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12 Mosaic Garden Path Ideas

12 Mosaic Garden Paths to Create Yourself

BGIt is quite easy to create a mosaic garden path yourself.

There are a couple of thing you will need:

  • Mortar or concrete
  • Pebbles or broken tiles
  • Cleaning cloth
  • A trowel

Start by mixing the mortar or concrete (depending on what you are using) and spread some on a small area of your path.

Press the tile pieces or pebbles into a pattern.

When you finish your first area, repeat the steps until the path is finished. 

You can then fill in any spaces between the tiles. Most people prefer the pebbles to stick out slightly. 


While not all mosaic designs are necessarily easy to create, the nice thing about these paths is that you can create anything.

Any kind of pattern in any colour you please.

That’s the great thing about mosaic garden paths. No path will ever look the same!


Here is our list of 12 Beautiful Mosaic Garden Path Ideas.

Let us know which path is your favourite in the comments below!


Orange Mosaic Garden Path

This is a beautiful bright garden path which a simple but neat design. By using different tints in orange the overal feel of the path is bright but not overwhelming.

The path fits this garden even more by the orange flowers placed alongside the path.

Mosaic Sun

This mosaic sun will have taken some time to create but the results are stunning. Fantasic as the centre of a patio area at the end of a mosaic pathway.

Pebble Path

Pebble mosaic pathways give beautiful design without the bright colours. This makes it a great option for someone who loves a creative design in a calm garden.

Mixed Mosaic Garden Path

The combination of paint and mosaic make this pathway truly unique. While it won’t be to everyones taste, it is a detailed path in carefully choosen colour combinations. Very nice.

Pebble Waves Mosaic Path

This is a stunning path which will look beautiful in any flower garden! The pebble waves give the path a truly unique look. Very nicely done. Design by Maggy Howart Studios.

Individual Tiles Mosaic Garden Path

You can create a colourful pathway by using individual mosaic tiles. This makes it easier to create the mosaic as you can make it by a table or in a workshop. A great activity to do with children.

Black Diamond Mosaic

This unusual garden path combines pebbles with tiles in its design. The darkness of the path would go well with bright flowers alongside it.

Round Pebble Steps

The individual mosaic tiles are well placed and create a garden path in a very unique way. By using round tiles and placing them at different heights and distance, it creates the effect of crossing the water on stepping stones.


Mosaic Flower

This is a lovely mosaic garden path. The blue is beautiful and bright and the flower design is clear and well made. Very pretty.

Do have a favourite design? Let us know in the comments below!


Calm Rustic Mosaic Pathway

Eventhough this design has several patterns in it and a vast combination of different sized stone, the overal look is calm.  It works due to the earthy colours used and will look great in many kinds of gardens.

Concrete Mosaic Slabs

This concrete stepping stone path has been cheered up by several mosaic designs. While the designs themselves are lovely and colourful, it looks a bit overwhelming as so many designs and colours are used on different stones.

Mosaic Garden Path Peacock Design

This is an absolute beauty. The peacock is so clearly recognisable on this mosaic garden path. The colours are calm and go together perfectly. The wave border finishes the design beautifully.

If this is your kind of garden path? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay in the know!

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