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Make Your Tarmac Driveway Stand Out!



6 Reasons Why and How a Tarmac Driveway Can Stand Out!


A tarmac driveway has been a popular driveway surface option for a long time, and not without reason.

Well, the black stuff is all around us! Roads and Car parks love it. So do runways at airports.

So why can’t you? Yes, there are many other modern/decorative paving options available such as pattern imprinted concrete, resin and modern block paving? But not everybody likes modern things…do they?

We list 6 reasons why  we think tarmac driveways will stand the test of time and will be popular for many years to come!

So, if you are looking to improve the look of your driveway, but like a simple style, why not have a look at tarmac.

There are some pretty good benefits of tarmac driveways. Here are some:


1. A Tarmac Driveway is strong and long lasting

Yes. There’s a reason tarmac is used in roads and car parks. Whilst many think it’s purely down to cost (more on that in a minute) it’s also the strength, durability and lifespan of the black stuff that makes it so popular with such large scale use. That same strength, durability and lifespan should apply to a driveway installation. Tarmac can withstand heavy loads of traffic, so parking your car day in day out will not wear your tarmac driveway out easily.


2. A Tarmac Driveway is quick and easy to install

As there are no patterns and colour mixing to think about, installing a tarmac driveway is easy in comparison to other driveway surfacing products. Preparation for a tarmacadam driveway installation is usually minimal and is a good choice for an overlay (as long as the existing concrete or tarmacadam surface is sound.)

Having said that, that doesn’t mean that laying tarmac and installing a tarmac driveway comes without skill. It’s important to find a professional installer so you will get the best results and don’t end up with puddles on your driveway.

tarmac driveway img2

3. A tarmac driveway is versatile

A tarmac driveway can complement both traditional and contemporary homes.

A tarmac driveway in itself makes your front garden look clean, tidy and respectable.  With a more modern exterior, a tarmac driveway can look great with a minimalist look. This mean only plants for example to keep the colour and style simple.

On the other hand, you can add lots of flowers and plants to a more traditional home and still have a great outcome.


4. Affordable

A tarmac driveway tends to be more affordable than other driveway surfacing options.

As you can see from what we have discussed so far, this doesn’t mean that the quality is low. A well installed tarmac driveway can last a very long time.

tarmacadam driveway

Yes! Could be resin but this is a well installed close grade tarmac driveway. Similar, eh?

5. Easy to restore 

As with all driveway surfaces, over time your tarmac drive will start to wear down.

It could be that some cracks appear or that part needs to be dug up for a utility company to have access to pipes for example.

With some driveways, like pattern imprinted concrete, this can be a big problem.

With tarmac on the other hand, the problem is less severe.

Tarmac crack repair and tarmac resurfacing are both cost effective and easy to do.

You can either hire a tarmac surfacing contractor to do this for you, or you can have a go yourself with a tarmac sealant.


6. Different colour options

While most tarmac driveways are a tint between black and dark grey, other coloured tarmac driveways are available.

Red tarmac is the most popular colour choice for tarmac (after black) though tarmac with coloured chippings is also a possibility.

tarmac driveway

Popular questions on Tarmac Driveways:

How important is the sub base?

If a completely new tarmac driveway (from scratch) is being installed a main priority should be the installation of a suitable sub base for the tarmac driveway to be laid on. Edging stones are normally laid against bedding or lawned areas, but blocks or slabs can be used to provide an effective frame, as shown in the picture below.


Is a Tarmac Driveway permeable?

No. Some surface water may filter down through open grade tarmacadam, which is usually laid (or should be) as the initial layer for a driveway. But on the whole tarmacadam cannot be seen as a permeable surface. Usually (as with most driveway surfacing) surface water drainage will be to bedding and/or lawn areas.

If not, drainage may need to be installed!!!!


How much will a Tarmac Driveway cost?

This is going to depend on the size of the area, whether the installation is an overlay or whether it’s a completely new installation.

For price guide to tarmac overlays CLICK HERE 

If cost is a concern, then tarmac restoration is also a possible. This really is a very cost effective option to make a tarmac driveway look great again. Care should be taken not to go down the DIY tarmac paint route and instead use a proven tarmac restoration product.

Finding a decent, honest and reputable tarmac driveway contractor is important.

How can I make my tarmac driveway look better?

It’s possible to have your tarmac driveway resurfaced. This means that you don’t have to have a new driveway installed, instead your old driveway gets a make-over. Cracks can be filled in and a thin layer of tarmac can make your driveway look like new again.


Is tarmac cheaper than block paving?

If you lay your block paving driveway yourself with concrete bricks, then your driveway will be cheaper than when you have a tarmac drive installed by a professional company. The choices in blocks are huge and many modern block paving options are nowhere near cheap. It’s easy to have a far more expensive block paving driveway than a tarmac one.


Is tarmac good for driveways?

Tarmac is a good and long lasting driveway surfacing product, however it’s not permeable which means surface water is lost down the drain. A garden, grass or flowerbeds would be better environmentally, but for parking your car, tarmac is very sturdy and strong.


How long does a tarmac driveway last?

A well looked after tarmac driveway can last 15 years easily. To keep it nice looking you will need to maintain it and resurface it every 5 years or so.


Do you need planning permission to tarmac a drive?

If you are resurfacing or replacing an excising driveway, then you don’t need planning permission. You also don’t need planning permission if the surface water from your driveway drains into the soil on your property either via a drain or a flower bed.

Is tarmac cheaper than resin?

The overall installation of tarmac is often cheaper than resin especially when it’s an overlay. However, a good tarmac installer charges for their skills not just for the product, so tarmac is not always cheaper.


Finding a decent, honest and reputable tarmac driveway contractor

As with all driveway surfacing products, it’s important to go with company that has a verifiable reputation and stellar examples of previously installed work.

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