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Top 20 Driveway Gate Ideas

Driveway Gate Ideas – if you are looking for a driveway gate, there is a large range of styles, designs and materials available.

In nearly all instances double driveway gates open inwards towards the drive.

Join us in this ‘easy on the eyes’ guide to get good inspirational ideas for your home (or ranch).

We’ve identified some fantastic gate designs, installations and companies from around the globe and neatly put them together below.

Please share and engage! Enjoy!

Metal and Wooden Driveway Gate


This stunning example is from North Valley Forge Designers and Manufacturers (and they ship all over the world).

Specialisms include Iron & Wooden Gates, Railings, Balustrades, Balconies & more.

From Estate gates to small driveway gates all designs are bespoke from this amazing forge. Hardwoods and metal are intricately woven together to create some very inspiring gates.

Wooden Driveway Gate


This expansive driveway entrance is elegantly adorned with bespoke Iroko sliding gates.

In case you’re wondering the finished coating is called Rubio Monocoat wood stain and this helps maintain and keep the wood in beautiful condition.

Iron Driveway Gate

Iron Driveway Gate

It’s not just the beautiful skies that catch your attention in North Carolina.

This stunning example of fine metal working is from Ornametals and Finer Welding Inc.

One of the only specialists in the region they offer complete entry gate design right up to gate operator systems to suit.

But that’s not all.

Sculptures, monument signs and railings can all be designed, created and installed.

Wooden Sliding Gate



A simple sliding wooden gate with a stainless steel frame. If you have privacy concerns this is the type of option to go for. An additional benefit of sliding gates are that clearance areas behind aren’t necessary for opening and closing.

Individual Iron Gate

driveway gates


A gate worthy of a classical pianist or rock superstar!

This is a great example of laser cut metal providing a distinctive one off design.


Laser Cut Sliding Gate


This laser cut aluminuim panelled gate is a custom design from a company with an eviable reputation based in Brisbane, Australia.

Bespoke Driveway Gate

bespoke tree gate

Another stunning design from our friends in North Carolina. Created for for one of their clients in Indiana the gate features a Cor-ten steel “Tree” that will patina to a nice dark brown over time!

Absoolutely amazing!

Gate for Boat Lovers

raised driveway edging


Sometimes the weather just doesn’t let you get to the yacht.

As a subtle reminder this ‘Boat’s Wheel’ brings back memories of warm and breezy afternoons on deck.

Modern Driveway Gate

modern driveway gate

These aluminium double driveway gates offer full privacy. The perfect solution if you are looking for a more modern design that requires little to no maintenance. 

As a cost effective lightweight and sturdy option and with a range of automation available this is a great solution for those where privacy is a must.

Garden Gate with Shutters

Using the shutters in the upper section of these gates provides privacy from both directions. It’s a clever design but we think a stripped natural wood would be more pleasing on the eye.

What do you think? Let us know! 


Personalised Metal Driveway Gate

metal driveway gate

There are gates…and then there are GATES. 

These big, unique, personal and stylish gates complement this beautiful home and look awesome.

Based in Armagh, Ireland – Fabrigate have been around since 1907 and were previously known as O’Callaghans.

All gates are handmade in their forge and if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with design ideas – they can put you at ease!

Aluminium Gate Driveway

Aluminium Gate Driveway

Automation isn’t always necessary and if space isn’t available simple manually operated aluminium driveway gates may be the solution.

Whether it’s electric gates right up to industrial installations Automatic Entrance Systems (based in Scotland) are able to provide quality design and installation.

A fully automatic IROKO Gate

driveway edging ideas block paving

A fully automatic Iroko gate complete with anti crush protection and a GSM intercom system allowing access from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you may think why would you need access but imagine you’re at your holiday home and having refurbishment/ improvement work carried out.

How handy (and cool) is it to operate remotely?

Metal Driveway Gate

Automation supply are based in Cheshire, England and provide automation systems for a wide range of driveway gates.  

Handmade Wooden Gate

Are you looking for a bespoke wooden gate design?
Using mainly Scandinavian or Canadian Redwood (softwood) and Iroko, Sapele or European Oak (hardwood) this Dorset, England based company can deliver!
Handmade with full visibility over their workmanship this is a decent firm (started in 2000) offering great bespoke wooden gates.

Driveway Gate for Ranch

raised edging modern driveway

A one off crafted ranch gate is just one of the bespoke creations made by Aberdeengate based in Texas, US.

Starting out in 1997 they have grown to be a sought after designer and offer high attention to detail in all their work.

They have a great selection of well written articles so make sure you pay them a visit.

Wooden Driveway Gate Ideas

The design works well here and these Oak driveway gates look great on this property in Colwyn Heights house in Wales, United Kingdom. 

A talented joiner who can turn his hand to staircases, garage doors and of course gates.

Great work!

Rope Top Edging 

Using rope edging for each panel provides a distinctive look for these metal gates.

Providing design and installation in and around the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area, Metalgatela are making some creative impressions.

David is a sincere business owner looking to engage and provide the best service for his growing clientele.

Wrought Iron Gates

wrought iron gates

These gates provide a level of privacy and security without looking too opressive. 

Polished metal designs and a relatively straightforward installations are always populare with clients.

Custom Metal Driveway Gates

custom metal driveway gate

Based in Dallas, Texas in the US AFG design metal gates with a distictive clean and minimalist look.

Above is just one marvellous example.

AGF Custom don’t just limit their awesome installtions to sliding gates, entry gates and swing gates. They also carry out ‘special projects’ as well as Pergolas and Decks.

Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration for your own driveway gate ideas.

Whether you opt for metal or wood (or a combination of the two) there are a vast range of designs. Automation solutions provide that extra convenience.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and please feel free to contact us or find a designer or installation engineer on our awesome and inspiring directory.



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