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Why we love this Compact Houswise Tabletop Fire Pit:

The main reasons why we really liked the Houswise Tabletop Fire Pit boil down to how effortlessly it fits into our lifestyle.

Firstly, its compact size and cool color options blend right in with our decor, adding a stylish touch to our space.

Secondly, it’s just so easy to use – we can light it up without any fuss and kick back without worrying about safety.

Plus, the vibe it brings is unbeatable, turning our chill nights into cozy gatherings with friends.

Overall, this fire pit has become a must-have for enhancing our home’s atmosphere and making memories that last.

Why we love the Housewise Tabletop Fire Pit – Short Overview:

A short overview of things we like about the Housewise Tabletop Fire Pit:


Ease to Use:

  • The Fire Pit is straight forward to use, without any complex setup requirements.

Creates instant Ambiance:

  • It adds a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere to outdoor or indoor seating areas, making them more inviting and special.

Indoor and Outdoor Use:

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be used as a fire pit or a smores maker.

Table Protection:

  • The fire pit will not damage your table, as it has a protective ceramic base.

Clean and Odorless Burn:

  • No smoke and no nasty smells while using your fire pit. Hooray!

Size and shape:

  • We love the compact size of this fire pit!


Burn time:

  • While the burn time of the fire pit was still long enough, it was not quite as long as expected.
tabletop fire pit<br />


Is this Tabletop Fire Pit really that easy to use?

One of the standout features of this compact tabletop Fire Pit is its remarkable ease of use.

From the moment we brought it home, we found that it required minimal setup – no complicated assembly or installation. Just place it on your desired surface, pour in your preferred fuel, and ignite.

It’s that simple. And when it’s time to wind down the evening, turning it off is just as effortless. With a quick snuff of the flame or covering it with the provided lid, the fire pit extinguishes gracefully, allowing us to relax and enjoy the rest of the night without any hassle or fuss.

Creating Ambiance

The Houswise Tabletop Fire Pit is a true magician when it comes to creating instant ambiance in any space.

From the minute the flames dance to life, a warm and inviting atmosphere envelops the room, transforming even the most mundane evenings into memorable experiences.

Whether placed on a coffee table during a cozy night in or adorning an outdoor patio for a gathering with friends, the flickering glow adds a touch of magic to every moment.

The soft, comforting light casts a warm ambiance, perfect for intimate conversations or simply unwinding after a long day.

With this Tabletop Fire Pit, ambiance is not just a luxury—it’s an instant, effortless addition to any setting, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

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Indoor and Outdoor Use:

The versatility of this Tabletop Fire Pit truly shines through in its ability to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Whether nestled on a living room coffee table or gracing a patio setting, this compact yet powerful fire pit enhances any environment with its warm glow and inviting ambiance.

Indoors, it adds a cozy touch to intimate gatherings or quiet evenings, while outdoors, it becomes the focal point of al fresco gatherings, casting a mesmerizing glow under the open sky.

With its sturdy construction and safe operation, the Houswise Tabletop Fire Pit is designed to elevate the atmosphere wherever you choose to place it, ensuring that warmth and comfort are always within reach, whether inside your home or out in the fresh air.

Other Great Ways to Create Ambiance in your Home:

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Table Protection

Luckily, you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of this cute little fire pit without worrying about any damage to your table.

It has innovative design features, such as the ceramic base, anti-scratch pad, and high-quality heat-resistant concrete, and we found that our table remained fully protected from the heat generated by the flames.

So whether you place the fire pit on a delicate wooden surface or a sturdy patio table, rest assured that it stays cool to the touch, ensuring that your furniture remains unscathed.

Now we can say goodbye to unsightly heat marks or scorching – with the Houswise Tabletop Fire Pit, you can enjoy the cozy glow of the flames without any risk to your beloved table surfaces.

Clean and odorless burn

We noticed that the burn of the fire pit was odorless, which we found to be a delightful surprise.

With the Houswise Tabletop Fire Pit, there’s no need to contend with unpleasant smells or lingering smoke, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the warmth and ambiance without any distractions.

Whether enjoying a quiet evening indoors or gathering with friends outdoors, the clean and odorless burn ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Plus, without any lingering odors, we can seamlessly transition from cozy fireside chats to other activities without any unwanted scents lingering in the air.

It’s just another reason why we’ve come to appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the Houswise Tabletop Fire Pit.

houswise tabletop fire pit<br />

Size, shape and color options

There are three stylish color options to choose from, to suit your taste and to complement your living space.

Whether you prefer the sleek sophistication of dark gray, the modern elegance of light gray, or the timeless simplicity of black, these fire pit offers versatility and aesthetic appeal.

With dimensions of 4.7 inches in diameter and 4.3 inches in height, these compact and round designed fire pits,  fit seamlessly into any environment, making it the perfect addition to coffee tables, dining tables, or outdoor patios.

We love the beauty and functionality of our Houswise Tabletop Fire Pit, available in a variety of colors and designed to enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces with ease and elegance


Burn Time

As for burning time, the fire pit offers an impressive duration, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance for up to 45 minutes per burn.

Having said that, the burn time is shorter than we expected as it was advertised at burning for over an hour. However, this could be due to the fuel we used, and to the level we filled it up.

Either way, we were still happy with the time it burned before we needed to refill though not as long as we hoped.

Overall Conclusion

Our experience with the Houswise Tabletop Fire Pit has been nothing short of delightful.

From its effortless setup to its ability to instantly enhance the ambiance of any space, this fire pit has become a beloved addition to our home.

We’ve enjoyed countless evenings gathered around its warm glow, whether indoors or out, savoring the cozy atmosphere it creates.

And perhaps one of the highlights has been the joy of making s’mores right at home – turning ordinary nights into unforgettable moments filled with laughter and sweet treats.

With its versatility, ease of use, and ability to bring people together, this Compact Tabletop Fire Pit has truly exceeded our expectations and become a cherished part of our lifestyle.

Best S’mores Roasting Recipe


Perfect for Open Flames like a campfire or table top fire pit



  • 1 graham cracker, broken into two equal-size square halves
  • 1 cracker-sized chunk of milk chocolate
  • 1 marshmallow


  1. Prepare your s’mores station by arranging the chocolate on one of the graham crackers, keeping it within arm’s reach.
  2. Skewer the marshmallow on a stick or any flame-proof implement, ensuring a safe distance from the fire.
  3. Over an open flame, such as a campfire or table top fire pit, roast your marshmallow. Rotate it every minute or so until you achieve a perfect golden-brown exterior.
  4. Carefully sandwich the roasted marshmallow between the graham crackers, sliding it off the stick.

Benefits of Open Flame Roasting:

Roasting your marshmallow over an open flame yields the ultimate s’more experience.

It allows you to control the browning to your preference, enhancing the flavor with the smoky essence of the campfire.

However, it’s worth noting that building a campfire isn’t always feasible, and distractions can lead to over-roasting.

While it’s possible to roast multiple marshmallows simultaneously, there’s a higher risk of uneven roasting compared to alternative methods like table top fire pits, oven-baking or air frying.



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