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Medicinal Garden Kit

The Most Important Thing That’s Probably Missing From Your Backyard!

Learn how to create your own Medicinal Garden. 

Imagine having a Medicinal Garden Kit which empowers you to take your health into your own hands!

I think everyone should have a medicinal garden in their backyard. This way you can easily go and pick the remedy you need at any time. Your backyard pharmacy will be there for you even in times of crisis when pharmacies might be closed or unavailable.

The problem is that we often don’t know which plants have medicinal properties. And even if we do, we often don’t know how to use the plants to our advantage. 

That’s why you’ll receive a FREE Medicinal Guide that shows you how to turn the 10 medicinal plants from the kit into tinctures, ointments, salves, poultices, decoctions, infusions, essential oils —all in minute detail so you can follow our guide even if you’ve never made an herbal medicine in your life.

Nicole Apelian, Ph.D is a mother, an herbalist, a survival skills instructor and a biologist.

After battling with a cripling health condition, she turned to medicinal plants to help fight her illness.

She has now put her knowledge into this amazing medicinal garden kit.

Find out how to set up your own medicinal garden by clicking the button below!

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