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Top 19 Best Crazy Paving Design Ideas



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19 Best Crazy Paving Design Ideas – Landscaping your Garden


Crazy paving, also known as irregular or random paving, is a type of paving that uses irregularly shaped and sized pieces of stone or concrete to create a unique and natural-looking surface. This type of paving can be popular among some homeowners, landscapers and designers, as it can create a rustic and natural look in a garden or outdoor space. 


  • Unique and natural look: Crazy paving can create a unique and natural look that can complement a variety of different garden styles and designs. 
  • Durable: Crazy paving is typically made of durable materials such as stone or concrete, which can withstand a lot of wear and tear. 
  • Low maintenance: Crazy paving typically requires little maintenance and can last for a long time. 
  • Flexible: Crazy paving can be used for a variety of different landscaping features, such as paths, patios, and garden beds. 
  • Cost-effective: Crazy paving can be a cost-effective option as it does not require a specific pattern or shape, which can reduce the cost of labor and materials. 


  • Not precise: Crazy paving can be difficult to get a precise edge and straight lines, which can make the garden look less neat. 
  • Weathering: Crazy paving can discolor or crack over time due to exposure to weathering, which can make it less attractive. 
  • Labor-intensive: Crazy paving is labor-intensive and requires specialized skills to install, which can add to the cost. 
  • Not suitable for wheelchairs or strollers: Crazy paving may not be suitable for wheelchairs or strollers as it’s not smooth, it can be uneven and can be difficult to navigate. 

Overall, crazy paving can be a popular option among some homeowners, landscapers and designers, as it can create a unique and natural look in a garden or outdoor space. However, it’s important to consider the specific needs and preferences of your garden and your personal taste before making a final decision. 

Crazy Paving Pathway

crazy paving pathway

This crazy paved pathway looks neat and organised. The ‘cracks’ in the paving slabs, break it up, making it more interesting.

The important visual aspects on this pathway are the large size of the slabs and the fact that they are all the same size.

Crazy Paved Steps 

crazy paved steps

A great entrance to any home! A combination of crazy paving with intact paving slabs. Well excecuted. Love the Boxer too!

Crazy Paving Design Ideas – Colour mix

Crazy paving design ideas colour options

Source: @larobson7

When crazy paving is neatly installed you can get a very interesting and neat patio or driveway design.

The colours in this design are both warm and the result of this installation is spot on!

Light Crazy Paving Design

light crazy paving design

Light tiles have been choosen for this crazy paving design. The slight colour differences and texture make it an interesting creation. Great addition to a light modern garden.

Crazy Paving Brown and Sand Colour

best crazy paving brown

The colours of this crazy paved entrance are very vibrant and fit nicely with the colour of the bricks of the building. This is a stamped concrete crazy paving design with nice light grouting lines. 

Rounded Crazy Paving 

crazy paving design

The crazy paving on this patio has beautifully rounded edging on the slabs creating a beautiful finish of the paving. Meanwhile, the colour combination creates a calm atmosphere which goes nicely with the outdoor furniture.

Beautiful Crazy Paving – Castlemaine Slate

crazy paving warm patio

The beautiful warm colours of the Castlemaine slate make the finished look of this patio warm and welcoming.

The use of greenery around the patio makes the area even more stunning!

Printed Crazy Paving – Stamped Concrete

best crazy paving stamped concrete

Source: @tvdconcrete

Crazy paving doesn’t have to be broken up pieces of slabs put back together in a different pattern. This crazy paving pathway is a concrete pathway which has been stamped into a crazy paving pattern. 

Stylish Crazy Paving Design

stylish crazy paving design

The crazy paving in this design is very subtle and works very well. As different tones of concrete are used in the garden, the crazy paving breaks up the area and makes it more interesting.  Very nice design.

Crazy Paving Mosaic Garden Path

Crazy Paving Mosaic Garden Path

A stunning garden path – crazy paving in mosaic style!

Beautiful warm colours and great shapes are used to create this piece of art. 

Crazy Paving Garden Path

crazy paving design ideas pathway

Beautiful crazy paved pathway with straight lines and neat edging.

The path design is simple but organised giving an attractive end result.

Crazy Paving Garden Path

crazy paving pathway

This stunning pathway creates a real special entrance to the home. The colour of the stone complements the greenery perfectly. 

Grey Crazy Paving 

crazy paved patio

The colour combination of this crazy paved area goes from light grey to black and many tints inbetween. The use of both large, almost intact paving pieces as well as  small pieces, make this a very unique installation.

Crazy Paving Garden Path

crazy paved pathway

The slabs have been broken individually, to create the crazy paving effect, making it more interesting as a pathway. 
They look like little pieces of art in the garden.

Crazy Paving Patio and Steps

crazy paving ideas

This crazy paved patio has steps going down into the garden. Further slabs of stone lead to another crazy paving patio area. Beautifully installed. 

Crazy Paving Patio

crazy paving patio

The soft grey of the patio, the white walls and simple greenery give this garden a contemporary look.

The fine mortar lines and rounded edges of the broken slabs make this a more subtle crazy paving design idea for your patio.

Bluestone Crazy Paving

best crazy paving designs

Beautiful bluestone crazy paving pathway. The combination of very large and very small pieces of bluestone give it a nice effect. 

Crazy Paving Flower Path

crazy paving flower path

This crazy paving path is so established, beautiful flowers are now growing on it. It makes the crazy paving even nicer to look at. 

Crazy Paving Patio

natural stone crazy paving

This two toned crazy paving design is achieved by using natural stone. This patio design attracts a lot of attention, taking this away from the rest of the garden, but with the right landscaping, this patio can be a great addition to your outdoor living space. 

Getting rid of crazy paving

Some crazy paving was installed in the 1970’s and 80’s and they have become rather ugly.

But how do you get rid of these old driveways

It might not be as easy as you think.

The cost of replacing crazy paving can put people off. Another significant deterrent is the potential disturbance if a clumsy installer is used that doesn’t cut the crazy paving properly. Quite often the slabs will simply slide out but sometimes they need to be cut. This takes guts and skill. Every fancied a diamond blade spinning just slightly away from your face… an angle? So a common ‘short cut’ is to break out slabs attached to a house (using a petrol or electric breaker) – but this can cause serious problems.


Due to vibrations from a breaker internal walls can crack. This can significantly increase the cost of a new driveway….Internal walls to be made good probably will not have been quoted for. If you feel the house wobbling with the drone of the breaker…..get out there and tell them to STOP!

Which natural stones are used for crazy paving?

Popular natural stones for crazy paving are bluestone, quartz, limestone and sandstone.

For driveways, it’s important to choose a durable stone that can withstand the weight of vehicles and the wear and tear of regular use.

The stone’s surface should also provide a non-slip surface to ensure safety. 

For a crazy paved driveway, most people will choose concrete pavers for durablilty and strength.

How do you fill large gaps in crazy paving?

When crazy paving gets old, the gaps between the paving become brittle and dirty.

In order to make your crazy paving look nice again, you will want to wait for a spell of sunny weather.

Then take the following steps:

1. Power wash the area with a quality power washer and leave to dry fully over several days.

2. Remove the grout between the stones and replace this with new paving grout, ensuring all excess grout is removed.

3. When grout has settled, seal your driveway with a good block paving sealant like the one below from Stonecare4U.

Crazy paving design ideas – Design

You can choose different stone for your patio or driveway depending on your budget and personal taste.

Popular choices for crazy paving are natural stone as well as concrete pavers.

Natural stone like sandstone and bluestone are great choices for patios and pathways.

While concrete pavers are strong and durable which you will need for heavy use on your driveway.

It’s always a good idea to discuss your options with your installer. Find a reputable company in your area on our directory here.

Crazy paving design ideas – installation

Because broken slabs and stones are cheaper than new intact once, many believe that a crazy paving installation is a budget option. However, it’s actually the installation of crazy paving that makes this driveway and patio product much less of a budget option.

Rather than laying the blocks or pavers in a row or pattern, the pattern needs to be created with the broken pieces. A bit like a jigsaw puzzle or mosaic design.

This means that labour time is much longer than with standard paving which will be reflected in the price.


Crazy paving design ideas – After care and Maintenance

As with everything, the better you look after your crazy paving, the longer you will be able to enjoy it. All crazy paving areas need to be power washed every so often.

Depending on the material of your crazy paving design, you will need to adjust the setting on your pressure washer to avoid damaging your patio or driveway.

Using a high quality pressure washer is therefore important, and luckily this doesn’t need to break the bank. Find a great pressure washer here.


Crazy Paving Design Ideas

As you can see, crazy paving is no longer a left over broken concrete slabs kind of job. The crazy paving designs and installations of today are pieces of art which add value to your property and will make it a joy to be in your garden!


Crazy paving is a versatile and flexible paving option that can be used for a variety of different applications. Therefore there are a many other ways that crazy paving can be used. 

Read our popular article on other uses of crazy paving here

16 Creative Uses of Crazy Paving (Other than for pathways or driveways).

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