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Top 7 Best Car Security Systems

7 Car Security Systems to keep your car safe from thieves

Increasingly it’s becoming important to treat car security seriously. From outright theft (often using sophisticated devices) to malicious damage – car security is important. 

Is having a suitable CCTV system enough to deter? Not in times of ever increasing prices, poverty and crime. 

In this post we’ll take a look at 7 car security options that are easy to implement at low cost.  

Throughout this post are links to Amazon – the marketplace where you can get almost anything that’s been reviewed by likeminded people. 

Wheel Lock Car Security

If you’re concerned that your car maybe stolen a simple steering wheel lock could be an easy and cheap solution. Simply pass the lock through your steering wheel, snap it shut and lock. A solution that takes seconds to apply but acts as a very good deterrent to thieves. 

£32.99 on Amazon 

Disklok steering wheel cover

A more expensive (but much stronger) option is the Disklok steering wheel cover. 

The lock contains a mixture of hardened materials, which makes this lock incredibly difficult to remove, even with the help of power tools and industrial cutting equipment!

£134.95 on Amazon

Geekbox pedal lock

A bit more hassle but ideal if you are leaving your car unattended for a few days. There are 8 holes so it will fit all types of vehicles. 

£16.99 on Amazon

Car security post

It’s an extreme solution but sometimes necessary. There are varous types to choose from but if you’re looking for a ‘hardcore’ security post with anti-drill and pick lock – this baby could be for you. 

While there are car security posts in all price ranges, it’s important to pick a heavy duty post which can not easily be removed or driven out of your driveway.

£149.99 on Amazon 

vehicle tracking car security

Here a contrast has been chosen between the black tarmacadam and the red bricks (baksteen).

This is a budget finish and while it’s not the best looking combination, it works well for a large driveway.

£34.99 on Amazon

Milenco Compact Wheel Clamp

 The Milenco 2745 compact wheel clamp fits all cars, caravans and motorhomes with wheels from 12 to 16 inches and size 145 to 225 tyres. 

The well-thought-out design and durable construction make it easy to install. For added peace of mind it has a locking mechanism that is corrosion resistant.  It weighs nearly 4 kgs but is still easy to get in position and lock. 

£85.00 on Amazon

Dash Cam car security

Dash cams are a great way to stop potential car thieves in their track.

Not only that, they are also great in case you are in an accident or when someone damages your car as you have proof for the insurance company.

It’s worth investing in a wide angle camera which films in high resolution.

The Nextbase 322 GW ful HD recording dash cam is an excellent security device for a decent price. 

£98.00 on Amazon

What is the best car anti-theft device?

A wheel lock (as above) and fitting a decent dash cam system are two of the best anti-theft devices.  

Will a thief pick me? 

Keep your car doors locked, have good lighting. Install a dash cam and if you really want to use a wheel clamp. Then there’s very little chance of a thief picking you. 

How should I park my car?  

At home make sure you park your car so that it is facing your house. This deters the casual opportunistic type of thief. 

Should I block my car? 

If you have another vehicle/s of lower value or that are not so important – it’s a good idea to use these to block your prized possession. 

Is it silly to leave my car with the engine running? 

Yes, it is. An opportunist simply has to jump in and drive off. You will also find your insurance company to be very unsympathetic! 

How can I make my car more secure?

Use a security system on top of always locking your car. At home you can use a driveway car security post which you can stand up behind your car when you are parked. You can also use a wheel lock or a steering wheel lock. When you park your car for a longer period of time the pedal lock is handy as well. 

And of course you can instal a tracking devise so that should your car get stolen you can locate the car via your laptop or phone. This way there is a bigger chance your car will be recovered quickly.

How can I stop my car from being stolen?

Besides the security devices mentioned in this post to secure your car with, you can also take other steps to secure your car. 

For example:

  • Park your car safely – a well lit area near other houses.
  • Park on the driveway or in a garage.
  • Choose car parks with security cameras.
  • Get your car windows etched.
  • Don’t leave bags or valuables in your car.
  • Always lock your car.
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