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Top 17 Best Concrete Driveway Ideas 2023

Top 17 Best Concrete Driveway Ideas to Make your Driveway Stand Out!

In this article we will show the best concrete driveway ideas to give you an idea of the options you have with plain concrete as well as stamped concrete / pattern imprinted concrete.

Pattern imprinted concrete comes in a variety of colours and patterns which satisfy the most demanding decorative paving needs. In this post we’ll take a look at some concrete driveway ideas.

If you’re new here please make sure  you take a look at some of our other posts on imprinted concrete for driveways! And for those that know what is on offer, this post will take a look at the wide range of colours and patterns available.

Light Concrete Driveway

concrete driveway design

The light driveway colours make this concrete driveway a calm but stylish entrance to the property. Who wouldn’t want to come home to this? Curb appeal achieved for sure!


Royal Ashlar Slate 

best concrete driveway ideas

This grey Royal Ashlar Slate pattern is a popular choice for driveways.

While you will often find this pattern in block paving, they can be printed in concrete as well.

Using two tones (2 colours) makes this a very attractive driveway which won’t have problems with weed growth and will last many years. 

Random Ashlar 

concrete driveway ideas

This Random Ashlar print is coloured in Platinum Grey and Charcoal to create a beautiful two-tone effect.

The dark driveway edging gives this installation a great finish.


modern garden block driveway


The driveway above is a wide expansive area with an in and out driveway.

By using the large slate design the feeling of space is emphasised. A simple gravel bed sits in the middle and minimal landscaping ensures a very low maintenance workload.

From a further distance it’s possible to see the eye catching effect of the colour blend combination (Slate Grey/Charcoal).

As with many of the colour blends, it’s possible to compliment existing colours or go for more stunning contrasts.

Red Cobble

best concrete driveway ideas


Cobble designs are very popular for decorative concrete.

Smaller driveways and longer driveway areas are best suited and types of cobble design range from London Cobble to Deep Joint Cobble (with a few other types besides).

Care needs to be taken when choosing reds. As you can see from the picture above careful blending has really toned down the red.

Black Cobble

What is the cost imprinted concrete driveway


This is a great example of a pattern imprinted concrete cobble design in black.

Black concrete driveways are very popular as they give a stunning finish to a driveway. 

Plain Concrete Pattern

best concrete driveways

A clean plain concrete driveway with black bands to create a smooth pattern.

Well excecuted and a beautiful classic entrance to this home. 

European Fan Design

gravel edging driveway ideas


Another cobble design that is popular is the European Fan. If your looking for a design that stands out from many others this could be the one for you. Usually, a soldier course (brick frame) is imprinted around the edges and then the curved printing can begin.

In our experience the only drawback to this design is that contraction/expansion joints (which need to be cut into concrete) are quite visible.

Board Planks

best concrete driveway ideas

If you are looking for something different than this board plank pattern is a great alternative. Often used for patios, it also looks great on driveways. 

This driveway is finished in Pecan Tan. 

Extra Large Ashlar 

best concrete driveway ideas ashlar two tone print

This Extra Large Ashlar print in Platinum Grey complete with acid stains makes any driveway stand out.

This design is also possible with different tones of grey and black  to make the colour options more subtle.

Two Tone Random Cut Stone

tone Random Cut stone driveway

This two tone random cut stone driveway is another great concrete driveway idea. 

This pattern is great for large driveways and the two tone finish makes this driveway really stand out.

Driveway Compass

concrete driveway ideas compass

Break up your concrete driveway with a stunning compass. By using yellow for directional letters, the compass really stands out from the rest of the concrete driveway. At the same time, using grey on the compass ensures the compass still fits in with the rest of the drive.


Grass and Concrete

concrete and grass driveway

Best concrete driveway idea? We think so! This is a very unusual driveway which combines concrete with grass making a beautiful transition from the lawn to the driveway.

A great option if you would like to park but keep the garden green and as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Pattern Combination

ashlar and cobble stamped concrete driveway

This concrete driveway has two different patterns, creating an original finished look. 

The main part of the driveway is printed in Ashlar Slate and the edge of the driveway is cobble print. 

Concrete with Heated Limestone Finish

concrete driveway with heated limestone finish

This concrete driveway has a beautiful limestone finish creating a stunning entrance to the property. 

Great landscaping and a concrete staircase with lighting shows great eye for detail and design. 


Concrete with Grass Lines

best concrete driveway with grass lines

Grass lines are a great solution to revamp older concrete driveways as well as new installations. 

All kinds of patterns are possible. The cross  lines on this concrete driveway look great on a long driveway. 

Same Colour Different Pattern

driveway edging ideas Farrelly Construction

This Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway has a imprinted concrete border in the same colour scheme.

It works well because the same colour and materials are used.

It’s a bold and creative driveway.

Best concrete driveway ideas – some more information


When professionally installed and lovingly cared for concrete retains its good looks and provides solid durability year after year….after year.

To keep a concrete driveway looking good periodic sealing is advised.

Guide to concrete sealing

The range of patterns and colours available make it possible to add design and flair to any home.

Printed Concrete Driveways – a Low Maintenance Driveway

If weeding is not your thing, pattern imprinted concrete is for you. The only opportunity for weeds to see the light of day is via any control joints (if present) which appear as lines across an imprinted concrete surface.

The strongest weed in the world can’t push up through solid concrete, can it?

There are only two low maintenance driveway choices.

Printed Concrete driveways will Not Sink

Pattern imprinted concrete is laid as a single monolithic structure (or slab in everyday English). This means it will not sink. Whilst the majority of block paving is made of concrete, if a sub base is laid incorrectly they can be prone to sinkage, especially with vehicular usage.

Patterned concrete does not suffer with this problem. Phew! One less thing to worry about!

Printed Concrete Driveways are Easy to Clean

As control joints are an integral part of any decorative concrete installation this is the only area where organic matter (weeds) can take hold. Organic growth can resiliently cling into these gaps but a gentle pressure wash is all that’s needed to remove this. Regular sweeping and a couple of light power washes a year, will be more than enough to keep any pattern imprinted concrete driveway in tip top condition.

Easy, eh? Re -jointing unnecessary.

More on Driveway Cleaning

How to Choose a Power Washer

Printed Concrete Driveways are a Cost Effective Driveway Surface Option

Pattern imprinted concrete is very popular in many suburban areas. These are usually places where parking can be a headache and gardens are a thing of the past. The typical demand is for an area to park 2 to 3 cars. With an average driveway area of 70 square metres at a cost of £90 a metre.

£6,300 (without any walling or extras).

IF expressed as a percentage of your home’s value…..pretty insignificant. Expressed as improving the look of your home..for a very low price….very significant.

More on Patterned Concrete Costs Per Square Metre

In comparison, the price of decent (note decent) block paving can be substantially more.

Groundworks (preparation) – I.E. A digger and a man to operate it. Then job can be dug out and ‘stoned up’ in a day.

Cost = Digger, man and stone.

Laying stage (installation)

Cost = Concrete, colour and labour.

So with our 70 metre example above the margin will be tight (and any prices below £90 a metre should ring very loud alarm bells).

Finishing touches…..washing and sealing off.

Cost of sealer and broom. 


Hopefully this article on the best concrete driveway designs has given you some inspiration for your own concrete driveway ideas. 


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