to everybody. Adding the lattice and ornaments to the posts may seem a bit ‘over the top. As a simple fence to enclose a small patio area it works though.

Wooden Fence Ideas Garden Door

Wooden Fence Ideas Garden Door
This wooden fence is sturdy and secure, though not completely closed off from the rest of the world, by creating openings at the top of the fence. This type of fence suits both contemporary and traditional style properties.

Minimalist Futuristo Wooden Fence

Modern Wooden Fence
The combination of slatted wood with glass and concrete works magnificently here. Privacy and security are in abundance. Overall you’ll notice the sizes all work well together in this design. Who needs flowers and shrubs in the modern world?

Raw Wood Picket Fence

This raw wood picket fence matches the house. As the fence is purely to enclose the small garden and not distract from the cosiness of the cottage, it works.

Horizontal Wooden Fence

Without the need for boards at the bottom and top this horizontal slatted fence gives a degree of privacy and a contemporary feel. There are many landscaping and garden design opportunities here.

Moss Covered Fence

Moss Covered Fence

Unusual to see a ‘faux’ moss covered fence but this works in gardens with dense wooded areas as it provides a boundary that just blends in with its surroundings.

Lattice Fence

Weaved wood provides this lattice wooden fence with its distinctive look. The dark staining is a little too dark, but in terms of withstanding the wind – this type of lattice fence does the job.


White Picket Fence

The classic white picket fence provides a clean and inviting appeal. Sprinking some Hydrangeas would provide the perfect finish to this area as would evergreen holly or simply vibrant lavender. White picket fences stand the test of time. Easy to maintain and for some reason reminiscent of small dogs trying to peak through the gaps!  

Slated Privacy Screen 

Wooden Fence Ideas
A fence for privacy is often the simplest solution to block out unwanted attention from neighbours. The small gaps minimise growth opportunites from those unwanted plants or weeds that like to challenges us ever summer!

Open Wooden Fence

Open Wooden Fence
If security is more of a concern than privacy then this type of fence does the job. The height makes it difficult to scale and full visibility from the inside to the outside (and vice versa) is possible.

Wooden Fence Ideas

Wooden Fence Ideas
The blossoming tree is the central feature of this entrance and the thin wooden fence adds to a clean and contemporary feel.

Thin Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence Ideas
This fence has much thinner wooden planks than many other wooden fences. However, it works well for both privacy and security, especially as the vertical wood has been secured on horizontal wooden beams.

Stained Decking Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence Ideas
Using leftover ‘decking’ can provide a cheap and effective solution. This deck fencing has been stained dark and works really well.

The Individualist Program Fence

Wooden Fence Ideas
David Bowie said, “I don’t wanna go out,  I wanna stay in, get things done”. And this is the fence that delivers on that David! Thoughtfully angled and maintaining security. The lack of privacy a deliberate design feature to allow envious glares.  

Wooden Fence Stairs

Wooden Fence Ideas
An excellent example of a fenced stairway whispering oppulence. In terms of installation this fence shows how easy the cuts are in terms of stepping down on horizontal panels. The clean line from top to bottom doesn’t distract from the smooth curves on the granite steps.

Rustic Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence Ideas
This raw wood fence laid on the horizontal just looks plain dry. Its totally apocolyptic and whilst it provides privacy and security in an aesthetic sense it just falls short.

Slated Wooden Fence

Modern Garden Wooden Fence
This modern and sleek look is easy to achieve. Adding plants as decoration gives a nice touch. An easy enclosure offering good privacy.

Levelled Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence Ideas
These stepping down latticed panes work well on a hilled garden, if you want some privacy but not too much. Climbing plants can create extra privacy and will grow well on fence panels like these.

Hazel Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence Ideas
While you might not expect hazel tree wood to be used as a fence, it’s still often seen in the English countryside.
But it’s not just for the country side. A wooden fence like this can be created by yourself and different kinds of wood can be used. Young springs of tree are good. Often Willow is used. 
If you like to create separate areas in your garden or to fence off part of your patio, a fence like this can work really well, especially as it is so natural and will become a part of your garden.

Hopefully this wooden fence ideas list has given you some inspiration for your own garden and outdoor space.

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