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Best Block Paving Driveways

Top 12 Best Block Paving Driveways for 2022

In this post we show you a selection of Block Paving Driveways we think you will like. 

There are many driveway surface options to choose from. Besides block paving, popular options are pattern imprinted concrete and resin. And of course, tarmac and gravel driveways are still to be found everywhere. 

Block paving gives you many options. Both in design and colour choice, but also in budget options. 

There are budget concrete blocks in different colours, or you can opt for more expensive but beautiful natural stones as well as clay bricks. 

Block paving lasts for many years, especially when looked after and cleaned well. 

A decent pressure washer is a must as well as resealing of your driveway every 2-4 years. (This is an easy DIY job and will make your driveway look like new again). 

We hope we can inspire you with these block paving driveways and give you some ideas for your own driveway surface. 

Find out how to reseal your driveway here

Clay Bricks in Graystone

Brampton Brick block paving driveway

This is a driveway constructed with clay bricks in Greystone combined with Champagne colored bricks,  which give it a natural and stylish finish.

Creative Block Paved Driveway

block paving design

This is a very creative block paving driveway design. 

Large porcelain blocks are used for the main part of the drive, with smaller grey and brown blocks to create a border and design features. 

While this is a relatively small driveway, the use of different size and colour as well as material of the blocks makes this a well designed and aesthetically pleasing driveway. 

Natural Stone

Farley block paving driveway

A beautiful natural stone driveway which complements the house perfectly. Don’t get distracted by the car though!

Porcelain Plank Paving

decorative block paving driveways

While this driveway looks like it has been installed using planks, these are actually porcelain pavers with a concrete backing for extra strength and easy installation. 

This porcelain paving is often used on patios instead of decking as it’s slip resistent and long lasting.

However it also creates an original driveway surface where you can proudly park your car.

Multi Coloured Driveway Bricks

tital pavers block interlocking paving driveway

The block colour combination of grey’s with traditional clay brick gives this driveway a warm and modern look.

These concrete bricks have a smooth finish, which gives them the contemporary feel.

A block paving driveway to enhance your curb appeal for sure!

Cobbled Block Paving Driveways

cobbled block paving driveway

This beautiful and traditional looking driveway has been installed using cobbles from the Drivesys range from Marshalls.

The different size and slightly different shape of the blocks, give this paved driveway a rustic look. However the blocks are made from concrete, creating a more affordable and durable driveway surface.

Modern Concrete Paving 

Block paving designs

These modern looking concrete blocks have a smooth finish and are durable and easy to maintain.

By using the same colour (slate) on the driveway edging, a neat finish is realised.

All in all a stunning paved driveway!

Sand Coloured Block Paving

block paving driveways sand colour

The sandstone coloured blocks make this driveway look larger and puts the focus on the house rather than the driveway. 

It’s a refreshing driveway choice with a nice curve, leaving plenty of space for greenery. 

Marshalls Block Paving

Cambridgeshire driveways block paving driveway

Who doesn’t want to come home to a driveway like this?

Beautiful driveway installation with blocks from the Marshalls’ Drivesett Savanna  range in Pennant Grey. 

One of the reasons why this range is so popular is because of the different tones in the blocks. 

Arial View of Block Paved Driveway Design

block paving driveways

This aerial view of a paved driveway gives you an idea of what is possible with the right design and the right installer.

The light grey driveway surface comes to life with the charcoal coloured edging and pathway which leads to the front door of the home.


Permeable Paving in Charcoal and Grey

block paving driveway design

Permeable paving allows surface water to drain into the ground under the driveway.

While you might expect all block paving to be permeable, the truth is that most block paving driveways don’t allow for much drainage inbetween the blocks.

The ridged edges of the permeable blocks allows this to happen much better, making this driveway an environmentally friendlier options than most other driveway surfaces out there.

This is a great driveway in charcoal with grey edging, giving you a warm welcome whenever you return home!

Small Block Paved Driveway

block paving driveways

Small driveway areas can look great with the right choice of blocks. 

That is clearly the case in this driveway installation. The different tones make the driveway stand out and make it aesthetically pleasing.

Best Block Paving Driveways

We hope you have found inspiration in this post where we showed you some of the best block paving driveways.

There are many options available for a block paved driveway.

Some things to consider are:

  • Budget
  • Colour
  • Size of driveway
  • Size of blocks
  • Block material


Your budget can go from a very cheap DIY installation with concrete blocks all the way to natural stones installed by a professional.

Of course, the price of your driveway also greatly depends on the size of your driveway as well as any groundworks that need to be undertaken.

Added costs can be brickwork, like steps and walls as well as installation of lighting on the driveway.


Popular colours for driveways are warm terracotta colours, greys and charcoal.

Read more on colours in our ultimate block paving guide.

Size of Driveway

The size of your driveway might influence which block paving you want as the price increases with each m² installed.

To keep the price in check, you might opt for a concrete block instead of a natural stone one.

Size of Blocks

While many block paving driveways would traditionally have been installed with the same size blocks, modern driveways tend to have several different sized blocks in the installation.

This creates variation and makes the driveway more interesting overall.

Block Material

There are several different materials you can choose from when it comes to your driveway blocks.

  • Traditional clay bricks
  • Concrete blocks
  • Natural paving stones

As you can see you have many choices when it comes to block paving driveways.

Whatever block and design you choose, make sure you use a good installer and professional company.

Find a professional in your area on our business directory.

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