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Summer Fun: The Best Outdoor Games for Your Garden

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Best Outdoor Garden Games to Make Your Garden Party a Blast

We look at the best outdoor garden games for your garden get-togethers.

Are you tired of the same old boring party games? Do you want to liven up your backyard BBQ, garden party, or camping trip? Look no further than outdoor garden games! These fun and exciting games are perfect for any outdoor gathering, whether it’s a small family get-together or a large garden wedding. 

From classic games like croquet and skittles, to group games like rounders and kubbs, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ll explore the best outdoor games for your garden that are sure to keep your guests entertained for hours.

Top 16 Best Outdoor Garden Games for 2023 in one easy overview:


Giant Noughts and Crosses

Wood and rope – Favourite Classic

£22.90  on Etsy

Bring the fun outdoors with this classic game of giant outdoor noughts and crosses.

Nothing says summer wedding like garden games – this one is easy and fun with no assembly required, just lay out and play!

This set includes a square rope game board (1m²) as well as 5 ‘O’ and 5 ‘X’. 


Wooden Skittles

“King” pin has red top – Solid Birch Wood

£49.99  Amazon

Wooden Skittles are a classic garden game that have been enjoyed by families for generations, making them a perfect way to bring everyone together for some good old-fashioned fun.

The game is easy to set up and can be played in a variety of outdoor spaces, from the back garden to the park or beach.

This great set comes with 9 hard wood hand finished and polished garden skittles. Each skittle is 23cm in height with a 4cm base diameter with a 7cm diameter “belly”.

This skittles set will bring lots of fun for everyone; knocking the skittles down using the three wooden balls in this competitive game.


Jumbo Hi-Tower

High-quality pine wood – 58 solid pine blocks

£42.97 on Amazon

The Jumbo hi-tower is a fun family game, perfect for parties, BBQ’s, camping or taking to the park in the sturdy carry bag included.

The 58 solid pine blocks build a tower starting at 0.6m high, reaching 1.5m (max.) in play for giant scale fun.

Blocks stack in the same way as the traditional table top game, making it easy to set up and ideal for children.


Rounders Set

Wooden Set – 4 Stakes

   £24.46   Amazon

Rounders is a game that is easy to learn and requires minimal equipment, making it accessible to all ages and skill levels. It’s a great way to encourage teamwork and friendly competition amongst family and friends.  

It’s a game that can be played in a variety of outdoor spaces, such as the garden, the park, when camping or the beach, and can be enjoyed at any time of the year.  

This wooden set has one bat, one ball and 4 stakes and comes in a handy canvas carry bag for easy transportation and storage.


Jumbo Garden Dominoes

15mm thick – 28 dominoes

   £24.99   Selections

These Dominoes are made from solid wood and painted with a high quality waterproof paint that is hard wearing and weatherproof.

This game will be great fun to play outside on a sunny day at a BBQ, garden party or garden wedding.

Fun thing: they really make a satisfying noise as you slap them down when making a ‘domino’. 

The tiles measure 18cm x 9cm and are 15mm thick, which makes them a great size for outdoor games.



Kubb Wooden Throwing Game

Solid Wood – Viking Chess

£39.99  Amazon

Kubb Wooden Throwing Game, also known as “Viking Chess”, is a fun and strategic outdoor game that is perfect for groups of all sizes!  

The Kubb lawn game combines the art of throwing, strategy and fun and requires teamwork, communication, and strategy to win.

This Kubb set is made from solid and durable wood which makes it hard to break and stops mold growth. 

The solidness of the woods ensures this set is less likely to tip over in a small gust of wind.

The set comes with a wooden figure “king” with red head, 10 square wood “soldiers”, 6 round stick (for throwing) and 4 marking sticks and is the ultimate throwing game for group fun!


Outdoor Race Games

Egg & Spoon Race – Sack Racing

£12.59  Amazon

This is a great set for garden races at family gatherings or when friends are over. 

The set includes four plastic spoons and eggs for the classic Egg and Spoon Race to see who can transport the slippery, wobbly egg across the finish line the fastest.

It also includes two red ties  for the 3-legged race. You need to join one of your legs together with a friend’s leg and work together to get tothe finish line before your opponents do.

Lastly it contains 4 burlap sacks (suitable for adults and children) for the burlap sack race. You will need to put your leggs into the sack and hop your way over the victory line before your opponent does. 

Great classic garden race set!



Wooden Croquet Game

Pine wood – Set for 4

£25   Dunelm

A Wooden Croquet Set is a classic outdoor game that has been enjoyed by families and friends for many generations!

It’s a game that combines skill, strategy, and just the right amount of competition to make it a perfect choice for outdoor gatherings and events. 

This set is made from high-quality New Zealand pine wood and painted with non-toxic paint.

This crocket set contains 4 mallets, 4 balls, 2 big pins, 8 steel gates and 1 black mesh bag for easy storage. 

In addition to being a fun and entertaining game, a Wooden Croquet Set can also add a touch of classic elegance to any outdoor event.


Giant Wooden 4 in a Row

26 Inch Wide  – 22 Inch Tall

£75.99  on Amazon

Connect four is another classic game which  is enjoyed by children and adutls alike.

Simply place 4 chips in a row, either horizontally or vertically to win the game.

It is a perfect fun and  educational game which can now be enjoyed on the lawn on a nice summers day.

The set contains 1 pinewood board with 2 removable wooden legs as well as 42 plastic chips. There will be 21 red and 21 blue chips. 

A handy storage bag ensures no pieces get lots when not in use.


Bean Bag Toss Garden Game

95 x 50 cm – Weatherproof finish

£120.00  Etsy

Cornhole is an increasingly popular lawn game in which players take turns to throw fabric bean bags at the holes in this raised board.

The aim of the game is to score points by landing the bags either on the board or through the holes.

Ideal for the garden, camping and special occasions such as weddings, children’s parties, team games, etc.

This handmade version of the game is a variation of the traditional cornhole as there are two holes – one larger to make the game more suitable for all ages and comes with five pyramid beanbags.


Giant Snakes and Ladders

Handy storage bag – 100% one year warranty

£44.99   Amazon

Who doesn’t love snake and ladders? And how much fun would it be to play this classic game on the lawn in which you and the other players are the counters!

The game can be secured to the ground with the included ground pegs making it easier for the players on the game to see where they are going. 

Simply roll the included inflatable dice and see what your number lands on! Will you get a ladder and go further up the board or slip on a sneaky snake?

The mat is water-repellent and sturdy, made from a water-repellent PVC material so it can withstand any spills or even a little rain.


Duck Fishing Game

PVC ducks – Solid wood fishing poles 

£17.89  Amazon

This is a lovly duck fishing game which your younger children can enjoy with a tub or paddling pool in the garden.

Though you might find that children of all ages will be tempted to give the duck fishing a go, making it a great game at birtdays or garden parties.

The multi-coloured ducks blow water if you push down on their bellies, making the game even more fun, especially on a hot day!

The set includes 6 plastic ducks and 2 solid oak fishing poles, stored in a practical, transparent bag with zipper, making it easy to store and transport.


    Giant Wooden Dice

    Rollzee and Farkle Scoreboard – Carry Bag

    £47.99  on Amazon

    This versatile giant dice set can bring added excitement to any traditional dice or board game!

    The hand sanded wooden dice feature numbers burned into the wood for an elegant design and for ensuring the numbers will never rub off.

    The set also cames with storage bag and dry erase board to keep score for two different games – Farkle & Rollzee

    You can choose between 2.5inches and 3.5inches


    Hoopla Ring Toss Game

    Rollzee and Farkle Scoreboard – Carry Bag

    £21.99  on Amazon

    This hooply ring tossing game is a great alternative to a dart board and suitable for children as well as adults, making it a great game for a get together of all ages!

    Whether it’s a family BBQ, a garden wedding or a day in park with friends, this hoopla set is easy to bring and easy to hang up with the included hanging hook. 

    The hooply tossing game comes with 10 rings, 5 in red and 5 in black as well as the wooden board with hooks.


    Wicked Sky Rider Pro

    Classic Frisbee – Only Better

    £10.99  on Amazon

    This perfectly balanced frisbee is perfect for long range throws as it ensures a smooth, accurate flight path, making this game even more fun. 

    In this game, everyone can throw and catch like a Pro, making it the perfect outdoor toy for both adults and kids, whether you’re  in the backgarden, at the beach or at the park.

    Everyone can learn to throw incredible distances!

    The Wicked Sky Rider Sport is a precision weighted 95g disc with a diameter of 227mm.

    Made in the UK


      Huku Original Balance Board

      Great for Teenagers!   

      £151.10 on Etsy

      The Original Huku Balance Board with a wide face and large roller is designed and shaped to help improve your all-around strength, core stability and balance.

      On top of that, it’s a great challenge for the  more competative guests at your garden party. Who can balance the longest without falling off?

      The Huku Balance Board and roller is made from 100% FSC certified birch laminate, non-toxic parafen-free glue, and high grade silica grit.

      Then it’s screen-printed by hand using water-based ink, and finished with an eco-friendly non-toxic, water-based varnish.

      What type of outdoor garden games are there?

      If  you want to liven up your backyard BBQ, garden party or camping trip, then including an outdoor garden game is a must. There are different types of outdoor games, you have races, giant dice, throwing games, board games, and group games like skittles, kubbs and rounders. Lastly there are classic skill games like croquet and skittles.  


      Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned race? Set up a track in your backyard using cones or any other markers you have on hand. Then, have your guests pair up and race each other. You can do traditional foot races, three-legged races, or even sack races for a fun twist. These games are perfect for children and adults alike, and are sure to get everyone up and moving. 

      Giant Dice 

      Giant dice are great for those who love board games but want to take it to the next level. Giant dice are perfect for outdoor play, as they won’t get lost in the grass or blown away by the wind. Simply roll the dice and see where they land. You can play any number of games with giant dice, from Yahtzee to Farkle, and they’re sure to be a hit with everyone at your party. 

      Throwing games

      Throwing games are great for counting skills for younger ones and competative fun for older players. Classics are the bean bag toss game and darts. A child friendly option of darts can be a hoop throwing game. A different type of throwing game could be the competative and fun frisbee game!

      Classic games and giant board games

      If you’re looking for a classic game that everyone knows and loves, look no further than Snake and Ladders. This classic board game has been around for centuries, and it’s still just as fun today as it was back then. Set up a giant board in your backyard and have your guests take turns rolling the dice and making their move on the board. The first one to the end wins! This game is perfect for children and adults alike and is sure to bring back memories of childhood. 

      Other great outdoor games are giant Noughts and crosses, dominoes and 4 in a row. 

      Group games

      Another great option for outdoor garden games is group games like rounders and Kubbs. Rounders is a classic game that’s similar to baseball, but with a few key differences. Instead of bases, there are posts that the runners must touch before running back to home plate. Kubbs, on the other hand, is a game that originated in Scandinavia and is similar to lawn bowling. The goal is to knock down your opponent’s Kubbs while protecting your own. Both of these games are perfect for large groups and are sure to be a hit at any outdoor gathering. 

      Classic skill games

      Last but not least, we have outdoor classic games like croquet and skittles. These games have been around for centuries and are still just as fun today as they were back then. Set up a croquet course in your backyard or set up the skittles, and let your guests play to their heart’s content. These games are perfect for those who love a little friendly competition and are sure to keep everyone entertained for hours on end. 

      In conclusion, outdoor garden games are the perfect way to liven up any outdoor gathering. Whether you’re hosting a small family get-together or a large garden wedding, these games are sure to be a hit with everyone. From races and giant dice to classic games like Snake and Ladders, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, next time you’re planning an outdoor event, be sure to include some of these fun and exciting games! 



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