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Top 21 Best Garden Swimming Pools to Cool Down this Summer



Top 21 Best Garden Swimming Pool Ideas for Summer 2023

Best Garden Swimming Pool Ideas  


As the weather heats up, you might consider the possibility of adding an outdoor swimming pool to your garden. A swimming pool not only provides a refreshing oasis to escape the summer heat, but it also adds an element of luxury and relaxation to your property.  

From sleek and modern designs to natural-looking pools that blend seamlessly into the landscape, there are countless options to choose from when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor swimming pool.

In this article, we’ll explore some garden swimming pool ideas, including the benefits of having an outdoor swimming pool in your garden, as well as some key considerations to keep in mind when planning and designing your pool. 

Swimming Pool Copper Water Feature

Best Garden Swimming Pool Ideas

These copper water features give a modern farm look and totally pull it off!

Not one but four waterfalls keep the water moving and clean.

Original touch to the pool!

Double Layer Swimming Pool

garden swimming pools

You will needs a resonably sized garden for this pool! The two layers create different pools with stunning effect. 

Who wouldn’t want to cool down in this awesome garden pool?

Curved Garden Pool

best garden swimming pools

Avoiding rectangular shapes and using different levels, this swimming pool is very aesthetically pleasing.

It is large enough to cool down while leaving enough space for the outdoor kitchen and patio firepit area.

The sort of outdoor living space you can relax and rewind properly!

Retro Swimming Pool

best garden swimming pools retro pool

The statues, flower pots and hedges on the sides of the pool give this swimming pool a feeling of being thrown back into bygone years. 

Beautiful for ultimate relaxation!

Minimalist Patio Pool

garden swimming pools

A bright blue pool would have been out of place in this original setting. Instead keeping to the colours in line with the home and patio area, the pool fits in perfectly!

Courtyard Plunge Pool

sunken seating area by pool

It’s often thought that to have a swimming pool in your garden, you will need a large area to work with.

This small courtyard proves you don’t need much space to create a swimming pool in your garden. While this might be considered a ‘plunge pool’ it’s certainly great to have on those very hot days!

Waterfall Swimming Pool

natural swimming pool

The large rocky waterfall is a beautiful addition to this natural swimming pool. The landscaping around the pool will make it feel you are part of nature while relaxing in the water!

Swimming Pool with Glass Pool Fencing

sunken seating pit

The glass fence around the pool give it a modern and open feel, making sure you can enjoy the landscape while in the pool and knowing your little ones are safe when the pool is not in use. 

Long Pool

small garden sunken seating area

Long swimming pools, perfect for excersise are becoming very popular. The design of this pool is in perfect harmony with the style of the house. Simple and stunning.

Dark Swimming Pool

dark swimming pool

Who said all swimming pools need to be blue or at the very least light?

This dark grey swimming pool fits in with the landscape and contrasts nicely with the lighter pool surrounding.

Above Ground Swimming Pool

best garden swimming pools

While most garden swimming pools are dug into the garden, this is a great example of an above ground pool integrated into the garden. The decking pool surround gives the pool a luxurous finish without the need for grand installations.

Pool Landscaping


best garden swimming pool landscaping

Excellent landscaping around the swimming pool and added shade over the seating area makes this garden pool so much more inviting.

A pool is a pool but with added landscaping a pool becomes a little bit of paradise in your own back yard!

Violin Shaped Swimming Pool

Mariah Careys Guitar Swimming Pool

This is Mariah Carey’s famous violin shaped swimming pool complete with underwater string lighting.

It’s such a stunning pool, which is rumoured to have cost over $1 million USD to construct, we couldn’t leave it off our list of best garden swimming pools!

Types of Swimming Pools for your Garden

You can choose from many different shapes, sizes and designs to create a swimming pool just right for your taste and preferences.  

Swimming pool use:

For example, some pools are designed for swimming lanes and exercising, while others are designed for leisure and entertainment and might have features like slides, waterfalls and hot tubs.  

Pool Surroundings:

The surroundings of a swimming pool can also be created to match your taste and of course the overall aesthetic of your garden. 

Swimming Pool Types & Shapes:

Rectangular Pools

One popular type of swimming pool is the classic rectangular pool which is perfect for families with children who love to splash and play in the water. At the same time, it is a great no frills pool for doing different exercises and swimming laps, making this a great all-round swimming pool design.  

Lagoon-style Pools

Other popular pools are lagoon-style pools. In these types of pools, the idea is to imitate the natural look of a lake or lagoon. Rock formations, tropical plants and waterfalls are used to establish this.  

Spa Pools

Spa pools are another option. These are pools with spa features or hottubs. These pools are often large enough to swim and exercise and are also great for families with children.  

Natural pools

Natural pools are a great choice if you want a natural water source in your garden which attracts wildlife and which has natural water for you to swim in. These pools are more complex to install so it will be helpful to have an experienced landscape architect to install your pool. This person can help ensure your pool is aesthetically pleasing, the ground is prepared to ensure stability but more importantly can ensure there is proper water circulation which is needed to keep the water clean.  

Above ground swimming pools

These are pools which have their own exterior structure, and which do not need to be dug out. There are many different sizes on the market today. The illusion that the pool is dug out can be created by installing a decking surround at the same level as the top of the pool. This makes it a perfect pool for a sloped garden.  

Original Design

And lastly you can of course have any kind of original design you would like your swimming pool to be, like the Violin shaped pool in this best swimming pool ideas list we have created for you.  

Swimming Pool Surroundings

As for the swimming pool surroundings, options are limitless. You can surround your pool with an imprinted concrete surface, a resin surface or decking. You can also create a patio or seating area or surround it with a lush garden.  

Features like outdoor kitchens, day beds, fire pits and outdoor showers create a functional but aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space.  

Shade can be added with parasols or shade structures like a pergola, awning or canopy. These can also create some privacy if you live in a built-up area. Fences, hedges or privacy screens can also be used for this purpose.  

So, in short, we hope this list of the best swimming pool ideas will give you inspiration to have your own swimming pool installed so you can relax, entertain and exercise in your garden whenever you like.  

Aluminium Walled Pool

best garden swimming pools

This aluminium walled pool is ready to go. All you need is the right spot, a big hole and some beautiful landscaping to go round the garden pool!

Letterbox Waterfall and Vertical Garden 

best garden swimming pools letterbox waterfall and vertical garden wall

This  swimmingpool features not only a stunning waterfall, but also a vertical garden making you feel like you are surrounded by nature so you can relax instantly!

Courtyard Swimming Pool

courtyard swimming pool

Imagine stepping from your door right into your swimming pool!

Beautiful courtyard swimming pool. Simple but beautiful and private too.


Luxury Swimming Pool with Fire Pit

luxury backyard swimming pool

A swimming pool doesn’t come much more luxurious than this pool. It has integrated sun loungers and even a fire pit! The purple lighting will create an instant atmosphere on a summers evening while enjoying the view!


Blue Pool with Artificial Rock Formations

Blue pool with artificial rock formations

Blue tiles are always nice for a swimming pool, but the darkness of these tiles makes it stand out even more and makes the water even more inviting.

The artifical rocks are used to not only create a stunning waterfall but also to create a private secluded pool away from the main pool.

Container Pool

container swimming pool

This ready made swimming pool for your back yard is cleverly created from a shipping container.

The swimming pool is large and long lasting and best of all, ready to use within hours once delivered!

Small Courtyard Pool with Swing

best swimming pool ideas small courtyard swimming pool with swing

This courtyard pool is proof that no large space is needed to add a swimming pool to your garden!

The decking and porch swing add great finishing touches to the design.

Corner Pool

garden corner pool


gWe love how this pool surrounds the home and continues around the corner!

It’s a great use of space and creates a large swimming area. The plant paintings on the garden wall are a great solution when there’s lack of space for further landscaping!

Things to consider before ordering a pool installation: 


1. Your swimming pool budget

It is easy to get carried away when looking at swimming pool designs! But it’s important to stay realistic and to have a set budget for your installation. This budget should include the swimming pool, the installation, the swimming pool surround and any landscaping you would like done as well.  

If you have a small budget, you might like to consider an above ground pool such as a container pool or an aluminium framed pool as you can see in the garden pool examples in this post. These pools are ready to go and have minimum installation costs.  

Having said that, it’s always worth asking your local swimming pool installation company for a quote. A simple pool might still be within your budget.  

As with everything, the more complex the more expensive the installation will be. The violin pool in this post for example cost over $1 Million USD to install partly due to the many glass tiles added to the pool. 

Landscaping around the pool could be a DIY job or could be done by a professional landscaper. Again, this needs to be addressed in your budget.  


2. How often will you use it and for what purpose? 

Are you looking for a plunge pool, a family pool for the kids to play in, a natural pool which is also good for wildlife, or do you want to exercise and swim lengths? 

Asking yourself these questions will narrow down the design of the pool and with that you can be clearer on the price of the installation and whether this fits within your budget. 


3. Where would you like your pool installed 

How much space do you have in your garden for a swimming pool?

The courtyard pools in this article show that you don’t need much space to have a swimming pool installed.

While large gardens can have (artificial) rock formations and separate pools without taking over the garden! 

If you follow feng shui principles, then your back yard swimming pool should have the water running towards the house. This is not so much an issue when the pool is placed alongside the home.  


4. The surrounding of your pool 

Is your pool floor level or does it rise above ground? Does the side of the pool need tiles or landscaping? You might want decking, or a patio installed by your pool so you can enjoy a sunny day on your sun lounger by the pool?  

The sky is the limit here as you can see in our pool examples.  

Some popular pool and garden options are: 

Lastly, you might need to consider a safety wall or gate surrounding your pool should young children have access to the garden. 

5. Do you need planning permission for your pool? 

Depending on where you live in the world, you might need planning permission. It’s important to check with your local planning authority to see what the regulations are for a swimming pool installation.  

Most above ground pools are no problem, but it’s often the size and the space between the pool and the boundary line of the property which need to be considered.  

Your local swimming pool installation company will be able to help you with the local planning laws, though it’s best to do your own research as well.  

We hope you enjoyed this swimming pool article and that it has given you inspiration to plan your own swimming pool installation in your garden!


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