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The Best 20 Vertical Garden Ideas 2022

20 Best Vertical Garden Ideas for Your Home

If you are looking for more greens, colours or space in a small area, these vertical garden ideas are a perfect starting point.

If you don’t have the ground space, simply go up!

There are many ways of creating a vertical garden and the examples in this post should give you ideas on some of the options available.

When someone mentions vertical gardens, awesome green walls might spring to mind. While these are beautiful and can create a ‘jungle’ in a small space, there are many other ways of creating vertical garden walls.

Shelves, pots, hanging baskets, succulents, herbs and strawberries are just some of the things you will find in this post.

The great thing is that these ideas work great in courtyards,  balconies, patios, porches and even in large gardens rooms.

So go ahead and create your very own living wall and let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page how you are getting on!!

Vertical Garden Ideas

Vertical Garden Ideas

This colourful flower feature is simply woven in with an old pallet.

But by adding flowers and a fairy house, it has been transformed into a beautiful garden feature.

A simple way you can add more colour at height, without the need of large bushes and shrubs.

It’s a bit like a hanging basket on the wall.

Simply divine!

Green Vertical Garden

Green Vertical Garden

The simplicity of colours and the limit of types of plants makes this an elegant garden.

By using plants which grow up as well as plants which grow down, a playful ‘green curtain’ is created.

Simple and well executed.

Wooden Wall Vertical Garden

Wooden Wall Vertical Garden

The wooden wall fence is an unusual feature in itself and you would need a large garden to pull it off, especially to accomodate the all important day bed.

Sun direction also plays a large part here.

It’s important to break up the large wall, and the wooden flower boxes blend in so well – they become part of the wall.

By using just greens, the wall has an elegant and calm feel to it.

Green Vertical Wall Apartment Building

Gravel driveway on slope

This vertical garden has just a handful of different plants in it and looks like a jungle on the wall.

So much nicer than a plain wall and works magnificently well in this multi level condo.

Balcony Vertical Wall

Balcony Vertical Wall

It’s not always easy to add plants to a small balcony.

However, by going up, much more is possible.

And as many high rise buildings are in built up areas, some extra green is often appreciated.

An easy watering system could take away the concern if you’re frequently away.

This is a simple and inexpensive way of adding greenery if you have limited space.

And if you like colour? Just add flowers!

Vertical Garden on a Frame

flower wall garden

This display livens up the dullest of courtyard gardens and is really easy to construct. The simple wooden frame with three sections can be created by any DIYer.

This vertical garden has a beautiful yellow/orange/red flower colouring scheme but ofcourse you can make it as bright as you like. 

Vertical Herb Garden

Vertical Herb Garden

This is a great space saving way to grow herbs for your culinairy delights.

As an extra why add one of these very personalised Herb Crates adorning with the message of your choice.

Impress those dinner guests with the aroma and vibrancy of your useful kitchen herb selection.

Vertical Wall with Shelves

Vertical Wall with Shelves

Adding shelves to your garden or patio wall is a great idea if you want to add smaller plants. Less plants are needed compared to a full vertical garden and you can play with colour and style of plants. 

DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

This is a cost effective way of adding plants to your exterior wall using heavy duty wall trellis.

By adding the metal frame, plant pots can be hung at intervals and by using the same simple plant pots, and larger plants, the result is a tidy and effective wall garden.

Vertical Garden Ideas Baskets

Vertical Garden Ideas Baskets

This is a great example of a small neat garden wall.

The size of the plant boxes reduces your plant options a little as there won’t be enough soil to grow larger plants.

There is also a larger upfront cost of the stand and the pots themselves.

But it works well for very small area as the wall has minimal depth, so is perfect if space saving is high on your agenda.

Vertical Garden Wall Ideas

Vertical Garden Wall Ideas

The backdrop here acts as the perfect privacy screen and simply creates a vibrant and ‘living feel’.

Vertical flower garden

Vertical flower garden

The cut wooden planks create a beautiful contrast with the light wall.

The minimalist approach here brings your focus to the flowers – without distraction.

And having small jars full of flowers, rather than pots makes this garden wall very unique.

Creative Vertical Garden Idea

Creative Vertical Garden Idea

The wooden structure makes it easy to attach pots to and as this wall shows, you can add all your favourite plants in one place without it becoming overwhelming or messy.

Succulent Vertical Garden Wall

Succulent Vertical  Garden Wall

These colourful succulents create a colourful and unusual feature.

There’s careful consideration and planning here that makes it hard to take your eyes away.

Vertical Vegetable Garden

Vertical Vegetable Garden

Forget the trip to the supermarket!

Just grow your own veg up the wall.

This is a simple and neat installation creating a real rustic feeling.

Completely Green Garden Wall

Vertical Garden Wall Green

This organised mess of a garden wall could breathe life into any indoor area.

In its unique haphazard way it just ‘feels’ alive and would fit in any small office environment – for that much needed oxygen.

Pallet DIY Garden Wall

Pallet DIY Garden Wall

A further example of old pallets being recycled and used to create this ‘rustic’ charm.

Thoughtfully positioned plants and the use of spacing create dynamics that just blend together in harmony.

DIY Garden Wall Planter

Gravel Grid Patterned Gravel Driveway

This DIY garden wall planter is well made and has been made to a high standard.

If colourful pots were used with colourful planting the whole visual (and feel) would be transformed.

That’s not the objective here! The conformist rigid structure reflects a somewhat stifled imagination – perhaps?

Artistic Living Wall Garden

Gravel Driveway with Lighting and Fountain

If there is an extensive wall to cover using these backlit screens create a really unique visual.

Wooden Vertical Planters

wooden vertical planters

The pleasing layout of the regularly spaced baton provides solitude for wandering eyes busy from daily screentime.

The laddered planters (expecially once established) will cascade and provide a pleasing source of visual satisfaction.

We hope you liked these examples of Vertical Walls you can create in your own outdoor living space quite easily.

We are very curious to know which ‘wall’ you liked the most so let us know in the comments below!

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