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Best Pressure Washers UK  for 2024

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We’ll take a look at the best Pressure Washers  in the UK for 2024

There are some things to consider before buying a jet washer.  We compare the pressure capacity, the hose length, the Watt of the motor, any accessories, the price and much more, to give you an overview of the best pressure washers on the market in the UK in 2024.

Before choosing the best pressure washer, safety first

Anyone using a pressure washer must follow safety precautions.

Remember, a pressure washer is a powerful electrical device being used with water. Therefore, as a minimum ensure the electrical extension lead (that the pressure washer plugs into) – is kept well away from water.

!!Never touch the electrical power supply with wet hands!!

All users of pressure washers should familiarise themselves with the settings of their machine. In addition use a pressure washer considerately, and take care around other people, animals or other electrical equipment.

Best Pressure Washer – Keep these things in mind:

Every pressure washer has an instruction and safety manual – get to know it.


  •  All pressure washers reviewed in this article are durable; and with proper care will last for many years.
  • If using a ‘high pressure’ setting ensure you keep a distance at least 30cm from the driveway surface.
  • For block paving – Do not ‘blast’ the jointing between blocks.
  • For pattern imprinted concrete or resin – Do not ‘blast’ the surface.

The best Pressure Washers on the UK market in one easy overview:




  • 110 Bar Pressure
  • Detergent application
  • 6 Metre hose
  • Accessories included
  • 135 Bar pressure
  • 3-in-1 Nozzle
  • Self priming pump
  • Flow rate 410 l/h
Karcher K5
  • LCD Control Panel
  • Click-in detergent system
  • Pressure of 145 bar
  • Flow rate of 500 l/h

Nilfisk c 135 Pressure Washer

  • Standard and tornado nuzzles
  • Flow rate of 440 l/h
  • Pressure of 135 bar
  • 6 Metre pressure hose length
Karcher K4 Compact Pressure Washer
  • LCD display
  • Pressure of 130 bar
  • Flow rate of 420 l/h
  • 6 metre hose length
  • Petrol Pressure Washer
  • 208cc Engine
  • Pressure of 213 bar
  • 8m Wire reinforced hose
  • Weight of 20 Kg
  • Pressure of 165 bar
  • Self priming pump
  • Short 5m hose
  • High pressure for budget
  • Pressure of 130 bar
  • Ergonomic handle and wheels
  • Flow rate of 380 l/h
  • L.E.D display setting
  • Pressure of 180 bar
  • Twist mode
  • Patio Cleaner included
von haus pressure washer
  • 2200W 
  • Pressure of 110 bar
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • 5 m hose and cable

Kärcher K2 Home Pressure Washer

*****Best Budget Power Washer*****



  • Great Budget Jet Washer
  • Pressure of 110 bar
  • Car Kit included
  • Detergent built-in suction tube


Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

This pressure washer has a great accessory kit, which includes a patio cleaner and deck detergent.  This helps you to spruce up your outdoor space in no time!

The detergent container is situated inside the frame of the pressure washer. You can add detergent via a handy built-in suction tube.

The maximum pressure on this machine is  110 bar, so if you have a lot of dirt on your driveway or patio we suggest going for a power washer with a higher pressure capacity. If you are set on Kärcher, then the  K5(145bar) and K7 (180 bar) models are great choices.

The hose is a nice 6 metres long, which is expected for a pressure washer of this pressure capacity and price range.

With a flow rate of 360 l/h it is on the low side but again this is expected for a budget pressure washer.

The Kärcher K2 Home Pressure Washer is a good choice for the price consious consumer.

However, it is not a heavy duty machine and will not clean up your driveway or patio quite to the standard that you could have with a pressure washer which has a stronger pressure and flow rate.


  • 135 Bar Pressure
  • Flow rate 140 l/h
  • Motor Power 1900W
  • 7m Hose


Bosch UniversalAquatak 135  Pressure Washer

This Bosch pressure washer has decent pressure power for the price you pay (135 bar) and a 1900 Watt motor.

The innovative 3-in-1 nozzle means you have a 10% improvement on cleaning capacity. It combines a fan jet, a rotary jet and a point jet so you can reach all hard-to-get to areas.

You will be able to clean your driveway and patio area well as well as your car and outdoor furniture easily.

If you really want to go for it, then a container can be attached to add detergent for even better cleaning.

If you don’t have a hose attachement – no worries. This Bosch power washer has a self-priming pump, which automatically draws up water from a container or tank.

Some other features we really like about this pressure washer are the large wheels for easy transport as well as the pull-out handle. It just makes it so much easier to transport. On top of that it is compact to store, as all accessories are stored within the power washer.

We really like the Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 Pressure Washer and think it’s a great all rounder with a strong motor and high enough pressure.

*****Our Overal Favourite*****

Karcher K5 Pressure Washer


  • 145 Bar Pressure
  • Flow rate 500 l/h
  • Motor Power 2100W
  • LCD Full Control Panel


Kärcher K5 Pressure Washer

We absolutely love this pressure washer!

First of all the pressure of this machine is a healty 145 bar.

Secondly it has a flow rate of 500 l/h.

And thirdly it has a 2100 Watt motor.

So far so good!

Applying detergent to this pressure washer is super easy as it has a simple click-in system for the deterent bottle.

Besides that, the hose instantly connects to the machine via the Quick Connect system

This means you can use the Kärcher K5 pressure washer straight out of the box.

This machine is a big step up from the budget jet washers but still reasonably priced.

And with lots of accessories and retractable telescopic handle you can’t go wrong.

The Kärcher K5 Pressure Washer is highly recommended for patio areas and driveways as it has enough pressure and water flow.

However, this jet washer does NOT come with a car kit. The Kärcher K2 and K3 models do, however this will ofcourse be a trade-off with the flow rate and pressure capacity.


Nilfisk C 135 Pressure Washer

*****A great Kärcher alternative*****


  • 135 Bar Pressure
  • Flow rate 440 l/h
  • Includes tornado nozzle
  • 6 Metre pressure hose


Nilfisk C135.1i  Pressure Washer

This Nilfisk pressure washer is a great alternative to Kärcher jet washers.

The 440 l/h water flow gives extra cleaning power and with pressure of 135 bar this is definately a nice little machine.

It comes with a strong 1700W motor

This pressure washer has a metal jetwash pump for extra strenght.

It also comes with a tornado nozzle as well as a powerspeed nozzle.

The Nilfisk C135.1i  Pressure Washer is a great mid range pressure washer.

*****Great Mid-range Pressure Washer*****

Karcher K4 Compact Pressure Washer


  • LCD display on trigger gun
  • Stability foot at base jet washer
  • Flow rate of 420 l/h
  • Pressure of 130 bar


Kärcher K4  Pressure Washer

This is a great mid range pressure washer.

The flow rate of 420 l/h is mid range. Faster than the budget range but not quite as fast as the more luxurious models.

Same for the pressure capacity at 130 bar.

Up from the budget models is the simple  click-in system for the detergent bottle and the handy Quick Connect system which instantly connects the hose to the pressure washer.

The Kärcher K4 also has a LED display on the trigger gun for easy change of pressure settings.

The Kärcher K  4 Pressure Washer will clean any driveway and patio nicely but is not a heavy duty machine.

*****Highest Pressure*****


  • Super high pressure (213 bar)
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Petrol Pressure Washer
  • 8 Metre hose


ParkerBrand Petrol Pressure Washer

This is the only petrol pressure washer in our review but we absolutely believe it deserves to be mentioned.

The large wheels make it really easy to manoeuvre and is a big benefit especially if you have a large area to clean.

The jet washer is powered by the 6.5HP four-stroke petrol driven engine which gives it the supreme pressure of 213 bar.

The 8 metre hose is longer than many pressure washers out there and is a real benefit as it means you can work quicker rather than moving your jet washer around constantly.

It does not come with lots of accessories however, it has a pencil spray for stubborn stains, a narrow spray for those outdoor spaces and a wide spray especially designed for use on vehicles. 

The ParkerBrand Petrol Pressure Washerhas a flow rate of 660 l/h and is a fantastic machine especially for the price range!!!

*****Very Powerful for Price Range*****


  • Super powerful for price range
  • Pressure of 165 bar
  • Self Priming pump
  • Automatic start/stop motor


Silverline 943676 Pressure Washer

Yes the hose is short at 5 metres. And no, the Silverline pressure washer does not come with lots of accessories.

It is also rather heavy at 20kg.

However, this little machine has super pressure for it’s price range and is overal a hard worker.

It will remove moss and algea from your driveway and patio area in no time. No bells and whistles…. just a decent machine.

We also like the air-cooled motor system which should help keep the motor in top form.

Its self priming pump is ideal for low water pressure areas or out of the way areas.

The Silverline 943676 Pressure Washer is not a flashy machine but we felt it deserves a spot on our list for quality/price balance.

*****Best Budget Pressure Washer*****


  • Budget Pressure Washer
  • Pressure of 120 bar
  • 5m hose
  • Flow rate of 380 l/h


Ryobi RPW130B Pressure Washer


If you are looking for a budget pressure washer than the Ryobi 130B jet washer might just be what you are looking for.

It has a powerful 1800W motor and has a pressure of 130 bar which is not bad for a budget pressure washer.

The hose lenght is similar to many other jet washers in its price range at 6 metres long. This is the minimum hose length required in our view.

The detergent container is situated within the pressure washer itself.

The Ryobi RPW120B Pressure Washer is more powerful than the Kärcher K2 budget pressure washer in our review. There is a small price difference, though we believe it would be worth the small extra fee.

*****Luxury Pressure Washer*****


  • L.E.D display for correct setting
  • Great driveway cleaner
  • Pressure 180 bar
  • Flow rate 550 l/h


Kärcher K7  Pressure Washer

The Kärcher K7 is the most luxurious pressure washer in the Kärcher range.

With an impressive pressure of 180 bar you quickly see why.

The flow rate is also impressive at 550 l/h.

The length of the hose is significantly longer than most other pressure washers at 10 metres.

It is easy to control the pressure and detergent flow with the + and – buttons on the trigger gun.

The L.E.D display shows which pressure setting should be used where, so you can safely use it on all surfaces.

We especially like the corner nozzle for al these hard to reach places.

The K7 pressure washer also includes a 3-in-1 lance which makes cleaning quick.

The Kärcher K7  Pressure Washer has many extra features and is an impressive machine which will make cleaning your driveway and patio (and motorhome, garage door, decking etc) a doddle.

*****Quality Pressure Washer*****

Vonhaus Pressure Washer


  • Adjustable nuzzle
  • 2200W motor
  • Pressure 110 bar
  • Flow rate 6.3 l/m


Vonhaus Pressure Washer


The Vonhaus pressure washer is a great machine for a budget price. 

The fully adjustable nozzle means you can choose a more gentler or more forceful spray.

It also comes with a handy detachable detergent bottle for easy refilling.

The 5 metre hose is a nice length so you can reach those hard to get to places.

The 5 metre cable might be just long enough to reach the end of your driveway.

TheVonhaus Pressure Washer is a nice machine for anyone on a budget who is looking to get their moneys worth.



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