ACO drainage system for driveways

Selecting the right Aco drainage system can make the difference between a great driveway and an awesomely magnificent one. Aco systems have been used throughout the world for over 50 years. They channel water away for all types of surfacing including – airports to nature conservation and from public highways to distribution yards.

But we’re not interested in any of that.

We want to know what Aco drainage systems are available for driveways.

So let’s begin.

Firstly, think load class. This is basically a number given to channel drainage products that indicates their weight bearing tolerance. The higher the number the better. But we’ll assume your not parking a Hummer, HGV or private jet. So we’ll focus on a load class of C 250 and below. However, if there is going to be any commercial use, go for the higher load classes.

Secondly, think anticipated surface water volume and flow. This helps determine whether a larger channel drainage system is required that can is more resilient to gushing volumes of water cascading down a steep driveway….get the picture?

Finally, see the reviews below and make the decision. These ACO drainage systems are suitable for the block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, resin bonded and gravel driveway markets.

ACO Drainage System – HexDrain – Load class A15

These are standard drainage system channels made of polypropylene and manufactured for the domestic driveway market. Six different gratings/grills are available and these include:

  • Wedge Wire Stainless Steel
  • Antique Iron
  • Antracite
  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Black plastic

The drainage channels clip together  and are very easy to install. The design that uses hexagonal columns that provides superior strength.

Costs are approximately £12 per metre – so cheap as chips.

For average driveway usage a great buy

ACO Drainage System – RainDrain Load Class A 15

Stepping up in strength here….This drainage channel is made from vienite – a high strength recycled polymer concrete. Whilst this is in the same load class as the Aco Hexdrain the polymer concrete provides extra strength and durability. 

If you’re looking for more strength these drainage channels are worth paying the extra for.

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or Buy Here for higher load class

ACO Drainage System – HexDrain 

A high strength light duty drainage channel with Heelguard grating (so you can still wear the high heels Sebastian!) Again, this is manufactured using recycled polypropylene and comes with a barless locking system. This drainage channel system provides a solid solution with increased load bearing capacity.

If you are looking to park commercial vehicles or large SUVs this is the better linear drainage system to go for.

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ACO Drainage System – HexDrain Pro

These are 1 m black plastic channels in widths of 135mm. These drainage channels have integral rail edges for improved strength and also come with a locking system.

At around £50.00 per 1 M channel they’ll give all the strength you need.

ACO drainage system – Hexdrain Brickslot – Ideal for patios and block paving

Hexdrain Brickslot is the perfect solution if you’re laying block paving or patio slabs. Instead of having to look at a drain lid/grill there is just a strip visible along the top of the surface. This discreet system enables drainage adjacent to walls and doors and the inlet slots are tapered which helps prevent blockages.

A handy pack is available consisting of 5x1m lengths, 2x end caps and a Brickslot corner unit – Everything you need for a successful installation – TOP BUY FOR DIY

ACO specification guides

Alternative manufacturers of channel drainage systems include Clark-Drain.

For high end period properties replacing the grill on Aco drainage channels with cast iron grills will ensure they are in keeping with your property.

Of course, all channel drainage needs somewhere to funnel the water to – this guide to soakaways will put you in the right place.

If you need to clean channel drainage be sure to get the right pressure washer – this useful review will get you the right one.

Thought about doing away with drainage altogether?

Make sure you check out these permeable driveway options – Technology has moved along!

Resin Drives

Permeable Block paving

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