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Top 21 Best Sunken Seating Areas



Top 21 Best Sunken Seating Areas


If you are looking to create something special in your garden, then look no further!

A sunken seating area is the ultimate cosy hang out place for your backyard this year (and many more to come!)

You can create your own sunken seating area or have one built for you.

While many sunken seating areas are round, they are just as nice when square or rectangle. It really depends how many people you want to seat around the central point.

This central point of your sunken seating area can be a firepit or a table. Again, it very much depends on how you want to use your sunken area.

Sunken Seating Area in Decking

best sunken seating areas

This beautiful sunken seating area has been created inside the outside decking area. By using the same decking material for the seating area, a beautiful finished look is accomplished.

The seating area is a part of the decking rather than a separate area created to relax in.

The rectangle firepit was chosen and this suits the rectangle sunken seating perfectly.

Who wouldn’t want to hang out here on a summers evening?

Large Sunken Seating Area

best sunken seating area

This is a very large sunken seating area perfect for big garden parties!

If you love socialising this might be the seating area for you. Large enough to have a big group around the firepit, but also great for several little groups having a chat at your garden party.

Sunken Seating Area Overlooking the Forest

sunken seating area overlooking the forest

Unfortunately, we can’t all have this awesome view from our sunken seating area, though if you have the option of building your seating area on a hill, the glass panels are a great way to separate your hang out area from the rest of your garden!

A great feature of this decking area is the planting area behind the seats. No need for pots, but an integrated green area.

Green Garden Sunken Seating

sunken seating areas

If you love lots of greenery around, you than this sunken seating area is for you! The hedge around the square area make it feel like you are in secret garden and the lighting underneath the benches give it a cozy atmosphere immediately.

Deep Sunken Seating Area

deep sunken seating area

This really is a ‘sunken’ seating area. It’s deep but very cosy and a completely separate area from the rest of the garden. Perfect for when your garden is overlooked by other people.

Another benefit of creating a deeper seating area is that the noise doesn’t travel very far, so you don’t have to worry too much about the neighbours.

Having free standing outdoor furniture means you can add the most comfortable seating in your ‘pit’.

Sunken Seating Area by Pool

sunken seating area by pool

Beautiful reflections on the water surrounding this large seating pit.

Reflection ponds around your seating area can make it a more relaxing space to hang out.

While many sunken seating pits have light coloured cushions, the darker colours work well here, as all the focus now stays on the water surface.

Sunken Seating with Fridge

sunken seating area by pool

While most of the seating areas on this list have benches to sit on, this one has wide chairs, giving you more space without having the next person too close to you.

Note the installed fridge, handy for quick refill of refreshments.

The open grass area gives you the feeling of space even though the seating area is enclosed.

Sunken Seating with Gravel

sunken seating pit

A modern seating area fit for any urban garden. The horizontal slat fence and wall give this corner area privacy while the cushions and many shrubs give it colour. 

The water feature (at the entrance of the seating area) ensures calm sounds making it an even more relaxing area to socialise or hang out. 

Small Garden Sunken Seating

small garden sunken seating area

While this is a small garden, this large seating area doesn’t look out of place.

With just a couple of cushions added, this becomes a perfect oasis to stay out of the sun while surrounded by nature.

Sunken Seating with Sleek Pool

sunken seating area with pool surround

This seating area is surrounded by a swimming pool on all side. Together with the light cushions, the seating pit looks light and modern.

The electric fire pit works well with the modern design as well and will keep you warm and smoke free at night. 

Sunken Seating under a Roof

sunken seating area under

A perfect hideaway on all warm days, whether it rains or shines! The wooden gazebo gives the area privacy as well as protection against both the rain and the sun.

The many surrounding plants gives this seating area the feeling of a little paradise in the back yard!

Round Sunken Seating Area

sunken seating ideas fire pit

A great extension of the decking area and perfect to spend time relaxing. The outdoor kitchen is just a couple of steps away, for refills and snacks.

The seating is nice and open with a wide step for easy access.

Steel Garden Pit Surrounded by Plants

steel sunken seating area fire pit

A sunken part of the garden where you are surrounded by plants and nature. The gravel and the metal edging make it super cosy showing that a sunken seating area can be however you want it to be.

A beautiful part of any garden!

Sunken Seating Area with a View

sunken seating area with a view

This is a cosy booth to enjoy the sunset! No fire pit to keep you warm but a nice seating area for a chat with your friends on a lovely evening.

Sunken Garden Pit Lounge Area

sunken lounge pit with 2 entrances

This lovely garden pit lounge area is beautifully made with two entrances for easy access.

Note the lounge seat on the left bench for even more relaxing in style!

The light stone is a great contrast with the dark cushions and works really well.

Sunken Seating Area in Pool

best sunken seating areas

Lounging around the swimming pool is always good.

With this sunken seating area, you can enjoy the pool at night and soak up the holiday atmosphere surrounded by pool lighting.

Of course a fire pit is present for the cooler nights!

Seating Area Created with Sticks

sunken seating area created with sticks

This seating area has been created with woven sticks and looks super cosy. The many cushions and rugs make this the perfect hangout zone without any frills. 

Partially Sunken Seating Area

partially sunken fire pit

This partially sunken seating bench is a great idea if you have levels in your garden. This way you can walk down the steps to your fire pit but access the rest of the garden at the same level.

This gives the outdoor seating area an open feel while still creating a cozy area.

Sunken Seating with Privacy Hedge

partially sunken fire pit

This semi-circle bench has its own green privacy hedge giving you a secluded seating area.

What’s particularly nice about this sunken fire pit is the choice of different materials to create the design.

The firepit is metal, and so are the plant boxes. The seating is made from wood while the wide steps are stone.

Floor Design Sunken Seating

sunken seating with floor design

The floor design of this conversation pit makes it look clean and modern. The little table is enough to put your empty glass or cup on.

No bells or whistles but a very modern looking and spacious seating area.

Not Completely Sunken Seating

sunken seating with floor design

While this seating area is not officially ‘sunken’, we believe it deserves a spot on this list as it’s simply stunning!

The curves or the entrance make this seating area stand out and the circular pathway connects the seating area with the rest of the garden.

Very beautifully done.



What is a sunken seating area called?

Sunken seating areas are also known as ‘conversation pit’ or simply ‘garden pit’.

They are basically the same thing. A seating area which is dug out (or sunken) in the garden or within a home.


Why are there sunken seating areas?

Sunken seating areas make a garden more interesting. Different levels also make a garden look larger and more playful.

A sunken seating area is often created around a central point which is often a firepit.

It makes a cosy and comfortable seating area to entertain or to enjoy on your own.

How do you build a sunken patio area?

There are some basic steps you need to follow in order to build yourself a sunken seating area.

  1. Excavate an area where you want your sunken garden pit to be.
  2. Create a wall to separate the garden pit from the surrounding soil. This can be concrete, metal, wood or a brick wall.
  3. Create the seating for your pit
  4. Add cushions and a fire pit.

You can create your own sunken garden area, though many choose for a professional to create this for them. Of course, you can create the design so you can discuss the options which best reflect your taste and wishes.

 How much does a sunken seating area cost?

If you install your garden pit yourself, the cost can stay well under £500. If you want to add free standing garden furniture and a fire pit, the price will increase significantly.

Most sunken seating areas are built by landscapers or builders and they will need to price in their hours as well as their materials.

If you want a simple seating area made from block paving, you are looking at around £1500 at least.

It’s best to have a clear idea of how you want your seating area to be before you request a quote. Having said that, your landscaper or builder might be able to show you images of work undertaken and give you a quote based on that.

Find a professional landscaper on our directory here. 

Are sunken fire pits good?

Yes, they are! Sunken fire pits give you that cosy spot in your garden where you can relax and just simply stare into the flames or have a great conversation with your friends. Being outside is good for us and having a fire pit in your garden will make you go outside on those evenings on which you might otherwise have stayed indoors!


We hope this article, Top 21 Best Sunken Seating Areas has given you inspiration to create your own garden pit!



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