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Top 20 Gravel Driveway Ideas 2022

20 Top Best Gravel Driveway Ideas 2022 for Your Home

If your looking for the best gravel driveway ideas that have timeless appeal –  you’re in the right place!

Whether it’s the stately manor house or more modest abodes gravel with its simplicity yet ageless appel is a fantastic driveway paving surface.

With this in mind there are four main factors to take into consideration:

  • The size of your driveway
  • Depth of gravel
  • Sub base requirements
  • Size of gravel to be used

It’s a common misconception that gravel is only for stately homes – as you’ll see with the delightful examples below – gravel can work with a number of different styles of property.

The landscaped driveways with lights and fountains are our favourites.

How about you?


Gravel Driveway Plant Pots

Gravel Driveway Plants

These unusually large pots create a unique look and provide some much needed folliage.

Bring Colour to Gravel 

Gravel path with beautiful purple flowers and plants along the pathColour to gravel driveway

Whether you’ve got a gravel driveway or pathway, add colour by planting bright overhanging shrubs alongside. The added advantage of this design is that it removes the need for edging.

Traditional Gravel Driveway

large gravel driveway

Somewhat of a fortress the gravel paved driveway sets this house in its place.

Visits by invitation only.

Gravel Driveway on Slope

Gravel driveway on slope

The colour combination of this gravel blends in well with the roof and general style of this house.

Round Gravel Driveway

round gravel driveway being installed

While this ‘in and out’ driveway is still being installed, it’s readily apparent that there’s plenty of potential.

All types of beautiful landscaping can provide the centre piece here.

EcoRaster Driveway Grids

EcoRaster Driveway Grids

The Ecoraster company in Australia provide these durable gravel grid installations.

If there’s a slight chan ce of potential movement with a gravel sub base – gravel grids do what they say.

Gravel with Block Paving

Gravel Driveway with Block Entry

The advantage of having the block entry is that loss of gravel is kept to a minimum.

The combination of stone colours pick up nice with the brickwork, don’t you think?

Gravel Driveway with Fountain

Gravel Driveway with Fountain

This Old sytlish house establishes its refinement with the fountain.

As anybody with such a fountain knows – an active bird bath is a delight to the eyes in the summer months.

Gravel Driveway Extension

Gravel Driveway Extension

This gravel extension to a block paving driveway provides more room for driving and takes away unwanted lawn maintenance.

The gravel also stands out here (not because of the edging) but because in contrast to each side the gravel looks superior.


Added Greenery to Gravel Driveway

Added Greenery to Gravel Driveway

In the absence of a pathway a simple solution is to use some planters to create one.

A quick and effective solution adding colour as well as a little structure.

Curbed Gravel Driveway

Curbed Gravel Driveway with Large Shrubs and Forest Feel

This curbed gravel driveway looks tidy and gives a foresty feel with large shrubs and trees in the border.

Gravel Driveway Ideas

Gravel Driveway Ideas

Using a larger stone works well here and the block paved bordering and curves create a very elegant look.

Black Basalt Gravel Driveway

 Black Basalt Gravel Driveway

Considering what the area looked like before the installation of the gravel grids and stone this area has  been transformed.

Gravel with Blocks

Gravel with Blocks

The blocks again provide an excellent and low maintenance border. Opting for gravel as a centrepiece is a wise solution as there is no run off for water.

Light Gravel Driveway Enclosed

Light Gravel Driveway Enclosed

The light Gravel contrasts well with the brickwork and if more detailed feature was included with the step area this would be vastly improved.

A very good example of a DIY project.

Landscaped Gravel Driveway

Landscaped Gravel Driveway

One of our favourite Best Gravel Driveway Ideas for 2021!

The lights all around the house and garages in combination with the low hedges and wispy flowing shrubs create a welcome and distinctive look.

This is a thoughtfully designed driveway area – the bench adds a nice touch.

Round Gravel Driveway Ideas

Round Gravel Driveway

This circular feature using gravel encased within a stylish block paved area blends seemlessly as if the two properties are one.

It’s the combination of cottage and annexe with a stylish centrepiece.

It works!

Gravel Grid Patterned Gravel Driveway

Gravel Grid Patterned Gravel Driveway

Unusual and bold.

If you like adding color to your gravel driveway then using gravel grids is a must, to keep the color where you want them to be.

Gravel Driveway with Lighting and Fountain

Gravel Driveway with Lighting and Fountain

Can you go into feature overdrive – definitely not.

The gravel compliments style of house. And the well placed lighting provides a stylish touch.

As for the fountain? – Beautiful summer evenings come to mind, as guests leave that impressive party.

Small Gravel Driveway

Small Gravel Driveway

While gravel looks great at large country home style driveways, small driveways can also pull off a gravel (albeit smaller) look.

This small suburban driveway looks neat and tidy.

Stay in the know!

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