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Top 20 Best Modern Driveways Designs


20 Modern Driveway Designs

When most of us think of modern driveways designs, it’s the finished look that gives a contemporary look and feel.

Times have changed and where we once only looked at driveway areas as purely functional…modern paving technologies enhance the possibilities for creative and individualistic styling.

From this….

To this….

This Modern Block Paving makes the modular styled house inviting

In our experience those considering modern driveways designs are tired of the dull and uninspiring.

A modern driveway makeover will often be part of a wider effort in modernising an entire home including other value enhancing home improvements.

Colour blending means that with the right combination it’s possible to create unique installations that really stand out.

Modern Driveways Designs – Choosing Colours

Driveway colours fall into three categories:

Reds – Brick red, Bronze, Terracotta, Brindle, Bracken

Yellows – Sandstone, Biscuit, Bideford Buff, Sand

Greys – Platinum Grey, Charcoal

You will find many many more marketing names for different shades of red, yellow and grey……it helps manufacturers!

Due to the colour limitations of gravel and tarmacadam they can be dismissed.

But not totally!

There is no room in the modern driveways designs area for either but that is just in terms of colour.

They are still the right choice for may homes and are the oldest paving products available, which means they’ve ‘stood the test of time’.

Modern Driveways Designs – Paving Surfacing Products

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern Imprinted Concrete has been a popular paving product for over 30 years.

The range of designs ranging from authentic natural stone look to simple cobble mean that significant savings can be made as an alternative to having the ‘real thing’.

Colour blending means that with the right combination it’s possible to create unique installations that really stand out.

The installation below has encased a traditional cobble design using wide imprinted bordering. Using the darker charcoal edging with ‘platinum’ grey cobbles goes well with the design and colours of the house.

Pattern Imprinted concrete driveways can be eye catching

Block Paving

Block paving has also managed to evolve with the contemporary market but in a different way. By using flecks of granite for example; this sparkly effect is unique to some of the most recent products on offer from some of the main block paving suppliers.

Subtle pastel colours have also enhanced the overall finished look and can be combined to create truly stunning contrasts and features.

The use of longer blocks neatly contrasting with eachother over this wide driveway area works well. Much more so than if attempted over a smaller area.

The driveway lighting provides both security and showcases the driveway itself.

Resin Bound and Resin Bonded

Resin bound and resin bonded can create modern unique driveway and patio areas.

You can create an individual look by the colour of gravel you choose. In terms of edging anything is possible.

Curves to bedded garden areas can work well, just as simply framing within a block paving frame (as below) or even using iron edging can.


For a contemporary modern look a resin bound driveway is an excellent choice

Modern Driveway Design

Modern Driveways Designs are best for a complete makeover or complete new build.

Sometimes a modern driveway can work for a traditional looking house but in our opinion….tread carefully!

Modern driveway design does not cover just the driveway surface you have choosen.

Modern driveways also tend to have nice minimalist landscaping and beautiful lighting installed.

Here are some modern driveway designs for inspiration:

This is a simple driveway design which can be easily undertaken as a DIY project. Just ensure you get some help with muscles.

You can play with colour by choosing different gravel and slab tones.

We love how the large slabs give this driveway a modern feel and fit well with the modular design of the home.

A Beautiful modern block paving driveway.

Using contrasting tones of block provides depth to this extensive driveway area.

The minimialist landscaping is neat and compact requiring little maintenance yet retaining a pleasant fell.

Explore our block paving catalogue on all the big paving brands on the market today.

An unusual use of gravel and concrete. Obviously this only works on a larger  driveway or in a small car parking area.

And to keep the gravel in it’s place it would also be advisable not to drive on it. It’s purpose is for drainage.

So in terms of parking better to keep the tires firmly on the concrete!

This circular block paving pattern looks fantastic.

The desired shape can be achieved by using small blocks in a unique cobble set up.

We advice you use a professional block paver to get this stunning result. Find one in your area on our directory.

This beautiful pattern imprinted concrete driveway has been finished off very nicely with young trees and plant pots containing ball topiary plants along the edges.

This also works well on smaller driveways and adds some much needed greenery to many neighbourhoods.

A nice simple block paved driveway with a little difficulty on curved edging!

By using different colour tones in the blocks, you can create a stunning effect.

The landscaping on levels as well as the curve of the stairway (not to mention the electric gate) set this home apart.

Read more on block paving in this blog post.

This large driveway uses adjoining concrete blocks with gravel in between. It works particulairy well as the colours chosen compliment the modern property perfectly.

This resin driveway has been installed perfectly and has been finished with a nice block edging. The light colour of the resin goes well with the house.

Find many articles on resin here.

This is a simple block paving driveway design which works really well.  Quality bricks are used and by creating a seperate area with lighting and greenery you can turn a simple design into a modern driveway.

Combining resin with pattern imprinted concrete is a trend which will continue some time.  A cool contrast is created by using different colours, surface material and patterns.

This stunning driveway has been created by Farrelly Construction. You can find an installer in your area in our directory.

pressure washer for driveway and patio

The driveway has been created out of large quality slabs. The adjoining footpath with the same slabs added to gravel make this design stand out. It looks modern and stylish. The colour tones are soft and the lighting on the path and greenery alongside it finish it off perfectly.

This driveway has gorgeous colour tones and by using different size blocks the driveway becomes a small piece of art.

The round edging and raised lawn create space and keep the focus on the driveway.

There are many blocks, colours and patterns to choose from for block paving driveways, patios and paths. Find out more here.


An exampe of a beautifully installed Resin Driveway. Resin is growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why.

Resin is not a DIY job and needs to be installed by a professional with experience. Find an installer in your area here.

We felt compelled to include this environmentally friendly driveway option in our modern driveways design list.

It’s a good idea for so many reasons.

There are plants for insects and bees, grass to drain surface water and you still have somewhere to park your car.

The only downside would be muddy feet on rainy days, so a path alongside could be an option.

As mentioned before, product combinations are becoming more popular and has been used stunningly on this driveway.

The fan patterns are easily achieved with small bricks and the tarmac driveway is an easy and durable surface option to park on.

We are tempted to say we saved the best for last as the colour  tones of this driveway are fantastic.

Again a pattern has been created by using different size blocks and the different tones just work really well.

As you can see a pattern can be created within the driveway, of course this is optional.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of Modern Driveway Designs.

Please let us know which driveway option is your favourite in the comments below or let us know on Facebook!

Stay in the know!

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