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21 Best Garden Pond Ideas

 Top 21 Best Garden Pond Ideas

We have put these garden pond ideas together to inspire you in your quest to find the best pond for your garden.

There are many reasons to have a pond installed. You might like the relaxing sound of a waterfall, be interested in Koi or you might want to attract more wildlife into your garden. 

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, in the UK alone over last century, 70% of the UK countryside has lost its ponds – which means that the use of a pond to encourage and nurture wildlife is more important now than ever.

The ponds listed below give insights, inspiration and ideas to create the perfect pond for your outdoor space.

Waterfall Pond

Garden Pond Ideas waterfall

Does this garden pond create a beautiful dimension to the overall presentation of this home?

Without a doubt, yes!

It has both decorative appeal combined with a natural inviting appearance. It goes without saying that in this sort of wonderful aquascape – aquatic life and plants will thrive.

Nature Garden Pond

natural garden pond

An oasis of frog singing and calls. This Australian pond is a natural oasis to attract and help with increasing fragile ecosystems for wildlife.

Small Garden Pond

small garden pond

It’s not just the creation of environmental awareness that a newly constructed pond creates.

Supporting local wildlife and encouraging aquatic animals are small things that help with regenerating natural ecosystems.

Even a small pond can provide a sanctuary of breeding for indigenous wildlife.

Just imaging the delight in the spring and summertime with vibrant displays from dragonflies, frogs, and birds!

Contemporary Garden Pond

Contemporary Garden Pond

Classic Garden Pond

classic garden pond ideas

To recreate a traditional styled water garden for your very own, think fountains and statue figures. For some perfect symmetry is such a pleasure to behold.

Adding your own fountain is straightforward and (if you really think about it) essential.

There are pumps and fountains available which create different effects when combined with great lighting.

Aquablue Boulders

Concrete Blocks with Artificial Grass
Aqua Blue bolders are a common, coarse-grained, hard igneous rock. They are formed of quartz and orthoclase or microcline.These boulders are a very strong and dense stone.
By using random sizes, shapes, colors, and textures it’s possible to achieve mind blowing creations.
Just take a long moment to gaze into the awesomeness.

A Swimmingly Good Pond

ideas for modern driveways

A swimmingly good pond for skinny dipping on a really hot day.

Who wouldn’t be tempted?

Of course a necessity for a pond, besides water is a pond liner?

Waterfall Pond

waterfall pond

It it’s the idea of combining great entertaining with a tranquil setting then this type of waterfall pond is worthy of consideration.

Garden Pond Waterfall

garden pond ideas

The space and natural use of rocks (in a prime location) generate pools of tranquility.

Modern Reflection Pond

reflection pond

The purpose of this water feature is to create a reflection of the surroundings on the surface of the water. So, when you sit beside the pool and look into the water, you see the crystal clear reflection.

Garden Pond with Plants

garden pond ideas

Having a garden pond is amazing.

The very essence is to  create a living and harmonious place that stimulates well-being.

It may seem like you’re seeing double becausee you are.


aquatic plants in garden pond

This simple pond is set up just right with surrounding plants. Sparkling and clear, yet shallow water means it’s easy to see aquatic life in full.

Simple Garden Pond

simple garden pond ideas

Show me a frog that wouldn’t want to hang out with his buddies in this pond.

Deep diving or basking in the sun – the choice is yours!

Tiny Pond

white modern driveway
This is the tiniest pond. Essentially, just a planted bucket.
Every year, the pond needs to be thoroughly cleaned, the water changed and the plants should be trimmed to remove rotten leaves.

Pond with Lighting

pond with lighting

This amazing pond looks magnificent at night time. What can bring more tranquility than gazing into the depths?

Zen Garden Pond

Zen Garden Pond

Water is for purification and cleansing and a Zen garden pond goes some way to achieving this.

When gazing into or walking beside a pond in a Zen garden, the stillness and empty space are important for reflection and helping with meditation.

A Zen pond will attract wildlife, like birds, frogs and butterflies and it’s possible to keep Koi fish as well.  

Using Bamboo in the construction as well as careful attention to types of water plants is crucial to creating the perfect peaceful space. 

Pond with Step

garden pond with step

There’s something special that you get from standing in the middle of it all. This platform allows you to feel the vibrancy of the surroundings. The cascading water and the rick aquatic plantlife.

Garden Aquarium

Garden Aquarium

Instead of a pond you could opt for a garden aquarium. This is a low maintenance solution but will need to be cleaned regularly. 

Garden Pond

Garden pond ideas

Those perfect summer evenings with soft lighting and drinks all round. A perfect space for entertainment.

Decking over Pond

dekking on garden pond

Combining a decking area with a pond works well. A perfect area to spend those summer evenings!

Modern Koi Pond

Modern Koi Pond

Combining a decking area witha pond works well. 

Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration for your own garden pond ideas.

Whether you opt for a waterfall pond, a reflection pond, a more classic style or a tiny pond, all ponds are great to attract wildlife to your garden.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on garden ponds and please feel free to contact us or find a designer or installation engineer on our awesome and inspiring directory.

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