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20 Stunning Pathway Ideas for Your Garden

Need Inspiration for Great Pathway Ideas? Transform your Garden!

Your garden is a natural extension of your home.

Whether your have a large garden or a small space, your pathway is a major part of the overall look you are creating.

This pathway ideas list will be useful if you need inspiration to create your own perfect pathway for your garden.

Be surprised!

There are so many pathway options available!

And as always, let us know what your favourite pathway is, or share your own pathway photo for inspiration for others!

Modern Pathway Ideas

Laying large tiles and surrounding them by artificial grass, makes this narrow path look wider and more spacious.

Some carefully placed lighting makes this a modern looking pathway.

Oh and did I mention that this path hardly requires any maintenance?!

Pathway with Steps

The curves in this pathway with steps, are beautifully constructed.

The sandstone tiles with soft colour tones, make this pathway suitable for modern gardens with gradients and gentle slopes.

While this path is clearly laid in a large garden, having 3 lines of tiles instead of 4 would make this style work perfectly in a smaller space.

Again the lighting is well placed on the steps giving it just the right athmosphere.

Low Maintenance Pathway Ideas

Sometimes you just need a cost effective and low maintenance pathway, possibly one which can be an easy DIY installation.

This path works so well because of the curves that have been created in the path, using steel borders. By using the right edging, you can create the shape of the path while keeping the stones or woodchip on the path.

Materials to use in the path can include bark chippings as well as slate chippings.

This kind of pathway works particularly well if you have lots of plants and landscaping. This makes the path blend in as an integral part of the garden.

Which path on our pathway ideas list do you like most? Let us know in the comments below.

Pallet Pathway


You might have to look twice, but this pathway has actually been created out of recycled pallets!

By precise cutting and by neatly boxing it with edging, the results are stunning. The waterproof, protected layer finishes the look perfectly.

This kind of pathway will look particularly good in any Zen inspired garden.

A perfect project for any DIY fanatic, who – no doubt – will not stop at just a pathway but will create a stunning patio area to match!

Is this your kind of garden path? Let us know in the comments below.

Small Garden Pathway

A modern pathway perfect for many styles of garden. Think of urban chic gardens, formal symmetrical gardens and modern minimalistic gardens.

The colour combination makes this a subtle path so you can play with the colours in your garden through the flowers and plants, keeping the overall look calm and neat.

This type of pathway is the ultimate option for a low cost and low maintenance pathway. All it needs is a  pressure wash every so often.

Let us know, in the comments below, which pathway is your favourite in this pathway ideas list!

Love Heart Pathway

This original love heart pathway is a great idea if you want to create a little pathway from one part of your garden to another. Maybe from a main path to a patio area or hidden away seating area in your garden.

Pathways like this look extremely nice in cottage style gardens and warm mediterranean gardens as well as in  kids corners as children will love jumping from one tile to the next!

Resin Pathway

This is a beautiful example of a resin pathway! It has been perfectly finished with a block paving border and edge.

Resin is becoming a popular alternative to block paving but in our opinion resin is best used in combination with block paving or even pattern imprinted concrete.

Resin suits modern style gardens, neat minimalistic gardens and urban chic gardens. The range of colour options and the outstanding finished look make this a perfect choice.

While many modern gardens have straight pathways, it’s so easy to create curves with a resin path. This makes it a great option paving option for a wild flower garden.

Block Paving Pathway

This block paving pathway suits every minimalist garden, every modern garden and every urban chic courtyard perfectly.

The combination of subtle colour changes and the variation of block size and pattern, make this pathway stand out from the rest.

It looks expensive because high quality blocks have been used.

Blocks are the traditional choice of pathway surface, and with this example of quality stone, it is clear to see why.

Rustic Pathway

This would be a lovely pathway in a cottage garden or mediterranean garden.

The different size of slabs and the colour variations make it both creative and unusual.

The hedge border and the lights alongside the pathway give it structure, though in our opinion, this pathway would also look great with lots of foliage and flowers alongside it.

This is an easy DIY option and will be easy to personalise. For example you could make the path wider or more narrow. You could also create curves easily. There is no border needed, though if used it would keep the pebbles on the path.

Concrete Slabs Pathway

This pathway really only suits large gardens due to the size of the concrete slabs. Of course smaller slabs could be used, but it would undo the effect that has been created here.

It gives the garden an organised look and a minimalistic feel.

If used with artificial grass,  it is the perect low maintenance pathway for a large garden.

Which path on our pathway ideas list do you like most? Let us know in the comments below.

Sandstone Pathway

Using sandstone in your garden path creates an unusual effect as no one slab looks the same.

This size slab for a sandstone pathway would probably be more useful as a little path between areas of your garden.

The bark surrounding it works, though slate chippings would probably create an even better effect as you can play with colour combinations nicely.

This would suit a cottage garden or wild flower garden lovely, when surrounded by many shrubs and flowers perfectly

Block Paving Pathway

This is another example of a beautiful block paving pathway.

The old herringbone red pathways would look lovely in a cottage garden, however they have no place in a modern, minimalistic or urban chic garden.

These blocks with the subtle colour tones and difference in size create a modern clean look.

It could be easily installed as part of a symetric garden or a garden with well positioned plants as this path deserves to be the centre of attention in your outdoor space.

Let us know, in the comments below, which pathway is your favourite in this pathway ideas list!

Pathway with Slabs and Plants

This is a more unusual garden pathway due to the plants surrounding the concrete slabs.

It would work well in a cottage garden, a rustic garden or a wild garden.

Caution is urged! This may look like a low maintenance pathway, but it acutally isn’t, as many weeds can grow between the plants.

Pathway with Creative Design

This super simple pathway design can be easily added to any lawn. Regardless of real grass or astro turf, the effect will be the same.

By laying the slabs in this pattern you create a nice design which will look particulary good on longer paths.

This is an easy DIY project and will look great in most gardens!

Herringbone Blockpaving Pathway with Creative Design

The herringbone design has been around for a long time, but this pathway has been designed with extra creative flair by incorporting the stylish centre feature.

The beautiful circle feature could easily be made larger to create a small seating area.

If you look carefully you can see it’s not quite finished (the stringline and lack of filler between blocks are clues) but you can imagine on completion.

It would also be a great path leading to any man cave or hidden patio.

Imprinted concrete Pathway 

This is quite an unusual stamped concrete pathway as it curves off in different directions. In honesty, it’s one of our least favourite patterns.

There are so many more colour and pattern options available to easily create a decorative finish.

Pattern imprinted concrete paths work well in many modern style gardens as it looks neat and even.

It’s also easy to create a minimilistic style gardens with stamped concrete, as well as chilled urban chic gardens and courtyards.

Block Paving with Mosaic Pathway 

This creative pathway is a typical pathway for cottage style garden.

Creative and simple yet stylish with a beautiful mosaic in the middle.

The circle could easily be used as a small seating area to catch the late afternoon sun.

Now, that’s a nice thought.

The path itself is a bit too small to use as the main pathway to your garden shed, but perfect for occasional use or just to compliment your garden.

London Mosaic Pathway

This kind of pathway was more commonly seen on Victorian types of home throughout England. The pleasing geometric style is appealing.

These days this type of path is seen in Mediterranean gardens and rarely seen outside of Europe.

The pathway is beautiful though, and would really show its glory when surrounded by lots of flowers and olive trees!


Bottle Top Pathway 

Yes, it’s unusual!

You may love it or hate it with equal passion.

We like it in the sense that it’s recycled materials to create an unusual space that really stands out.

Our children like it because it’s so colourful (and environmentally friendly!).

It may not be the pathway choice of option for a home but for a commercial type of project or where funds are very limited it could be a good choice.

Mosaic Pathway

The swirls and types of stone used in this decoratively beautiful pathway really give the look and feel of the sea.

Meticulously laid and a project of patience.

It looks beautiful!

In a practical sense it’s not for high heels or toddlers!

Stay in the know!

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