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20 Top Best Garden Wall  Ideas 2021

20 Top Best Garden Wall Ideas for Your Home 2021

These garden wall ideas will hopefully give you some inspiration on how to create divisions in your garden.

After all there are many reasons to build a wall in your garden.

The most used reason being privacy. But walls are also used to enclose patios and summer houses and to create different areas in the garden.

On top of that there are many kinds of material used for garden walls. Many walls are made of natural stone or concrete bricks, but walls are also made from bamboo and wood.

Let us know your favourite garden wall in the comments below!

Sandstone Patio Wall

Bradstone Natural Sandstone Wall

This stunning sandstone wall creates a beautifull patio area, however it can be used as a divider anywhere in your garden.


Walled Garden Plant Bedding

Walled Garden Bedding Areas

These low walls work perfectly to create bedded garden planting areas. The low white wall behind the plants and the brown fencing make this garden organised and well designed. 

Garden Wall Ideas lighting

Garden Wall Ideas lighting

Whether in your front garden or your back yard, lighting on walls gives a cozy sight at night.

Walled Garden Fountain and Pizza Oven

Walled Garden Fountain and Pizza Oven

Pitched Walling  

This is an amazing example of how you can use walling in your garden. Not only has a pizza oven been created, it also encloses a beautiful water feature.

This is pitched walling in buff by Bradstone

Marshalls Marshalite Walling 

Marshalls Marshalite Walling

Marshalls Marshalite Concrete Wall  buy here

The wall looks authentic, is durable and has a high quality natural stone finish, but has actually been hydraulically pressed which makes it long lasting and easy to install.

Plant Box Wall Garden Wall Ideas

Plant Box Wall Garden Wall Ideas

Create a wall with plants growing vertically. Not only do you bring more green into your outdoor living space, it also creates a beautiful privacy wall. 

Bradstone Screenwall

Bradstone Screenwall

This screenwall creates a seperate area in your garden without blocking it off completely. Perfect to corner off wheelie bins, tools or recycling areas.

Garden Wall Ideas – Low Patio Wall

Low Patio Wall

Bradstone Riven Wall buy here

This low garden wall creates a nice transition from the patio to the garden area. The plants and flowers create a colourful ‘wall’ to the rest of the garden.

Bradstone riven wall

Wall with Wooden Planks

wall with wooden planks

These horizontal beams on the wall break up the emptiness some walls have. It creates the feeling of space and makes the garden a more intimate place.


Weathered Cotswold 

Bradstone Madoc Walling in Weathered Cotswoldered Cotswold

Weathered Cotswold style wall buy here

Weathered Cotswold style garden wall which will look stunning in any traditional looking garden. Use as a separation wall with the neighbour or to create different areas in your garden.

Gabion Basket Galvanised Steel

Gabion Basket Galvanised Steel

Gabion Basket buy here

This galvanised wall looks modern and different to the traditional stone walls you often see in gardens.

Gabion Basket

Moucharabiya screen garden wall ideas

Moucharabiya screen garden wall ideas

This Garden wall from Screen with Envy is beautifully designed and suits any individual who likes to personalise their outdoor space. 

Concrete Block Wall

Concrete Block Wall

This is a very simple garden wall, but the lights and plants incorporated in the wall, make it look cosy and stylish. 

Bamboo Plant Wall

Bamboo Plant Wall

This bamboo open wall works well with large plants. You can use it to separate your seating area without closing it off from the rest of the garden. 

Wall with lights and plants

Wall with light and plants

This is another example of a wall which incorporates plants and lights. And again, the results are cosy and stylish.

Log Pile Garden Wall

Log Pile Garden Wall

This original log garden wall is a great idea to create privacy around your summer house or as a natural border at the end of your garden. Expect lots of wildlife to enjoy your wall as much as you do!

Flower Wall

Round Gravel Driveway

This is an old fashioned solid stone wall which will last forever. The plants are clearly well established and the colour choice of them works wonderfully well with the rest of the garden.

Bamboo Wall Garden Wall Ideas

Bamboo Wall Garden Wall Ideas

Bamboo is an easy and affordable wall idea and will look great in a Zen garden or comtemporary garden.

Stacking Wall Garden Wall Ideas

Stacking Wall Garden Wall Ideas

Bradstone Stacking Wall buy here

This contemporary style hollow walling unit is extremely versatile.

For a dry laid effect the unit can be filled with concrete to create a stable base for a feature wall. This walling can also be laid as a planter, by simply infilling ut with soil to create a stunning border for your planters.

Artificial Grass Wall

Artificial grass wall

This is an expandable Trellis Hedge wall  installed as a feature wall for this pool area. Great privacy wall which looks great with the blue of the pool.

Hopefully these 20 best garden wall ideas have given you some inspiration to design your own garden.

We have many articles to give you inspiration to design or improve your outdoor space.

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Let us know in the comments below which of these garden walls will look awesome in your outdoor space!



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