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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealer Options



Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealer Options

Pattern imprinted concrete sealer is used to maintain the look and protect the colour of a decorative concrete paving surfaces.

Whether it’s a small or large driveway area ‘resealing’ the surface is an important maintenance issue and needs to be completed every 2-3 years.

Just look at the difference a reseal can make…..



Which Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealer to Use?

For imprinted concrete driveways it’s best to use Acrylic sealers. These are either a water based or solvent based.

A solvent based sealer will last longer but acrylic sealers are more environmentally friendly.

As mentioned above it’s best to ‘reseal’ every 2-3 years or so.

As with most things not all sealers are equal. Cheaper sealers are available on Ebay and Amazon but we suggest using the Smartseal sealer.

We recommend it because it’s what professional installers use.

Smartseal sells Imprinted Concrete Sealers which are of high quality and used by professionals. It is a durable concrete sealer for Patterned, Coloured & Stamped Concrete for Driveways and Patios.

The sealant is available in a SILK finish, which gives your driveway a ‘wet look’ as well as a MATT finish.

Is Applying a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealer a DIY Job?

Yes and no.

Yes, if you’re fit and a bit handy so read on. Don’t worry if you’re not fit and/or handy. If you’d prefer somebody else to do it just fill in your details in the form at the bottom of the page for a competitively priced reseal quotation.

Preparation for stamped concrete sealer (DIY):

Before application the surface will need to be swept thoroughly. Over time organic growth may build up within areas where ‘control joints’ were placed (or should have been placed). Therefore, any debris needs to be carefully removed. It’s possible to ‘mastic’ joints once cleaning has been completed and by doing this further organic growth will be prevented.

Using a pressure washer is okay as long as the ‘pressure’ is kept low and the tip of the pressure washer ‘nozzle’ is not held too closely to the surface. This is very important as there’s the risk of ‘blasting’ existing concrete colour or even the top surface of the paving surface off! Keep Your Distance!

After a ‘good wash off’ the surface needs to be be completely dry so that no moisture is present before applying sealant.

WARNING: Concrete sealant contains toxic chemicals so safety is important. If toxicity is a concern, simply use a water based acrylic concrete sealer.



Application of imprinted concrete sealer:

Once the surface is completely clean and dry, the decorative concrete sealer can be applied. It’s best to apply sealer with a soft broom and definitely not a hard broom.

  • Start from the corner of the house and work backwards going across the driveway area. This will ensure you will finish at the front of the driveway (which is great but make sure you still have access back inside or find something to do for a couple of hours whilst it dries!)

  • Dip the broom into the pattern imprinted concrete sealer and apply covering 1 square metre at a time. In order to ensure complete coverage this might mean going over the same area a couple of times.


Chapin Concrete Pro Pressure Sprayer

Best Weather conditions for sealing your driveway

Summer is best when the air is nice and dry. But that’s not to say that resealing isn’t possible at other times of the year. In colder weather a slab heater can be put to good use. Importantly, the application of imprinted concrete sealer must be with no, and we mean no moisture present.


Because if there is the slightest moisture, white patches may appear after resealing, and these areas will have to be removed. This really is a pain so it’s best to avoid this in the first place.

Drying time is approximately 2-3 hours depending on the outside temperature. Walking and parking your car on the freshly sealed driveway surface is possible after only a few hours.

Sealant are available in a SILK finish, which gives your driveway a ‘wet look’ as well as a MATT finish.

Using a pressure washer is a quick and easy way to prepare your driveway for resealing.

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