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Top 21 Front Yard Ideas


21 Front yard ideas in one article, because front yards (or gardens) just don’t get the attention they deserve. Which is a little odd as most of us get to walk through our front yards at least once or twice a day.

Backyard planning is definitely more common, but unlike our front yards you just don’t get the same great opportunities for conversations with neighbors.

Whether it’s the simplicity of a minimal design, the craziness of a wild cottage garden or even an edible front yard, the possiblities are endless!

In this post we’ll take a look at some ideas for inspiration.

Paved Front Yard


Okay, okay – gardening isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Whether that’s due to a busy lifestyle, lack of time or something else.

The paving area is broken up with the two prominent trees, creating a pathway on the right and a large driveway area on the left.

Knot Front Garden


This ‘knot’ creation was designed and installed in place of a lawned area. It’s a little formal but very original as well. The beautiful blossom trees stand out and make the design even more interesting!

Low Water Front Yard


Succulents (characterised by their thick bulging leaves) need plenty of sunlight and are perfect if you have ‘Xeriscaping’ in mind.

To help drought-tolerant plants thrive and save water, be sure to use a thick layer of mulch to limit weed growth. This will help to retain moisture and add nutrients to the soil over time.

Gravel and organic materials have been used in this low water front yard and the spacing and choice of plants work really well.

Front Yard Flowers


Recycled Garden


Sometimes repurposed items can create a space in a front yard that brings intrigue and the need to look twice. Yeah, the paving is uneven and crooked but there’s something that draws you in to the diversity of plants and colour. 

Front Yard Farm Garden


Creating raised beds are a great way to add veggies, herbs and flowers to your front yard and a great usage of space.

Modern Small Front Yard


Simplicity is key with this front yard makeover that requires minimal maintenance. It’s functional and well kept.

Rose bush in Front Yard


This beautiful display of rambling roses takes over the front of this house. Carefully enticed to grow between the levels of the house the roses create a unique frame.

Front Yard Flower Path


This cottage garden has been well designed with a colours that are inviting. Climbers on the house as well as the simple seating area for two create a cosy feel to sit down and relax. 

Front Yard Fence

Front yard Fence

An enclosed yard built with gorgeous Cedar wood. It creates a modern enclosure for privacy and security. 

Front Garden Design


It’s all about views and making the most of the space that’s available. The transformation of a tired a shabbly looking area into more of a garden and driveway area have been pulled off here. 

Lush Planting in Front Yard

aquatic plants in garden pond
The lush planted area sets the mood when entering this home. The subtle use of colur sprinkled in amongst the green shades as well as well established feature trees add both scale and depth.
Do you feel welcome?

Cobble Stone With Flower Beds

Cobble-Stone front yard ideas

The whole area could have been covered with this cobble stone design but by unsing side and central garden planted areas costs were reduced and the expanse of stone is broken.

Loose Plant Border onto Gravel

A captivating and colourful display of grasses lead enticingly to this large home.

Front Yard Garden Design

front yard garden design

Adding the slate, cobbles ad rocks transformed this dull path and grass area into something a lot more interesting. Colourful and inviting after a day of stresses and strains.

Amazing Colours

Colour Coordinated Garden

Beautiful flowers planted in colour combinations which are stunning.

The tulips are as colourful as they are enticing.

Different colour combinations are used in different parts of the garden and at different times of the year.

This is clearly a very experienced gardener, however even just having a little corner in your front yard full of colour would put a smile on most peoples faces!


Path with Lighting

front yard ideas path with lighting

Simple minimalist with lots of options to add colour in flower pots because let’s be honest without colour here it feels a little like the entrance to a church of some kind.

 Front Yard

Garden Aquarium

This calmness and inviting feel of this front yard is achieved by the borders, picket fence and frame work.  

Edible Front Yard

edible front yard

This adorable front yard garden consists of two steel beds that pump out the organic fresh produce. The marigolds and pumpkins compliment each other and after the bush beans have yielded –  radish, carrots and turnips can be planted.

Spring Blossoms

blossom garden front yard ideas

In really built up parts of the city where outdoor space is really precious (and expensive) much can be achieved with well established trees such as these spring blosoms.

Framed with the solid walls and railings this front yard looks amazing.

Metal Letterbox

Metal Letterbox

This letterbox is like having a piece of art in your front yard. 

Well designed and original which would look stunning in any front yard, regardless of the style and design!

Hopefully this post with 21 front yard ideas has given you some inpiration for your own front yard. 

As you can see with the examples above, there are many options available and front yards don’t need to be just driveway surface or grass. 

With a bit of creativity you can create a beautiful front yard full of colour and bloom, a minimalist front yard or a modern well lid front garden. 

Choosing blocks over concrete or tarmac can make your front garden more interesting as well. 

Lots of options for front yard ideas!

Thinking of a lawn for your front yard?

Lawns are not a cheap front yard option, especially if you live in a warmer climate. Constant irrigation and ongoing (and time consuming) maintenance simply steal your time away.

Is Xeriscaping right for me?

Xeriscaping is the practice of designing landscapes to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation. So, if water is an issue (and it increasingly is in many regions) then the siplicity and low cost of a Xeriscaped front yard area may be the right solution.

Which types of plants are best for front yards/gardens?

Shrubs and bushes are the most popular foundation for front yard planted areas. They are both easy to care for and provide the anchor to support whatever other plants you choose.

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