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Top 20 Ideas for Modern Driveways 2024

Coming home is a beautiful thing.

Driveways are often the gateway to your home’s walkway and entryway. They are an opportunity to elevate your home’s entire aesthetic.

There are various different driveway surface products you can choose from, and vastly more colours and pattterns. 

We hope to give you driveway inspiration with these 20 stunning modern driveways!

Ashler Paving

modern driveway aslier paving

These pavers are set in an ashlar pattern with a soldier course along the edge. The new driveway has a straight edge tight to the facade to give it a European look and widened the driveway so the homeowners can now step out onto pavers.

Modern Block Paving Driveway

modern block paving driveway

While using different coloured blocks is nothing new, the direction of these blocks and the strong colour difference is what makes this driveway stand out and which gives it the modern look we crave!

Curvy Driveway on Slope Cobble

Curvy Driveway on Slope Cobble

Driveways on a slope can be a challenge, but this driveway has smashed it. The small cobbles give it a neat look and the curved edging with lights installed make it interesting and give it a modern finish. 

Modern Gravel Driveway

Modern Gravel Driveway

Modern Block Paving Driveway

Modern Block Paving Driveway

Another example of a beautiful modern driveway. Many different shades of grey are used as well as different sizes of blocks in various patterns. 

The grey gravel on the side breaks up the space and the amazing plant pot at the entrance of the driveway give it a beautiful finish. 

Concrete Blocks with Artificial Grass

Concrete Blocks with Artificial Grass

The concrete slabs with grass design is growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. The green stands out from the concrete creating an unusual design.

The straight lines keep the driveway  looking neat and organised while breaking up the large space. 

Modern Driveway

ideas for modern driveways

This enclosed driveway is finished off with a modern fence and simple greenery. The grass and the shrubs create colour while keeping the overal minimalist look. 

Modern Concrete Driveway

Modern Concrete Driveway

By using different sized, concrete pavers a modern look is easily achieved. The large paving stones are in the Sky Grey tone, which compliments modern houses beautifully. Plant pots are added to create colour which again looks more modern than many flower beds. 

Modern Resin Driveway

Modern Resin Driveway

If you are looking for a modern driveway surface, resin is always a good choice. The many different colours ensure that no driveway ever looks the same.

Long Stone Block Paving

Long Stone Block Paving

These long stone Blocks in different shades of grey go very well with this newly rendered house and create a stunning modern finish.

Sleepers with gravel Driveway

Sleepers with gravel Driveway

This is an unconventional driveway which combines sleepers with gravel. The result is stunning as the driveway blends in with the garden and the home without being the main centrepoint. 

Driveway Lights

Driveway Lighting

Adding lights to your front garden will make it inviting to come home. A simple driveway becomes more interesting in the right lighting. 

Modern Landscaping

Neat Landscaping Driveway

The small blocks used on the driveway makes it look tidy. The driveway edging compliments the drive but what really stands out is the landscaping along side the driveway. The simple design gives this front garden a modern look.

White Modern Driveway

white modern driveway

Traditionally driveways tended to be more on the dark side. This has changed and especially many modern paved driveways are in light grey tints.

Choosing a white or cream driveway is bold but opens up the space and makes the area look bigger than it is. Having large concrete slabs create the feeling of space as well. 

Modern Driveway Landscaping

Modern Driveway Landscaping

Another great example of modern driveway landscaping. The simple Topiary Buxus Balls alternated with solar lights combined with the simple grey blocks make this a tidy and modern front yard.

Driveway Design

Driveway Design

This driveway looks stunning with the design created with different grey tints and block sizes. 

Two Tone Resin

Modern Resin Driveway-

This light resin driveway combines light gravel with a mix of darker tones. 

It gives a beautiful effect and stops from stains and dirt showing too much while keeping a light driveway.

Imprinted Concrete with Wide Edging

Imprinted Concrete Driveway wide Edge

This is a neat pattern imprinted concrete driveway, but what makes it stand out is the wide, steel grey border of the driveway. 

The two tones of grey (slate grey and steel grey) are a nice combination. 

Modern Concrete Driveway with Gravel

modern concrete driveway

This concrete driveway is broken up with a gravel bed. While the plants are not yet established, once they mature, it will create a nice boundary between the path and the driveway. 

Chess Board Driveway

Chess Board driveway

This chess board driveway might not everybody’s cup of tea, however it works very well in this instance, especially because of the large size of the driveway and the direction of the pattern towards the garage and house.

Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration for your own driveway ideas.

Whether you opt for concrete, resin, blocks, tarmac or gravel, there are a vast range of designs and colours. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on modern driveways and please feel free to contact us or find a designer or installation engineer on our awesome and inspiring directory.

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