17 Small Garden Ideas

Make the most of your outdoor space with these 17 small garden ideas!

There are many things you can do to create space in a small area.

By using a littel creativity you can make a stunning courtyard or small garden which has the ‘look and feel’ of a large space.

Somewhere to relax and unwind!

Your garden is a natural extension of your home and it’s important to create a space you love.

This small garden ideas list will be useful if you need inspiration to create your own perfect space for your garden.

You may be surprised!

There are so many creative ideas available!

And as always, let us know what your favourite idea is, or share your own small garden photo for inspiration for others!

The Hammock Garden

By installing posts to your flowerbed or garden area, you create a space to hang your hammock on sunny days, while still having a greenery section in your yard.

It is a clever way of using the limited space available.


Integrated Pool

Who’s to say you can’t have a pool in a small garden?

We love the way this pool has been integrated into the design of this garden.

By creating a gradient around the pool, the pool seemlessly blends in as part of the design, and not the main feature.

The bamboo on the outside of the pool makes it blend in beautifully with the rocks and plants surrounding it.

A great combination!

Create a Vertical Garden

By going up you can create a stunning garden without losing any ground space.

Selecting plants that climb and spread out is a sure way to create a stunning and beautiful arrangement.

This pallet garden is a great DIY project to do with children too.

Use Mirrors

To increase the feeling of space simply using a mirror can have a major impact. This small, walled courtyard garden has been turned into an ideal summer retreat perfect for socialising and relaxing!

Create a Colourful Outdoor Room

 A bold gardens statement.

This unique garden has bold colours that express a certian kind of creativity.

There’s an instant intimate feeling without being overpowered.

Pink may not be your colour, however, this will work with many other colours too.

Small Garden Ideas – Decking

This small area has been transformed into a cosy late night ‘chill’ zone.

Lets be honest!

All you need to do here is chill out. The fire pit provides warmth and light to saunter into late night revelry or something more intimate.

Hidden areas

Perfect for taking a bit of time out of your day for a cool glass of something nice! This green oasis provides enclosure and privacy for that much needed rest.

Many courtyard garden areas are perfect for this kind of design and with the right planning (in terms of plants) a relaxing hidden area can easily be created.

Small Garden Ideas – Create an Arch

Creating an arch takes effort but there are plenty of robust frames to choose from.

If it’s for the long term and will have to provide support for heavy folliage then choosing the strongest is recommended!

Likewise, if your arch is more for visual appeal for the Summer months (with lighter planting) then a lighter frame will do the job nicely.

Arch areas really create something unusual yet cosy.

Create a Cozy Space

The panels around the seating area make a cozy corner to hang out in. A real sense of privacy is also easily created.

This is a low budget and simple option to create a secluded and private space. 


Create a Flower Wall

When you don’t have a lot of floor space in your garden, then why not go horizontal and create a stunning flower wall like this one?

Recycled tins painted in bright colours make this a fun and affordable DIY project too. 

You can create a multi colour wall or choose one or two colours. 

Install a Garden Swing

Installing a garden swing can create that light hearted area to engage in genteel conversations. 

The design and construction doesn’t have to be complicated to achieve the desired effect.


Use Light Colours

By using light colours you can easily create the feeling of space.

This combined with a minimalistic style and carefully chosen accessories makes a small garden look great!

Build a Water Fall 

Outdoor waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes and make for ideal focal points of relaxed conversation.

The main consideration is how to achieve the necessary height for the waterfall.

Technically attention must be given to the right kind of pump, lining materials, enclosure and support.

But the end result! Well worth the effort.


Create a Mosaic Garden Path

Creating a mosaic garden path takes effort and time.

If you can make the effort – and have the time – all the better.

Unleash your creativity!

Choosing what goes into your mosaic at the planning stage is crucial, as well as putting some thought into colours and shapes.

A mosaic garden path can work really well as a creative and different experience.

Outdoor Spa

Create your own outdoor spa with this inflatable jacuzi. It even has its own shower!

The carefully placed plants and lighting make this a beautiful place to hang out and be sensual.

All you need now is a massage table (and the right partner!) and you’re all set! 

Build an Outdoor Cinema

Getting the right projector is the key part to creating an ideal outdoor cinema. It can be a little daunting though because they’re expensive and a crucial part of the ‘experience’ that you don’t want to go wrong.

For the screen a projector screen is preferable to just hanging up a white sheet!

Ready for the action?

Lighting and Vines

Brightening up any small garden space with soft lighting is easy to do. Then simply create spaces for vines to add extra aesthetic appeal.

Simplicity is key.

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