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12 Geometrically Pleasing Victorian Mosaic Pathway Ideas

Top 12 Best Victorian Mosaic Pathway Ideas

Victorian designers knew a thing about orderliness and clean designs. William Morris was well known for his designs of interior wallpapers but it’s Herbert Minton who really got the Victorians (including Queen Victoria) to embrace mosaic inspired geometrically pleasing designs.

Modern Victorian mosaics are made using a dust pressing method from porcelain clays, and come as sheets. Whilst your eye may be deceived by ‘thinking’ each one is an individal tile, this is not the case.

In modern times it’s not just the look. We demand durability and protection against frost, hence the ‘dust pressing’ for maximum efficiency in this regard.

12 Victorian Mosaic Pathway Ideas

Simple Victorian Mosaic Path

Vicotorian houses were designed with detail and this extended to the outside of the house. Some say it’s a ‘moral’ obligation to ‘keep in style’ with the tradition. By choosing the right kind of intricately designed Victorian Mosaic you can take on that noble responsibility of ensuring tradition is upheld.

Even this very simple makeover has vastly improved the look of this pathway area.

Elegant Victorian Mosaic

This black and white Victorian reproduction mosaic tile path is neatly edged with ‘rope edge buxus’.

In turn, this edging is complimented nicely with the well manicured small hedging along each side.

We love the ‘star’ creations of diagonal squares with triangles. Possibly a little overwhelming but certainly distinctive.

Love this? Let us know in the comments below!

A Mosaic with a Fried Egg Edging

This is a good example of where design can meet creative limitations. But feel free to disagree!

Of course, individual choice is what can distinguish the refined from the rest but does this edge do the overall design justice?

Victorian Flag Mosaic Old English Tiles

Simplicity of design is a common theme throughout these Victorian inspired mosaics.

Well manicured, easy maintenance and weed control are the ‘orders’ of the day.

A combination of 3 colours with flag impress and a distinctive diamond edging makes this simplicity readily apparent.

Small Victorian Mosaic Patio

Victorian mosaics are not limited to pathways leading into a house.

This delightful garden has been transformed to by using the mosaics as a frame. Carefully chosen soft landscaping give the potential for memorable summer evenings.

It’s small, that’s for sure. There is no comfort with the benches but overall the transformation by using the Victorian mosaics as a centrepiece is wonderful.

What do you think? Does it work on this patio area?

Old English Tiles in Australia

The style, design and colour combination provide a stoic feel and almost intimidating prescence. The iron ‘air vents’ ensure adequate ventilation and it’s often overlooked in some modern installations.

Geometrically, the central star design weaves an intricate yet compelling visual throughout.

A favourite! Do you agree?

Intricate Victorian 3-in-1 Design – Amazing!

This is another of our favourite choices for an inspirational Victorian mosaic design.

There are 3 designs intricately woven into one overall design. The clean black and white border is gripped by an internal ‘dog tooth’ frame. Then there is a captivating rectagular an square internal border leading to the ‘finale’.

Well placed internal flags create the star that draws the eye to the central point.

The hypnotic impact is evident and suggestive of deeper meaning.

We love it!

Diamond Border Irregular Octagon

This type of design is more subtle.

Perhaps it’s the spacing, perhaps it’s the irregular shapes.

Maybe it’s both.

Is this your favourite colour and/or pattern? Let us know in the comments below! 

Bringing a Porch to Life

In many Victorian and Edwardian era homes the entrances can offer little in the way of light. 

Whilst the use of pink and green may not be to everybody’s taste, in terms of brightening this ‘dull’ area it works.

Double Entry Victorian Checkboard Appeal?

A matching pathway with the neighbour may not be to everybody’s taste but in this instance it works.

The black and red checkboard  tile is framed with a dog tooth edging which is in turn supported by rope edging.

The Yorkstone pier cap entrance stone adds a nice finishing touch.


Colourful Victorian Mosaic Path

The squares within squares work ‘within’ this design. The colour combination gives a unique and ‘moorish’ feel.

The more you’re enticed into this design the more you begin to like the feel.

Block Star Design – A Subtle Captivation

Sometimes you can sink deeper and deeper into a design. Like a deep ‘guitar rift’ as you’re drawn in.

This clever star is created by a combination of intricately laid triangles and squares. The central focal point of the square has its own very unique design.

We love this!


We hope you liked our list of Victorian Mosaic Pathway Ideas.

Let us know which one is your favourite. Do you have a Victorian style pathway already?

Upload your image in the comments below to show off and inspire!

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