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Introducing the Hypedome

Hypedome Review

What’s the Hype About the Hypedome?

The need for being outdoors is greater than ever.

In post pandemic times getting outside to enjoy some sunshine or just the the greenery and flowers is a welcome antidote to an endless stream of depressing news.


Good News – The Hypedome is Here


Yes, it takes a little getting used to.

It’s futuristic (in its design and materials) yet fits in really well, in any outdoor setting.

hypedome patio garden

Awesome Chill Out Zone

Hype Dome Playroom

Create a Playroom

Hypedome Yoga Studio

Have your own Yoga Studio

So, the Big Question is…

Just How Much do you Want to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space?

An unexpected shower or two shouldn’t upset those gatherings with family and friends, should it?

Living in the northern hemisphere, in a temperate climate means all the best party planning in the world can be turned upside down by the weather!

And if last year has taught us anything – it’s about how unpredictable everything is.

We have summers where we need to shelter from showers and downpours so why not plan for it.

But that’s just part of the story and attraction of the Hypedome.

The Hypedome (and other modern Dome structures) are much more than just about sheltering from the weather.

Whether you’re looking for a pleasant (and out of the way) place to exercise, complete a yoga routine or simply meditate – the Hype dome provides that welcome space you need.

Other uses for the Hypedome include:

  • Children’s Play Area
  • Music Room
  • Gym
  • Party Room
  • Entertainment
  • Dinner Party Setting
  • Drinks Tent for Party

It’s a great solution and for less than a couple of thousand pounds provides a permanent place to escape to.

Still need inspiration?

Check out some of the pictures below:

hypedome review

hypedome socialising pot

Chill Out Zone

hypedome spa cover

Use your Jacuzzi all year round

Hype Dome Dining Room

Bug free Dining


Installing a Hypedome is very easy. If you can put up a tent you’re probably overqualified!

Just watch the video below to get an idea.

In terms of surfacing there isn’t the need for a special kind of base as it can be erected on a decking area, lawn or patio area.

Materials – Polycarbonate

How Secure – Just needs to be pegged in or weighted down.

Maintenance – Easy to clean

Shelf life – 20 Years or More

Storage – Easy to take down and store for winter.

A popular location is within enclosed patio areas and to a certain extent this provides protection from wind.

But as long as the Hypedome is secured well there’s absolutely no problem with erecting your ‘Dome’ in the middle of a larger garden.

Hypedome Review; Is it Worth the Money?

We think so, other domes are available and if your budget allows some garden pods (in the region of £20,000 or so) look marvelous and have inbuilt electrics.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Aventor (£400) or so.

The quality of the materials and design (as well as stability) make the Hypedome worth it.

Hypedome FAQ’s

What is the capacity of the Hypedome?

Recommended capacity:

up to 6 people seated at a round table

Values listed below are for maximum dome capacity: 

  • up to 8 people seated at a round table
  • up to 8 people seated at sofas & chairs
  • up to 8 people seated at a rectangular table 
  • up to 8 kids playing
  • up to 10 people standing next to cocktail tables 
  • up to 12 people standing / no furnishings
            Do I need a Professional to Install the Hypedome?

            No, it’s actually quite easy! Assembly of the HypeDome requires two people and takes on average 4 hours to complete. All tools and manuals required for assembly are provided together with the kit. You will need a 1.5m tall ladder during the assembly and dismantle.

            Can I Take the Hypedome Down to Store in the Winter Months?


            You can derig/dismantle the dome when required, store it in provided boxes and build it again in the future – as many times as you want.

            Can the Hypedome Withstand Windy Conditions?


            The structural design is based on a geodesic dome concept which makes it structurally rigid and distributes the structural stress throughout the structure.

            Additionally, the Hypedome can be securely attached to the ground by ballasting it down.

            Sandbags, concrete or iron plates and heavy planters can be used to keep the dome secure even in the winds exceeding 100 km / h.

            Can it Get Too Hot?

            On very hot days it’s a good idea to keep the entrance door open.

            There’s also an optional window/panel that can be added to improve air-flow.

            And recently the Hypedome Sun Shade Sail has been added to the selection. This is a sun shade which can be added to your dome to create a sun sheltered area.


            Can I use an Air Conditioning Unit Inside the Hypedome?

            Yes, there’s the options of having a panel specifically for an air conditioner.

            What Type of Base is Necessary for Installation?

            Conveniently, the Hypedome can be installed directly onto decking, into soil or onto a concrete base built specifically for the Hypedome.

            How much Maintenance is Necessary?

            Very minimal. Simploy cleaning off with warm water is enough to keep your Hypedome in perfect condition.

            What is the Hypedome Made of?

            The Hypedome is made of over 100 hexagonal-shaped, thick and glass-like polycarbonate panels.

            Polycarbonate allows for the internal transmission of light nearly in the same capacity as glass.


            Accessories for the Hypedome

            Is the hypedome worth it?

            We think it is. It’s made from super strong polycarbonate panels which are look-through to let lots of light in.

            You can easily sit 6 to 8 people around a table to have a dry and bug free dining party in your back garden. 

            It’s easy to store in winter and can be set up with 2 people. This means you don’t have to book installation appointments. You can get started as soon as your garden dome arrives!

            There are lots of extras you can add as well like additional window panels and a sun shade. 

            You can simply clean your hypedome with some soapy water when needed.

            All in all, it’s a great extra airy room for in your garden where you can enjoy company or relax and unwind doing exersice or simply reading a book!


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