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Best Top 20 Driveway Landscaping Ideas

Driveway Landscaping Ideas 

We hope to inspire you with this Driveway Landscaping Ideas article.

It is not always easy to create a landscaped front garden, especially if you live in the suburbs and space is an issue.

However, you don’t need to have a massive space to work with to bring green and colour into your front yard.

You can work with different levels if you have some space. Big plant pots if your front garden is mainly driveway surface. Topiary trees don’t take up a lot of space but bring green to your home and will give your driveway that modern look.

While bringing greenery and flowers into your front garden might require some maintenance, to benefits should not be overlooked.

Your driveway and front garden are the first thing you see when you come home, and creating a beautiful and pleasing area not only gives your home curb appeal, it also gives you that pleasant feeling of coming home

Topiary Trees

Driveway Landscaping Ideas 1

Ornamental gardening at its best!

Topiary plants and trees can be used to add sculptural impact to your garden or can just be planted as neat garden features.

Gravel with Topiary Bushes

driveway landscaping ideas block paving driveway with topiary bushes and gravel landscaping

Topiary cones, Topiary pyramids and spirals.

It’s as if the shapes you can sculpt are endless.

These ball topiary bushes add crisp design on what would be very ordinary gravel.

Front Yard in Layers

2 level driveway front yard

Layering plants adds perspective and can move the eye away from areas that are less attractive. Done right layering a front yard or extensive patio area

Driveway Landscaping Retro

driveway landscaping retro

This unusual driveway and front garden almost feel like it’s on a film set. The unusual combination might not be to everyones taste but it certainly gives a retro feel to it.

Driveway Courtyard Climbing Plants

driveway courtyard climbing plants

When space is an issue, go up. Here the walls are used to bring colour to a small area and it’s working really well.

But that’s not all.

As the plants establish themselves the whole area becomes very aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

Modern Driveway Landscaping

Modern Driveway Landscaping

With a modern resin driveway, greens work really well.

Many lanscapers designers are using grasses of various kinds to create a modern look.

Again, the topiary bushes bring shape and colour. This garden will be easy to maintain and breaks up the grey of the driveway.

Large Block Driveway Greenscaping

Large Block Driveway Greenscaping

There is a lot going on in this front garden, but a balance has been found by keeping it simple with just 3 colours.

The driveway surface and pathway are playfully designed. And by using the same slabs in different sizes a consistency is created while breaking up the monotomy of a large surfaced area.

By using green plants and trees in various sizes and shapes, it area becomes interesting without becoming busy and overwhelming.

Very well designed garden.

Cactus Border

Cactus Border

If you are not into gardening but like some green in your front garden, then a cactus can be the answer. Easy to maintain and with a choice of many sizes, this could be an easy option to add to your bedding area.

Driveway Landscaping Ideas

Modern Edging

driveway edging modern black

A modern slab is used here and as the edging is from the same range, you wouldn’t even notice it unless you really looked. By rasing the edging, a beautiful driveway edge is created and the large pebbles break up the two levels seemlessly.

Aesthetic Border

Aesthetic Border

This front garden looks beautiful and calm. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing!

The two toned gravel makes a nice transition from the house colour to the grass. And by sticking to the colour scheme already in place, I.E. greens and cream, the result is calm, pleasing and neat.

Driveway Landscaping Ideas

Grass Border

Grass Border

Another modern driveway landscaping idea is using tall grasses. This looks particularly stunning alongside a longer modern driveway.

Concrete Garden Globes

Concrete Garden Globes

These concrete garden globes work well in combination with the gravel and greenery. The use of shapes on this driveway makes an interesting change to the plain driveway surface area.

Driveway Structures

Driveway landscaping ideas 3

This is a stunning example of using wooden piers (or structures) on the driveway to create a sense of ‘grandeur’ to the entrance of the home.

Obviously, this only works on very large driveways, though smaller vertical structures can be used if you have less than 500 sqm or so.

Lavender Walls and Lighting

Lavender Walls and Lighting

The lighting on the walls and the use of vibrant purple lavender give this driveway a war and welcoming feel.

Simple yet effective and attractive.

Playing with lighting either on your house or on various areas of your garden is hardly ever a mistake. Instead, it tends to create an inviting and warm welcome when you come home.

Large Flower Pots

Large Flower Pots

While this is a large surface area to work with, large flower pots work on most driveways and with all driveway surface options.

Using large pots like these means you can work upwards so you create the illusion of having a larger space than you actually have.

Sloped Driveway

Sloped Driveway

Sloped driveways are not always easy to work with, and this driveway is particularly steep. However, the steps in the driveway break up the driveway and the use of lighting creates a warm welcome.

Space at either side of the driveway is created by keeping the driveway on the narrow side. This brings in the colour needed. And by using larger shrubs some privacy is created too.

Driveway Curved Fencing

Driveway Curved Fencing

The curved fencing separates the driveway from the front yard, but by using an open fence, the greenery of the garden is visible from the driveway.

Hydrangea Driveway Edge

Hydrangea Driveway Edge

The driveway landscaping is gorgeous in its simplicity.

Not many people will choose to have trees in their front garden unless the area is very large. However, shrubs will look fantastic on all driveways.

Just one or two, in pots if you want, will brighten up any driveway surface.

And they are a great budget option too.

Two popular shrubs with large white flowers are the Viburnum Opulus and the Hydrangea.

Large Rocks Front Yard Landscaping

Large Rocks Front Yard Landscaping


Another modern driveway landscaping idea.

Using large rocks with round shrubs gives your front garden the ‘Whole of Earth’ feel.

Easy to look after with minimal maintenance requirements.

Colourful Flower Driveway Edge

Colourful Flower Driveway Edge

If you have space for bedding alongside your driveway, why not fill it with as much colour as you can?

The contrast against this black tarmac driveway is stunning.

While this front garden requires more maintenance, the welcome when you come home will be well worth it.

Driveway Landscaping Ideas – Summary

There are plenty of options for landscaping areas around your driveway. And there’s always the potential to extend these ideas into patio areas.

Just like planning any garden or back yard project it’s imperative to begin with the simple question with any driveway landscaping projects:

What Do I want?

Am I looking to create a colourful and welcoming impression?

What are my privacy and security concerns, if any?

Does it matter if I make a bold contrast or am I looking to blend in?

What are my priorites?

The clearer you are with What You Want – the easier it becomes to get the result you want.

Do you Need an Expert?

If you have the money to spend then a garden designer or landscaper can help you with creativity and solutions. They’ll also help you with avoiding poor planning mistakes.

Use our directory to find somebody near you.

Hopefully this post about Driveway Landscaping Ideas has given you some inspiration for your own driveway design ideas.

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