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Top 28 Best Outdoor Shower Ideas

Top 28 Best Outdoor Shower Ideas 2023

The best outdoor shower ideas to cool down this summer!


An outdoor shower is a must-have if you have a pool in your garden. It gives you a convenient and hygienic way to rinse of chlorine, salt, and other chemicals after you’ve been in the pool. 

Having an outdoor shower also means you can quickly wash off before entering the pool. This keeps your pool cleaner for longer as you can prevent dirt and debris from getting into it. 

An outdoor shower can also become a transitional space between the pool and the rest of the garden, helping to keep the pool area separate and distinct.  

But is an outdoor shower only for those lucky ones with a pool in their garden?  

We don’t think so.  

It can serve as a convenient way to rinse off after a day spent gardening or working outdoors, or to rinse off sand or dirt after a day spent at the beach.  

It can also be used as a way to cool off during hot weather, or even as a place to freshen up before or after a workout or yoga session.  

On top of that, an outdoor shower can be a stylish and aesthetic feature that can add value to your garden and home. Overall, an outdoor shower can be a practical and versatile addition to your outdoor living space, regardless of whether or not you have a pool. 

As gardens become more and more extensions of our indoor living space, outdoor showers are becoming just as desirable as outdoor kitchens, outdoor living rooms and fireplaces. And we don’t see this trend changing any time soon! 

Tropical Outdoor Shower

best outdoor shower

Desert Garden Outdoor Shower

wood garden edging ideas

Modern Outdoor Power Shower

modern garden block driveway

Garden Shower

While we love these outdoor shower ideas, they are not suitable for everyone. As with everything, there are pros and cons to outdoor showers.

Pros of an Outdoor Shower: 

  • Convenience: Outdoor showers are convenient for rinsing off before entering the house or pool. 

  • Privacy: An outdoor shower provides a private space for bathing, away from the main living areas. 

  • Natural feel: Outdoor showers can provide a natural and refreshing feel, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while bathing. 

  • Aesthetics: Outdoor showers can add a unique and stylish feature to an outdoor living space, providing an attractive focal point. 

  • Cost-effective: An outdoor shower can be a cost-effective alternative to building a full bathroom or indoor shower. 

Cons of Outdoor Showers: 

  • Weather dependent: An outdoor shower is dependent on the weather, and may not be usable during bad weather or cold temperatures. 

  • Maintenance: Outdoor showers require regular maintenance to keep them clean and functioning properly. 

  • Plumbing: Outdoor showers require plumbing, and may require additional costs for installation and maintenance. 

  • Privacy: Outdoor showers may not be suitable for people who live in densely populated areas. 

Black Shower Area with Tabacco Plant

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Minimalist Pool Shower

Driveway Edging Ideas

Integrated Concrete Shower

steel driveway edging

Outdoor Shower with Summer Vibes

driveway edging modern black

Modern Outdoor Shower Ideas

  • Materials: Consider using materials such as stainless steel, glass, or concrete for a modern look. These materials are durable, low-maintenance, and can give a clean and minimalist look to the shower. 

  • Colour: Stick with neutral colors such as white, gray, or black to create a modern look. These colors are timeless, and they can be paired with a variety of design elements to create a cohesive look. 

  • Design: Opt for a minimalist design with clean lines, and avoid using too many decorative elements. Simple geometric shapes such as squares and rectangles are a great way to create a modern look. 

  • Lighting: Use LED lighting to create a modern look and to enhance the ambiance in the shower. You can also use recessed lights, or wall sconces to create a modern look. 

  • Plants: Keep the plantings minimalistic, and choaw for plants that have a modern aesthetic such as succulents, cacti, or small shrubs. You can also use grasses and bamboo for a modern look. 

  • Accessories: Consider adding modern accessories such as a bench, a towel rack, and a shower head that have a minimalist design to complete the modern look. 

Rocky Outdoor Shower Ideas

raised driveway edging

Modern Tropical Bamboo Shower

Modern Shower on Decking

Green Tropical Shower Ideas

Tropical Outdoor Shower Ideas

The United Kingdom has a temperate climate, which means that not all tropical plants will thrive here. However, there are still a various plants that can be used to create a tropical look in an outdoor shower in the UK. Here are a few examples: 

  • Hardy Palms: Certain types of palm trees like the Chusan Palm and the Needle Palm are hardy enough to survive in a colder climate. 

  • Ferns: Ferns such as the Common Polypody and the Male Fern are native to the UK and can add a tropical feel to an outdoor shower. 

  • Bamboo: Bamboo is a hardy plant that can be grown in the UK, and it’s a great plant to create a tropical feel in an outdoor shower. 


  • Vines: Vines like the English Ivy and Clematis Montana are hardy and can be grown in the UK. They can be used to cover walls and add a tropical feel to an outdoor shower. 

  • Grasses: Some hardy grasses like the Stipa gigantea can be used to create a tropical feel with their feathery plumes. 

  • Water plants: Hardy water plants such as the Yellow flag iris and the Sweet flag can be planted in a small pond to create a tropical feel. 

While these plants are hardy, they may still need protection from frost or heavy winds, so you may need to take additional measures to protect them in the outdoor shower during cold spells. 

Original Surf Garden Shower

Tropical Outdoor Shower

driveway edging ideas block paving

Outdoor Shower Surrounded by Nature

Outdoor Bamboo Shower

raised edging modern driveway

Does my Outdoor Shower Need a Drain?

Outdoor showers typically need a drain to ensure proper drainage and to prevent water from pooling around the shower area. 

Somel types of drains that can be used for an outdoor shower are: 

  • Floor drain: This type of drain is typically built into the shower floor, and it allows water to flow directly into a drainage system or into a dry well. 

  • Trench drain: This type of drain is installed along the edge of the shower area, and it directs water into a drainage system or a dry well. 

  • Perforated pipe drain: This type of drain is buried in the ground beneath the shower area, and it allows water to percolate into the soil. 

  • French drain: This type of drain is a trench filled with gravel or rocks that directs water away from the shower area. 

If there is no proper drainage, it can cause damage to the surrounding area and create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. 

Sauna Solar Shower

driveway edging old raven bradstone

Outdoor Garden Shower Ideas

Romantic Outdoor Shower

Modern Outdoor Shower

driveway edging old raven bradstone

How much does an outdoor shower cost to install?

It is difficult to give a precise cost of installing an outdoor shower, as it depends on the specific details of the project.  Factors such as the location, size and design of the shower, as well as the materials used, can greatly affect the final cost. 

Here are some rough estimates for different materials and design choices to give you an idea of the cost: 

  • A basic, freestanding outdoor shower made of PVC pipe and a simple shower head can cost around £200 to £500 to install yourself. 

  • A more complex design, such as a built-in stone or tile shower with multiple shower heads and a hot water source, can cost anywhere from £1000 to £3000 or more, depending on the materials and labour costs. 

  • A professional gardener or garden designer can charge anywhere from £40 to £100 per hour for their labour, and the total cost will depend on the complexity of the project and the number of hours needed. 

It’s worth noting that these are rough estimates and prices may vary depending on location and other factors. If you want a more precise estimate, it would be best to consult a professional or get multiple quotes from different contractors. Find your outdoor shower installation contractor here.

Wooden Shower Room

driveway edging old raven bradstone

Rose Garden Outdoor Shower

driveway edging old raven bradstone

This wooden shower room is a great idea if you have a home pool and especially handy if you have a cottage on the lake! 🚿🏊‍♂️

Tropical Bamboo Shower

outdoor shower ideas

Outdoor Sauna Shower

driveway edging old raven bradstone

Outdoor Showers in Colder Climates

In Scandinavian countries, outdoor showers are a popular feature, and they are typically cold showers.

Cold outdoor showers are believed to have a refreshing and invigorating effect, and they are often used to cool down after a hot sauna session.

The sauna is usually heated with wood and the cold water for the shower can be from a natural source such as a lake, river or a well. 

Outdoor showers can also be found in gardens and backyards in colder climates, but they are less common than in warmer climates.

They are often used during the summer months and turned off during winter.

This is mainly because of:

  • Cold temperatures
  • Frost and freeze
  • Snow and ice
  • Expensive plumbing

However, some people still enjoy outdoor showers in colder climates, though this is mainly in combination with an outdoor spa or a sauna. 

Styleful White Garden Shower Area

driveway edging ideas Farrelly Construction

Luxury Outdoor Shower

driveway edging old raven bradstone

DIY Outdoor Shower

driveway edging old raven bradstone

Wooden Outdoor Shower with Banana Tree

driveway edging old raven bradstone

How to Winterize your outdoor shower

To protect your outdoor shower from freezing temperatures during the winter, it’s important to follow the following steps to ensure that your outdoor shower is properly drained and protected.  

  • Turn off the water supply: Find the main water valve for your outdoor shower and turn it off to prevent water from flowing into the pipes. 

  • Drain the pipes: Open the shower valves or faucets to allow any remaining water in the pipes to drain out. You should also remove any attachments such as hose or showerheads and allow them to drain as well. 

  • Disconnect and drain hoses: If your shower has a hose, disconnect it from the showerhead and drain any remaining water. 

  • Insulate the pipes: Insulate any exposed pipes with pipe insulation to prevent them from freezing and bursting during the winter. 

  • Drain the shower floor: If your outdoor shower has a floor drain, make sure it is clear of debris and allow any remaining water to drain out. 

  • Cover the shower: If possible, cover the shower with a tarp or a shower cover to protect it from the elements. 

Frost can damage the pipes and fixtures, which can be costly to repair. 

Best Outdoor Shower Ideas 

We hope this list has given you lots of ideas for your own outdoor shower in your garden and outdoor living space. Check out our other articles on outdoor living below. 



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