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How to reduce the cost of resin driveway installations – the easy way


The cost of resin driveway installations can be as cheap as £60 per square metre and add up to over £170 per square metre if extensive preparation (groundworks) are required.

The easiest way to reduce the cost of a resin driveway installation? – opt for an overlay – if you can.

Given the choice it is always recommended to have a completely new installation.

However, if affordability is an issue or you simply want to improve an area (because you’re selling up) then saving on costs is very important.

Like all driveway surfacing the larger the size of the area to be covered, the more the cost. Obviously, this is due to increased materials and labour.

This is only possible if an overlay of an existing concrete or Tarmacadam/Ashphalt surface is possible.

Resin Overlay of Block Paving

If your existing driveway surface is block paving it’s very risky to overlay with resin. This is due to the stability of the blocks and its sub base.

You’ll always find somebody who’s willing to undertake a block paving overlay but we wouldn’t recommend doing so.

There are just too many risks of sinkage which in turn will result in cracking.

I you’re adamant to proceed with an overlay over block paving ensure a good amount of sealant/bonder is used on the existing block paving, prior to overlay.

This has the effect of creating strong bonds between individual blocks.

If there’s no existing drainage or ‘run off’ to bedded areas don’t even consider it!

In summary, it’s rarely suitable to overlay a block paving area. Ultimately, it’s your choice – you own the land afterall.

cost of resin driveway


Cost of Resin Driveway – Concrete or Tarmacadam Overlay

The application of resin to an existing concrete or tarmacadam driveway is possible as long as the surface is suitable.

What do we mean by suitable?

An existing concrete surface must have drainage in place, which can either be to bedding or with existing channel drainage into a soakaway for example.

Why would you even consider a resin overlay if drainage was an issue on an existing paved surface?

The existing area must have all cracks filled in and for any larger cracks Epoxy based Everbuild can be used.

Likewise, with tarmacadam all cracks must be repaired using a cold lay pothole repair kit.

So with minimal remedial action, preparation costs are minimal.

You save big as there’s no need for groundworks, inclusive of a new sub base and drainage installations.

All that’s left is the cost of the resin, and there are big variations with the quailty of resin so choose carefully.

It shouldn’t cost more than £80 per square metre if having an overlay. There will be a variation with this depending on which region of the UK you’re in.

But also beware of any company/installer charging substantially less, and just to reiterate make sure high quailty resin is being used.

As with all buying decisions relating to driveway surfacing ensure the company is professional and using the best resin products.

Cost of resin driveway – Full excavation, Installation of Sub – Base and Lay

Alternatively, if you’ve changed your mind or been put off with the idea of an overlay?

Instead, opt for a completely new installation!

Then you have the peace of mind that everything has been done from ‘scratch’.

Depending on the existing driveway surface, full groundworks will substantially increase the cost of a resin driveway to somewhere in the region of £120 to £170 per square metre.

For light groundworks with easy access and minimal waste – expect to pay £100 to £130 per square metre.

If drainage, steps and more than two ‘grab lorry’ loads are needed during the preparation stages expect to pay £140 upwards.

If the cost of resin driveway installation is quoted as over £170 per square metre there must either be difficulty with access and/or excavation, as well as substantial drainage and/or walling, brick pier/step issues.

Additional extras such as lighting, driveway gates and security will increase prices further.

Cost of Resin Driveway – Weighing it up

Improving the look of the outside of your home creates a great first impression. If you’ve had to live with a dull or uninspiring outside area it takes its toll.

In many ways our driveways are much more than somewhere to just park the car.

Increasingly, there’s a much bigger focus on ‘Outdoor Living’ and making where we live that much more pleasant.

Improving the surfacing of your existing driveway is just part of the story. Perhaps, if you do proceed with an overlay you improve other apsects of your home?

Thoughtful landscaping and using curves in bedding areas can make the dullest of driveways prettier.

Using driveway lighting can make features of walls, railings or parts of a house.

And that’s not all.

Enjoying the company of your family or friends, especially in post pandemic times is very very important.

Why not invest in making a great dining area and buy some new garden furniture?

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