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Top 12 Best Planters for Balcony Gardens

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Top 12 Best Planters for Balcony Gardens – Outdoor Living


A balcony can provide a lovely outdoor space where you can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful views. However, with limited floor space, it can be challenging to decorate a balcony in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Hanging and railing planters offer practical and stylish solutions to this problem, making them an increasingly popular choice for balcony decoration. 

Hanging planters are containers which are suspended from a ceiling or wall, allowing your plants to be displayed at eye level or higher. Railing planters are containers which are attached to the railing of your balcony. Both come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, from simple metal pots to elaborate macrame designs. This versatility makes them suitable for any style of balcony, whether it be modern, rustic, or bohemian. 

Top 12 Best Planters for Balcony Gardens for 2023 in one easy overview:


Casaria Flower Boxes

Set of 2 – Best Balcony Planters

£47.95  on Amazon

This weatherproof Poly Rattan plant box is ideal for your balcony. 

It is robust and will last for many years. 

It includes mounting bracket made of galvanised steel which are adjustable from 5 to 14 cm. This means it will fit most balcony railings. 

The planter has a removable inner pot which makes it easy to plant your plants on a comfortable surface, away from the railing. 


Two Striped Concrete Troughs

Taupe – Concrete

£125  Cox & Cox

These beautiful water resistant troughs are made from fibre clay and suit both a more traditional and a more  contemporary balcony aesthetic.

These long plant pots have strong angles and vertical ribbing to create texture and visual interest.

While giving the appearance of concrete, this taupe toned set has all the advantages of its resilient fibre clay construction, which makes the troughs light and easy to reposition.

The set comes with one small and one large trough in each set and both have a pluggable drainage hole.


Dipamkar Hanging Plant Pots

Set of 10 Different Colours – Metal

£15.99 on Amazon

These decorative pots and planters are the perfect way to bring additional style elements to your balcony garden.

These plant pots have a removable hook which makes it easy to plant your plants before hanging the pot in the desired spot. 

They are made from thick zinc, which means they are sturdy and weather resistant. 

The plant pots have a drainage hole to avoid overwatering and root rot.

Instant colour can be added to your balcony with these cheerful hanging pots.


Baoyouni Plant Stands

Over the Rail – Iron

   £97.95   Amazon

This flower display rack is a great way to add greenery to a small space, like a balcony. 

The vertical tension poles are made from stainless stell composite pipe which are rust-proof. 

You can stand plant pots on the display shelves add lots of plant hangers on the bars.

An original way to add plants to your balcony!


Iron Art Hanging Planter Basket

Over the Rail – Iron

   £35.99   Amazon

With a simple, beautiful design, this iron rail hanging planter is one of the best planters for your balcony garden.

The metal planter has  anti-rust coating to  make it last for years.

This is an elegant way to organise your small plants on your balcony railings. You can add it both to the inside and the outside of your railings. Though care is needed not to drop any plants. 



Metal Hanging Planter

Iron  – Balcony Planter

£20  Dunelm

This balcony railing planter is a modern and eye-catching way to create a serene garden on your balcony.

Made from 100% metal, this balcony planter is available in a range of finishes to complement your outdoor décor style.

Dimensions for this metal flower box are  H 25.5cm x W 50cm x D 26cm

Comes with a 6 Month guarantee.




Butterfly Hanging Planter

Steel – Hand Made Balcony Planter

£99.99   Garden Furniture Centre

This stunning sphere is made from hand crafted mild steel and finished in a durable pre aged rust style.

A fantastic design that really does catch the eye and will be a great addition to any balcony! 

It has a beautiful butterfly design and each butterfly is interlinked.

This design radiates with a rusted patina finish & polyurethane coating.

Due to the recycled nature of this plant hanger, each one is completely bespoke. This means that no design is the same, giving you a truly unique balcony plant hanger!


RIOGOO Flower Pots

Metal  – 4 Colours

£16.99  on Amazon

This set of railing planters contains 4 different coloured hanging pots. They are blue, green, pink and yellow. 

They are made from durable iron and will add colour to your balcony garden instantly.

The handy hooks mean you can hang these hanging pots on the railing of your balcony and the drainage holes ensure there is no risk of overwatering.

The length of the pots mean you can plant several plants or flowers in the hanging pots. 


Balcony Railing Flower Box 

Railing planter – Four Colours  

£11.99   Amazon

This lovely railing plant pot is super easy to add to your balcony as you can simply attach it to your balcony railings. 

It takes up minimal space which is perfect when you are dealing with limited space. 

They come in 4 colours (brown, earthenware, cream and anthracite).

The pots are 29 by 29cm, perfect for herbs, plants or flowers. 


Mkouo Macrame Plant Hangers

Best planters for Balcony Gardens

£10.99    Amazon

This is a great hanging plant holder if you are keen on rustic aesthetics for your balcony or even for a minimalistic style.

This modern, vintage-inspired macrame plant hanger adds the perfect touch to your balcony garden and gives you lots of design options. 

You can add white plant pots for a minimalistic style. Or you can add creams and brows for a rustic aesthetic instead. 

If you are more into a Boho aesthetic, you can add bright coloured pots to create that boldness which you find in bohemian design.


Pocket Wall Planter

Wall Planter – Recycled 

£99.99  Garden Furniture Centre


This wall planter is guaranteed to make your outside wall on your balcony look stunning.

A fantastic design hand finished from recycled shipping drums and oter metals with a stunning design that stands out and catches the eye.

Place this on your wall for a pop of colour! It willl definitely be a talking point!



Metal Hanging Planter

Wall Hangers – Best Balcony Planters

£16.99  on Amazon

This modern looking, metal wall hanger will look great on your balcony wall. 

You can add herbs, flowers, succulents or vegetable plants to this hanging planter box.

The durable, galvanized steel will help to to keep plants hydrated and safely inside.

The dimensions of this wall plant hanger are 30 x 9cm.

Which pots are good for balconies?  

When it comes to choosing pots for your balcony, there are several things to consider; 

  • Lightweight plastic or resin pots: If weight is an issue on your balcony, then you can use plastic or resin pots as they are light and durable. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can easily find one that suits your style. 

  • Self-watering pots: These pots have a built-in reservoir that allows plants to draw water as needed, reducing the need for frequent watering. This feature is especially useful for balconies where access to water can be limited. 

  • Hanging planters: Hanging planters are a fantastic way to save space on a balcony. They come in a variety of materials, including metal, ceramic, and macrame, so you can choose some that complements your balcony’s aesthetic. 

  • Window boxes: Window boxes are long, narrow planters that can be attached to balcony railings or walls. They are ideal for growing herbs, small flowers, or trailing vines, and can be easily moved or replaced as needed. Many come with hooks so you can hang them over the railings even easier. 

  • Ceramic or terracotta pots: Ceramic and terracotta pots are classic choices that add that garden feel to your balcony. They are heavier than plastic pots but can still be a good option for smaller plants or when placed on sturdy surfaces. 

  • Vertical garden systems: For balconies with limited floor space, vertical garden systems are aa great solution which allows you to grow plants vertically along a wall or railing. These systems come in a variety of styles and sizes, from small herb gardens to large living walls. 

How do you arrange plant pots on a balcony? 

Arranging plant pots on a balcony can be a fun but challenging process which allows you to add your personal touch to your outdoor space. Here are some tips to help you arrange your plant pots in a way that is both visually appealing and functional. 

  • Size and weight of your pots and plants: Before you start arranging your plant pots, consider their weight and size. Larger pots and plants may need to be placed on the floor, while smaller plants can be placed in hanging planters or placed on a table. Taller plants need to be placed towards the back or along the side of your balcony. Smaller plants can be added to railing planters, hanging or wall planters or on a vertical wall. 

  • Plant groupings: Grouping plants together can create a visually appealing display. Consider grouping plants by size, colour or type to create an organised look. You can also mix and match different types of pots and materials to add texture and variety. 

  • Use different planters: Plant stands, shelves and vertical planters can be used to add height and dimension to your display. They can also help you to create more space for your plants, especially on smaller balconies. Consider using a plant stand or shelf to create a mini garden in one corner of your balcony. 

  • Overall style and aesthetic: Decide the overall style and aesthetic of your balcony garden. Choose pots and plants that complement the colour scheme and decor of your outdoor space. For example, if you have a modern balcony, choose sleek and minimalist pots, while a bohemian balcony might feature more eclectic and colourful pots. 

  • Functionality: While aesthetics is important, it’s also important to consider the functionality of your plant displays. Make sure your pots are placed in a way that allows for proper drainage and you have easy access to your plants for watering and maintenance. 

We hope you liked this review about the best planters for balcony gardens for 2023. Find more garden product reviews here.


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