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Resin Bound Driveway Maintenance Guide

Resin Bound Driveway Maintenance

The maintenance of your resin bound driveway is important to keep it in tip top condition. The good news is that it takes minimal effort to keep your resin driveway looking beautiful!

Step One: Use a stiff broom to clear the surface regularly

By using a stiff broom you will be able to remove leaves, rubbish and weed seeds.

This also prevents moss growth. And moss is a big issue for resin surfaces.

Step two: Clean the surface with a pressure washer

A light pressure wash is usually enough to keep any resin bound surface fresh looking.

However, even when maintaining your resin driveway, some problems may occur and we discus how to solve these below.

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Resin vs Other Driveway Options

Ongoing maintenance of a resin bound driveway is quite minimal in comparison to some other paving surfaces such as block paving or imprinted concrete.

A resin drive, patio or pathway provides a ‘low maintenance’ paving option and you won’t normally get weeds growing through.

Unless it cracks!

But ensuring you use a professional builder or driveway company (that offers guarantees and uses quality resin) should minimise the chances of cracks.

Anyway, whilst weeds aren’t usually a problem moss can be (more below).

If parts of your driveway are in a shaded area you may find moss growth over time.

It’s unavoidable.

In saying that, accidents and weather can create some problems.

Moss and Algae

These resilient organic monsters take hold on driveways, patios and pathways.

If your resin bound surface is in the sun all day this will not be a problem.

On the other hand, moss and algae flourish in shaded, damp wet areas.

A simple solution is to cut back some greenery and let the ‘sun in’ so algae will stop growing on your driveway.

Clean the area with a good algae remover product like this one from Stonecare4U.

This will usually be enough to get rid of moss and algae growth but may need to be repeated several times.

Moss growth is unlikely if you can get the sun to most of an area and by keeping up a good and regular driveway maintenance regime completely avoidable.

Fuel and Oil Spillages

It’s not just ‘old bangers’ that can spring a leak over your driveway.

Corrosion and leaking engines from any vehicle can cause unwanted and unsightly spillages.

Therefore, taking action quickly is key to keeping a resin bound surface in tip top condition.

In the first instance, wash off any fuel or oil thoroughly.

Then scrub the area with soapy water (a decent liquid soap will do).

Lastly, flush off any remaining fuel/oil and lightly pressure wash.

Oil spills may require a de-greasing agent but make sure to test on a small area at the edge first.

WARNING: Do not pour boiling water on a resin surface (under any circumstances). This will dissolve the resin and create a very problematic hole in the surface.

Great Cleaning Products for your Driveway:

Tyre Marks

Quartz based lighter coloured resin driveway areas can really show tyre marks, but all resin driveways are at risk.

These tyre marks will be especially prominent when vehicle wheels are turned whilst initially reversing from a driveway area.

The heat from the friction interacts with the resin. This is also the case after a long drive as the tyres will be warm.

Using ‘fairy liquid’ or some other type of household cleaner should be enough to take the marks off.

If possible reverse into a driveway so as to avoid the need for reversing in the first instance.

Removing snow from your resin bound driveway

It’s no problem to use a plastic snow shovel to remove any snow from your driveway.

Please Note: We do NOT recommend using a metal snow shovel, as this might damage your resin.

If a permeable sub base is supporting your your resin driveway any melted snow will go through the resin surface into the ground.

Removing Ice

One of the most common ways to prevent ice from settling onto your driveway and creating a hazardous surface, is to sprinkle salt or sand onto your driveway.

There is no problem sprinkling salt or sand onto a resin driveway, however make sure to remove this as soon as the cold days are over by lightly pressure washing.

Removing gum from your resin driveway

Chewing gum can be a nightmare to get of any surface. Especially when it has dried out and become hard.

If it has not yet dried out you can try and use your pressure washer to remove the gum.

However if the gum has hardened, we strongly advise you NOT to use any hard tools to try and pry the chewing gum of the driveway as this will certainly damage the resin.

Instead use a ‘freezing spray’ before you attempt to carefully remove the chewing gum.

General resin bound driveway maintenance tips

  •  Don’t have any heavy objects on your driveway, like flower pots, skips, motor cycle stands etc.
  •  Don’t park a vehicle in the same spot for a long time as this will create a shaded area encouraging moss growth.
  •  Keep your driveway free from leaves, debris and rubbish.
  •  Maintain your resin bound driveway on a regular basis as it is much easier to keep up the maintenance than deal with weeds and moss later.
  • Clean up any spills immediately so they don’t dry into the resin bound driveway.

We hope this Resin Bound Driveway Maintenace Guide has been helpful.

Should you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact us via the form on the right hand side of the screen. 

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