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Top 17 Best Garden Greenhouse Ideas

Top 17 Best Garden Greenhouse Ideas

Great garden greenhouse ideas to overhaul your greenhouse today!

Greenhouses are typically used to extend the growing season for plants, protect them from harsh weather conditions, and create an optimal environment for growing fruits, vegetables, and other plants that may not be well-suited for the local climate.

They can also be used for starting seedlings early in the season or for growing plants that are not native to the area. Additionally, greenhouses can be a fun and rewarding hobby for gardening enthusiasts. 

However, one often overlooked garden greenhouse ideas is growing in popularity quickly; a peaceful retreat in your garden away from the stresses of everyday life. 

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Greenhouses are perfect to create a stunning outdoor living space where you can relax and unwind. How’s that for a greenhouse idea? 

So how do you go about it? 

Firstly, have a look at the great greenhouse ideas we have listed for you in this article. These will give you great ideas on how to transform your current, or future, greenhouse into an outdoor living room. 

Secondly, read the great greenhouse ideas further in this article. It will give you great insights on how you can transform your greenhouse. 

Lastly, don’t overthink it. Enjoy these garden greenhouse ideas and be inspired! 


Rustic Greenhouse Ideas

concrete driveway design

The grapevine in the greenhouse gives the space greenery along the top, making it instantly cosy and inviting.

Combined with the older furniture and rustic frame makes this a wonderful greenhouse to spend many hours relaxing.

Green and White Colours


Garden greenhouse ideas range from simple to extreme. 

What is so nice about this greenhouse is not only the simplicity in colours (green and white) but also the inclusiveness of the garden with the wide open doors and the many plants around the entrance. 

Modern Greenhouse

concrete driveway ideas

This included terrasse is a great idea as you will have the protection from the roof of the greenhouse and the openness on two sides to allow fresh air and open space. 

A sturdy and modern greenhouse idea.

Scandinavian Retreat 

modern garden block driveway

This is a cosy greenhouse with a beautiful wooden structure and many small windows. 

The low garden daybed and rugs suit the greenhouse perfectly. The use of height on the left make the greenhouse look larger and the plants on the right bring the garden into the greenhouse. 

Full Size Outdoor Dining Room

best concrete driveway ideas

Bringing in a dining table is a fabulous idea for garden dining all year round.  

The flooring is stunning and give this greenhouse instant style!  

Minimalistic yet stylish.

Victorian Villa

What is the cost imprinted concrete driveway

The Victorian Villa is the perfect size for a romantic reading nook in the backyard.

The beautiful stone surround turns this greenhouse into a little glass house in the garden. 

Climbing Plants

best concrete driveways

The space in this greenhouse is well used by growing from the ground to the ceiling. 

This creates an even greener space in which you can be easily include a little seating area should you want to.

European Fan Design

gravel edging driveway ideas
The stained glass windows in this greenhouse are absolutely beautiful. Apparently from an old Church in Massachusetts. 
The sunlight through those stained glass windows will be stunning. A great greenhouse idea!

How to create a relaxing space in your greenhouse


A greenhouse can be a great place to relax and unwind, as well as to grow plants. To create a relaxing space in your greenhouse, you can follow these steps:

    1. Clean and organize the space, removing any debris or overgrown plants.

    2. Add comfortable seating: Place a comfortable couch, chairs, or even a hammock in the greenhouse to make it a place where you can relax and read a book or just enjoy the view. 

    3. Install heating to make the space more comfortable year-round. 

    4. Add lighting: Install soft lighting, such as solar-powered or LED lights, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can also add candles or lanterns for a relaxing ambiance. 

    5. Add natural elements: Incorporate natural elements such as plants, rocks, and wood to create a soothing environment. 

    6. Add a water feature: The sound of running water can be very soothing and relaxing. You can add a small fountain, a pond or a small water feature to your greenhouse. 

    7. Add art or personal touches: Hang up art or add personal touches such as photographs or special keepsakes to make the space feel more personal and inviting. 

    8. Add colours: Use colourful plants, artwork, or accessories to add visual interest and create a relaxing atmosphere. 

    9. Add a sound system: If you want to take your relaxation to the next level, you can add a sound system to the greenhouse and play your favourite music or nature sounds. 

    10. Keep it clean and organized: A clean and organized greenhouse will be more inviting and relaxing than one that is cluttered and messy. 

    11. Add lots of plants: outdoor plants will grow wonderfully in your greenhouse. Climbing plants and trees will create a lot of greenery and some shade in the summer.

    12. Enjoy the space: Remember to take time to sit and relax in your greenhouse, enjoying the beauty of nature, and the peaceful environment you have created. 


    By following these steps, you can create a relaxing space in your greenhouse that will provide a peaceful retreat from the stresses of everyday life.

    Domed Greenhouse

    best concrete driveway ideas

    This large greenhouse has a beautiful shape and has high sides so no space is lost.

    This is also a great example of how lighting can create instant ambiance in your greenhouse. 

    End of Garden Retreat

    best concrete driveway ideas ashlar two tone print

    source @lovisaslind

    This might not be a large greenhouse, but we like the way it’s positioned at the end of the garden, away from daily life in the home.  

    A perfect setting for a garden retreat!

    Greenhouse Cabin

    tone Random Cut stone driveway

    This greenhouse is so cute, it looks like it’s ready to move into!

    It’s a great combination between a greenhouse and a cabin and greenhouse ideas for this space are endless!

    Retro Greenhouse

    concrete driveway ideas compass

    This shows perfectly how you can create a relaxing spot in a small greenhouse.  

    Surrounded by ornaments and well chosen objects, many hours can be spent here, reading, writing, listening to music, chatting or just imagining the redesign of the garden! 

    Cute Hideaway

    concrete and grass driveway

    This is a very pretty greenhouse, specially due to the ligthing used. 

    Flowers always look great in greenhouses and while there is not much room in the greenhouse, a comfy chair will easily fit to enjoy the greenery after dark. 

    Bold Colours

    ashlar and cobble stamped concrete driveway

    Source via Instagram @goodplantvibes

    A lot of thought has gone into this greenhouse design idea.  

    The bright yellow looks superb contrasting the greenery.  

    The flooring is sturdy and modern.  

    Rather than climbing plants, shelves are used to create a green wall which creates a beautiful outdoor living space. 

    Garden House

    concrete driveway with heated limestone finish

    Source via Instagram @earthtillerfarm

    This glass house is in it’s finishing stages and will look even more stunning once the plants are growing around it.

    With the entrance and high roof, any design is possible for the space in this greenhouse.

    Victorian Greenhouse

    best concrete driveway with grass lines

    Who wouldn’t love this beautiful bluehouse in their backyard?

    It instantly looks like it has survived many years but is still standing!

    Full of green trees and plants. Lots of greenhouse ideas possible for this lovely space. 

    Great Garden Greenhouse Ideas

    driveway edging ideas Farrelly Construction

    A lovely hideaway in the shade by closing of the roof panels of the seating area.

    This way you are protected from the sun and privacy is ensured.

    Great decorations make it cosy and welcoming. A great combination of greenhouse and coffee corner!

    How to turn a greenhouse into an outdoor living room 


    A greenhouse can be an ideal space to create an outdoor living room, providing a warm and comfortable place to relax and entertain guests. Here are a few ways to turn a greenhouse into an outdoor living room: 

    • Furnish the space: Add comfortable seating, such as a sofa or chairs, a coffee table, and any other furniture you would like to have in a living room. Use outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements. 
    • Add lighting: Install lighting fixtures, such as table lamps or floor lamps, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can also add string lights or candles for a cosy ambiance. 
    • Install flooring: Add a durable flooring option, such as tile, concrete, or wood, to create a solid base for your furniture. 
    • Add plants and greenery: Add plants and greenery to your greenhouse to create a natural and relaxing environment. Consider adding a variety of plants at different heights to create visual interest. 
    • Add curtains or screens: Curtains or screens can provide privacy, shade, and a cosy feel to the space. 
    • Install heating or cooling system: Depending on the climate you live in, you may want to install a heating or cooling system to make the space more comfortable. 
    • Create a focal point: Add a feature that creates a focal point, such as a fireplace, a water feature, a piece of art or a sculpture to make the space more interesting. 
    • Add extras: Add extra features such as an outdoor kitchen, a sound system, or a TV to make the space more versatile and fun. 


    An example of a beautiful bespoke greenhouse where the living space in the greenhouse is connected to the outdoor area.  

    Keep in mind that depending on the size of your greenhouse, you may not be able to include all of these features, but you can always start with the basics and add more as you go. Remember to also make sure that your greenhouse is properly insulated and ventilated, to make sure the space is comfortable year-round. 

    Another important aspect of turning a greenhouse into an outdoor living room is creating a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors. This can be achieved by using large windows, sliding glass doors or bi-folding doors to open up the greenhouse to the surrounding garden or patio area. This not only allows for easy access to the greenhouse, but it also creates a sense of continuity and brings the outdoors in. 

    Another way to connect the greenhouse to the outdoors is by designing the space to include outdoor living elements, such as a fireplace, a built-in grill, or an outdoor kitchen. This not only creates a functional living space but also blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. 

    You can also add elements of nature to the space, such as a small pond or a water feature to create a relaxing and peaceful ambiance. Another way to incorporate nature into the space is by adding a living wall or a green roof, which not only adds beauty but also helps to regulate the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse. 

    Finally, don’t forget to personalize the space with your own style and taste, whether it’s through the use of colour, texture, or artwork. You can add a touch of colour with cushions, throws, or rugs, or incorporate a theme or a style that reflects your personality. 


    Overall, turning a greenhouse into an outdoor living room is a great way to create a unique and functional space that can be enjoyed year-round. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can create a space that is both beautiful and functional, and that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

    Where to get the best furniture for your greenhouse 

    There are a few places where you can find the best furniture for your greenhouse, depending on your preferences and budget: 

    • Specialty greenhouse suppliers: Many greenhouse suppliers offer a wide range of furniture specifically designed for greenhouses, such as wooden benches, tables, and chairs. These suppliers often have a good selection of high-quality, durable furniture that is designed to withstand the unique conditions of a greenhouse. 


    • Outdoor furniture stores: Many outdoor furniture stores carry furniture that is suitable for use in a greenhouse. Look for furniture made from weather-resistant materials such as teak, cedar or recycled plastic.


    • Home and garden centres: Many home and garden centres carry a selection of furniture that is suitable for use in a greenhouse, such as wooden benches, tables, and chairs. 


    • Online retailers: There are many online retailers that specialize in greenhouse furniture, and some of them may offer a wider selection than you would find in a physical store. Online retailers also offer the advantage of being able to compare prices and read reviews from other customers. 


    • Second hand stores: You can also find great deals on gently used furniture at second-hand stores such as thrift shops or online marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and eBay. 


    It’s important to consider the material and the quality of the furniture you choose, as well as the style, comfort, and functionality. Also, keep in mind the space available and the design you want to achieve in your greenhouse. 

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